Conversations with Stephen Hawking: Can God Exist?

stephen-hawking-Many of us have seriously pondered the existence of God or a Creator in light of our own selves. Each ancient society has its myths regarding the existence of the Universe, with our current society being dominated by Judaistic thought and their ancestral myths. Continue reading Conversations with Stephen Hawking: Can God Exist?


In the deepest reaches of the atmospheric plane lies the dunamis power that is responsible for creating everything that ever was or will be.

It is more powerful than anything we can imagine, and contains the strongest and weakest Archetypes and influences that exist.  At Its core it is a Numerical System that builds upon the strengths and personalities of Its individual parts in innumerable ways, and, Which has that power to reflect off Itself in Holographic patterns that manifest into material (persons, places and things) that can be translated with physical senses that we know how to use as of this date.

In even deeper ways, It is discerned with the unknown senses that we have, but do not fully understand at the present time.  Many men and women, under Divine inspiration, have translated It into language, art, pictures , etc., for the purposes of helping humans to understand which part of the holographic world we represent and for what reason.

As we reach inside Its lair to understand more about It, It reaches back to us and pulls us in to the point that we no longer need or require what comes from the physical manifestations of Its power….we only need the Power Itself.

Many are afraid to tap into the unknown depths of Its existence for fear of death or of losing touch with this imperfect hell that we refer to as reality.

I refer to It as Eehamx in my book The Mystic, which I wrote when I made a first attempt written attempt at explaining the Presence to the general public for the first time.  It was a truly magickal time as Jupiter entered the energy of Taurus, Neptune stationed itself inside it’s wife Pisces and Uranus arrived to force change in those with primarily Aries influences.

Stem cells have taught us that this Power transmutes Itself according to locations inside each world within worlds, which gives Western Astrology its magick and the seasons its momentum.

My desire is to delve into and swim in Its truths because anything else is only part and parcel of Its true nature, but most of all, because I know if I can master It, nothing will be impossible for Me.



source god creation


When I think of Source, God, Spirit, the Field or whatever you want to call Life, I don’t think of Santa Claus or an old man in the sky.  I think of this very beautiful (or at least beautiful to me), Ethereal Being who is neutral, unfeeling and waiting to sense what I am feeling.  He has kazillions of brothers and they work together as one so I can refer to them as Them or Him.  They are always in communication with each other.

He feels what I feel and is not really concerned about what feels good to me, he only understands what I feel that I want, and that is what he brings to me (even though sometimes he will add a subtle warning or two).  Whatever the case he always lets me have it because he knows he can fix it later.

This is why I have to be careful what I perceive, because it can come to me, even the bad things.  Source only wants to please so if it’s hell I want, hell he will bring.  If it is Love that I desire, he and his family of brothers will bring that too, however he is very discerning.  If I tell him with my mouth that I want Love, but fear it in my heart, he’ll be sure to put me in a predicament to make sure Love does NOT come.  You see, he knows what I feel so he does not go by what I say.

Source is a Shape-Shifter. 

Sometimes he is invisible and sometimes he manifests into what I think I want and back again.  He only offers intelligence if I ask him to, and then he seeks out my highest good.  He does not mind if we as individual spirits do not understand what we are working with, even though it is best if we do because he can be a hell fire and brimstone entity or a silent voice in the wind…just depends on how we position ourselves and what we think he will be.

Parts of him are in us based on what has come about from the minds of others around us, but the good news is, if we don’t like what we’ve become, he is happy to facilitate a new plan for us, according to tailor-made desires.  He is quite magnetic and will become and bring to us who we already are.

Happy Creating!


It’s the God in Me and ‘In Me’ ‘Is Me’

If we have numerous hairs or antennaes, what if each was connected to an‪#‎ancestral‬ mind, and if all we are is the sum total of the minds that reside in, around and with our current bodies, what if all of the ancestors of nature and their minds were connected to our minds and live in it. This makes ME an ancestral union.

The Essence of Mind and How We Fool Ourselves Into Not Accepting Who and What We Are

A mind is neither human or inhuman, it is simply consciousness. If we self-empower thru prayers to ourselves and practiced knowing, honoring and building up ourselves, and learned to practice “us” with only the need to respect others, would we not all be powerful ‪#‎Gods‬ in and of ourselves? Would our prayers to ourselves not strengthen and add to us? If we allowed every aspect of US to flourish, would we not be Just and Righteous?

As long as we ignore the practice of our own selves, who we know, and continually seek power outside of ourselves, we shall remain power-less.

The idea of worshipping a mind that we are interconnected to is self-worship anyway because we are the sum total of that ‪#‎mind‬.

The Art of Mind Control, Oooops, I mean Religion

#‎Religion‬ causes us to demote our own selves to mere status of temple only, thereby making us feel helpless in times of trouble, looking to other minds that we have empowered, to help us.

Religion and other spiritual systems convince us that it is impossible for us to have power and that any power we wield is borrowed from others.

It is in the best interest of world leaders to convince you that you are powerless, so that they can control your minds with fear and destroy all concepts that we, ourselves are The Power. If you had developed your own power, you could simply turn off their influence, and they know it so they just destroy your temples with war, but what if we all refused to participate in their wars. They can’t make you do anything without your own participations. You are being overpowered because you are underdeveloped and malnourished. You have been taught to be mice and not men.

Earth is made of billions of parts, yet is one body. Who convinced you that you are Not plurality and are only one spirit? We have wasted so much time learning stupidity. When I say We are Gods, I am talking about Myself.

Later that Morning….

butterfly wingThis butterfly wing was on my patio table this morning and it speaks to the way that the ancestors live within us. If you look at the source or beginning of the wing where the wing would have attached to the butterfly, you will see how the branches go out and how we are connected to our ancestors and are basically reborn ancestors. This actually is graphic confirmation of what I was saying this morning. #ManyInTheOne. Ase.



Should We #Worship #Spirits or Should They Worship Us?

One of my purposes for writing books and blogs, is to incite others to hear, to think and to decide for themselves– in that order.  Renee Tarot, Author of “The Mystic” on Amazon. [ad]

Hopefully this Background Info will Provide Context for this Installment

I am fortunate to have experienced quite a few unusual, and sometimes painful, events, which have prompted me to write and to offer anecdotes and informed opinions about a variety of topics.  My very traumatic spiritual past has also caused me to ponder the state of #spirituality in a quest for my own #truth, and as I mentioned above, the purpose of my blogging is really to spark conversations and actions that will help someone else find their own truth.

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