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What Could Chickens Embryos, Parthenogenesis and Vaccines Teach Us About Human Fertility?

Listen to this podcast and various facts so we can learn and ask questions about how science can affect us and our posterity. We’ll also touch on current impending legislation to prevent human/animal chemises.



Sacred Ascension - Key of Life - Secrets of the Universe

Greetings My Beloved Masters of the Universe!

Today I come to you with a very important message. Starting tomorrow and for the next 7 days there will be a very powerful healing portal that all of you can partake of.

“Beloveds we come to you today to announce a grand arrival of the fiery escalades of the benevolent healing power energies. Benevolent healing and powerful energies that are about to sweep across your world brining the needed tranquility and harmony to those who are in dire need of such benevolent energies.

The New moon shall bring about a new accord of health and benevolence, power and might, purification and splendor, relieving and removing the debris which have been accumulated by your vessels of time and space in recent years.

It is our honor to introduce you to said magnificent energies for this specific codes and vibrations have not yet bathed…

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