What are Timelines and How Do You Jump Them?

This was too good not to share…

What Do You Want in 2022? SATISFACTION! End of Year Stream of Consciousness Rant | Want Different, Then Do Different!

Taste, Touch, Sound, Sight, Smell Must All Be SATISFIED for True Happiness!

That’s all you want. To not hear nonsense. To close your eyes in bliss when you taste the fruit cake (as if that is possible). For the softness against your leg to overwhelm you. To be unable to take your eyes off of it or them. To salivate at the whiff of it. I pen all of this as I burn my raisin bread in the toaster, yet I press on.

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Life Advice: Know That Everything Will Work Out Concerning Your Thoughtful Choices.

Unwanted Contracts With People Can Happen.

Every time someone comes into your life a contract is formed.

Now, someone has walked into your life and you don’t want them there. As a result of them coming in, it has cost you money, robbed you of peace and left you in a state of confusion and despair. You have firmly determined that you are not unfair, selfish or narcissistic. Whether they came in under the pretense of love or to rob you at gunpoint, they came and now you are unhappy.

You have a right to free yourself of this person. Yes, what you must do is intentionally will them away and protect the things that remain in your life that you want to preserve. Do not second guess yourself thinking that perhaps you are making a mistake. One of the secrets of life is that you must believe everything will work out to everyone’s benefit. The sooner you believe this, the faster it will happen.

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Kindle Vella Series Excerpt: Krakenta’s Chaos Spell

Following is an excerpt to be released on December 19th on Amazon Kindle Vella Series Sagittarius Sun: Rejected Mate Shifter Series by Renee Tarot. Read and follow the series and share the link!

Krakenta pulled a thick woolen shawl closely around herself as protection from the cold winds blowing through trees in the forest. She carried a bag of tools and supplies over her left shoulder while her familiar and friend, Eyeball the Komodo dragon, rode atop her right.

“It is as cold as the belly of Hades out here tonight, but silent, as we need it to be,” Krakenta whispered to Eyeball as she, finally satisfied with a quiet opening at the base of a hill, placed her bag on the cold earthen floor.

Eyeball jumped to the ground with a thud, seemingly in agreement with the spot, while Krakenta worked quickly to secure it in a circle of sea salt she poured from a corked glass bottle. Round and round she walked chanting quietly while working, until she was content with the thickness of the circle.

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What is the Concept of Evil?

First of All You Must Realize an Imbalance of Evil Currently Exists. It is Not Spooky or Eternal. It is a Current Science and a Matter of Fact.

Before reading this post, please understand that balance includes opposite ends and all that lies between those ends. Current Laws show this balance promotes equilibrium and one end is no different from the other, often coming together full circle to create a whole. What I classify as evil is when an imbalance exists in any person, place or thing, where one end seeks to take over the other, and in all cases, history shows either side that is overly strong automatically tends toward negativity. This is what I refer to as Evil.

The definition of science is the intellectual and practical activity encompassing the systematic study of the structure and behaviour of the physical and natural world through observation and experiment. Some are extremely logical, not believing in what they cannot see with their natural eyes. They believe in electricity because they see lightening, and they believe in residential home power because the lights come on when the bill is paid. However, that is as far as it goes because the evil induced narrative that exists in today’s society says one is insane if they believe anything else they cannot physically see.

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Words of Encouragement from ‘Together We Ascend’

Today I received this letter from Together We Ascend and it was exactly on time. Hopefully, these words will encourage you as well!


You matter, how you feel matters, and you are innately deserving and worthy of love. You don’t need to earn this through achievement, you simply need to allow it in. Make the choice to do so, make the choice to let go of all past outdated stories that make you question whether you can ever be unworthy of love and joy. You are special Dear One, we see all that you do, how loudly you love, we see how much you do towards continuing to bring in just a little bit more light into this world.

Trust the process. Trust in the support around you, and remember that you are not alone. You have family and friends, seen and unseen, and they are here wanting nothing but the best for you. We want nothing but the best for you. For I am You, You are Us, and we are always in this together.

We love you and your special Soul,

Your Galactic Family

Together We Ascend, 100 Vescovo Road, Woodbridge, Ontario L4H 3K2, Canada