Chemicals | Intimations on Life and Where We are Headed as a Universal Force

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Chemicals Are All That Exist; All That We Are.

Sentient plasma, singularly invisible to the naked eye, made of carbon, oxygen, nitrogen, hydrogen and other elements.

Mentally programmable chemicals; mental being an electronic wave system that connects you to everything and everyone.

Question: Must you understand each part to comprehend the whole it makes?

Answer: The science of cooking says the answer to the aforementioned question is resounding ‘yes’.

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Poetry | “Spaces Others Leave Behind” by Renee Tarot

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You began this incarnation in a time space someone else left behind.

Your grandma’s woes, your mother’s pain, your father’s disappointments, great grandpa’s joy; the energy of all of it wrapped up in the aura called ‘you’, with the addition of your personal uniqueness.

You can stay in this space, in what was left behind, or you can take it and turn you into who you want to be. All spaces exist to pass through or to remain in.

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What will you make of it in the time space you are in? Will you allow this space to swallow you perpetually, or will you use it as fuel?

Will you leave the seed in the package or on the shelf to stay forever locked in pain or will you plant it in life’s circumstances, embrace the rain of your tears and allow your hope’s sun to evolve you to new places. Imagine who you could be.

Can you guarantee you would have been satisfied with life, the way you were, if it had not happened? If that other time space never existed.

In life there are few guarantees, and those guarantees you must hold on to fiercely, no matter what others around you say. Eventually you will loosen even those guarantees as you continue to change.

It hurt, in fact it was brutal. How could he, she, anyone, God, allow it. Pain left you there, seemingly to rot. Hurt is not fair.

Fair is not a guarantee of happiness, however Faith is. Faith is the fuel to get you to better spaces.

It had already happened before you were born, yes the time space existed, yet you were perfect then.

Now you hate who you think you have become because of it, but you are always vascilllating between spaces and headed toward who you were before you were born. To perfection. The perfect yous live now and they are many.

One of those few life guarantees is you do not have to be stuck in any time space. You are everywhere.

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The real question is, in this existence of simultaneous time spaces, will you allow yourself to be the perfection of who you already are, and to remain in those many good spaces

…at least most of the time?


Poetry | “This Journey’s Purpose”

IT IS confusing when nowhere are true comforts of home.

Childhood bred false hopes. Adulthood leaves most alone.

Make no mistake, you tried to cope by doing what they wanted,

but with thoughts of what you’d become, your mind was sorely haunted.

To give up hope on common sense is least hope of them all.

To accept blindness instead of bliss is purposefully trying to fall.

Difficult to believe is nothing more in life could ensue;

but if you lose your faith, You know you’ve lost the essence of you.

Perhaps this journey’s purpose is to teach the truth of lack,

so in a better time-space your pure mind won’t e’er look back.

Renee Tarot

Author of “The Mystic” on Amazon

Life Advice: Know That Everything Will Work Out Concerning Your Thoughtful Choices.

Unwanted Contracts With People Can Happen.

Every time someone comes into your life a contract is formed.

Now, someone has walked into your life and you don’t want them there. As a result of them coming in, it has cost you money, robbed you of peace and left you in a state of confusion and despair. You have firmly determined that you are not unfair, selfish or narcissistic. Whether they came in under the pretense of love or to rob you at gunpoint, they came and now you are unhappy.

You have a right to free yourself of this person. Yes, what you must do is intentionally will them away and protect the things that remain in your life that you want to preserve. Do not second guess yourself thinking that perhaps you are making a mistake. One of the secrets of life is that you must believe everything will work out to everyone’s benefit. The sooner you believe this, the faster it will happen.

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The Sunshine Vitamin: Exploring the Surprising Benefits of Vitamin D

The National Library of Medicine recently stated Vitamin D Insufficiency May Account for Almost Nine of Ten COVID-19 Deaths — Get information about that article below. 

I am not a medical doctor.  Please refer to your physician before beginning any #vitamin supplements.

Medical personnel report 100% of all Covid-19 patients who have to be hospitalized have a Vitamin D deficiency.  You should spend time in the sun for optimal life and to attain the benefits of Vitamin D.  Supplements provide minimal, if any, benefit because you must have a certain amount of sunlight — without sunscreen and not through glass — at optimal times during the day. This is the only way.

The Sunshine Vitamin: Understanding the Importance of Vitamin D Kindle Edition [ad]

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The First Hour of the Night: An Interpretation of One of Carl Jung’s Dreams from “The Black Books”

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What is One?

It would take a lifetime to understand the power and the many aspects and teachings of ‘One’ as it relates to humanity, nature, mathematics and the Universe. For the purposes of this post, you will read about ‘one’ in light of the power of the Subconscious or Universal Mind, which is relevant to humans, animals, plants and elements. Additionally we will learn of the Hall of Amenti, the home of the starseeds of Earth who come from the Sun where the Masters are separate and also One.

Lastly, we will also connect the concept of the Subconscious Mind and how One or the All teaches us of Itself to a dream Carl Jung wrote about in The Black Books [click name for link to the book].

We Must Not Sleep on the Multi-layered Messages of the Subconscious Mind, Which Come From Dream Interpretation.

Following is an excerpt from The Black Books where Carl Jung recounts a dream he had just after Christmas 1912:

I dreamed then (it was shortly after Christmas 1912) that I was sitting with my children in a marvelous and richly furnished tower chamber — an open columned hall– we were sitting at a round table, whose top was a marvelous dark green stone. Suddenly a seagull or dove flew in and landed elatedly on the table. I admonished the children to be quiet so that they would not scare away the beautiful white bird. Suddenly this little bird turned into a child of eight years, a small blond girl, and ran around playing with my children in the marvelous columned colonnades. Then the child suddenly turned into the gull or dove. She said the following to me: “Only in the first hour of the night can I become human, while the male dove is busy with the twelve dead.” With these words the bird flew away and I awoke.

Upon reading this dream, numerous thoughts came to mind, some of which also Jung thought of in 1925. We will explore a few of these ideas in this post.

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