How I Won at Life by Playing Powerball

This week the Powerball jackpot was up to $1.6 billion!

I hurried to get my ticket fantasizing about all the things I could buy:  a huge mansion, sports cars, a personalized plane, cruises, a chef, clothes, an occult bookshop/coffee house….but then I thought about something.  There was this underlying nagging feeling that was in my chest.

None of this would mean anything to me without someone to share it with.

Constant travel is fatiguing.

I can only eat so much without becoming unhealthy.

What would I have to look forward to after the first year?

Begging, crying relatives will alienate me from my family (when I constantly tell them no).

So here’s what I decided…

I want money so that I do not have to worry about it and so that I can live freely, enjoying earth’s offerings and besides that, I want love and happiness, because without anyone to share it with, it’s useless.

Thanks Powerball!

Personal Finance 202 – Is Your #Bank Charging #Fees that are Within the #Legal Limit?

My #life #experience has become a blog, in and of itself.  RT 

Was this a Mistake or a Negligent Act to Increase #Profits?

Many of you are aware that I love to shop and also love to do research and make #buyers aware of great deals — we have to look out for each other right?  Quick plug – follow me on Twitter to see what deals I am posting @ShopAtAmazonNow.  

Now, I’d like to make you aware of something else you may not know about.

Recently, one of the #banks that I use was sued by the government for unfair practices towards its #customers.  I choose not to name this bank because for the most part they have been a decent bank, or at least I thought they were.  At this point, I will not name them even in the comment section of this post.  In any case, they were slapped with quite a fee, even though there is no mention of this case on their website —  fast forward a few months.

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#TOP #FIVE — #Best-Selling #Self #Help Books of 2015

So you’ve started the new year and you know it’s time to improve some things in your life……right…..about…..NOW!  But where do you start?  Well the good news is that the digitized age puts awesome information right at your fingertips whether by desktop, phone, tablet or notebook.  Are you interested in increasing your #financial #wealth and #independence?  What about improving your #love #life.  Well look no further!  Here are the #top #five #best-selling #books that are currently available at the start of #2015 and that can get you headed toward a prosperous New Year!

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