Alien or Apple | Comparison of Theories Regarding the Creation of Homo Sapiens Sapien

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Which Came First, Aliens or Apples?

The theories of the Annunaki and the creation stories in the Bible are a topic of debate and controversy and have been for many years. While both offer explanations for the origin of humanity, the two narratives differ significantly in their interpretation of events.

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How Does Axial Precession Influence Religion, Spirituality and the New Age?

What is the Axial Precession and How Does It Define a New Age?

Many are put off by the term ‘New Age’ since Shamanic, Animistic and Natural spiritualities are older than Earth itself and by no means ‘new’. For the purposes of this writing, I refer to New Age as changes in human thought and culture, that are timed by equinoxial precessions AND/OR Earth’s ‘other’ cyclical movements.

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black goo sentient fluidRemember the movie called “The Blob”?  Apparently it is not fiction, so much….

The Gulf Oil Spill

Anyone who was in Florida along the Gulf back in the Spring of 2010 was contacted by the legal representation of BP in order to be reimbursed for any medical issues they were experiencing that may be attributable to the Gulf Spill.  Now who would not respond to a class action lawsuit, especially when there is a chance of monetary reimbursement, however, were they just trying to identify a certain group of people?

Is this stuff just oil that we have been using as fuel and saying that it is dinosaur bones, or is it the sentient fluid that so many say that it is, specifically on YouTube?

The Ascension?

Some say it is from another planet, others say it is the blood of Mother Earth.  Wherever it has come from, it is said that this substance, when introduced to live specimens, namely humans, will interact with their DNA and cause molecular changes that result in calmness, high intelligence and longer life, amongst other things.

It has been said that after it was studied in the UK, the scientists flushed it when they found it could not be used to make Super Soldiers… actually made people very calm and more spiritual…..not too good for war.  However, it has been used by the company Boots in order to make anti-aging cosmetics.  Who wouldn’t want some of that?  I’ve definitely ordered my bottle!


  1. Is Black Tourmaline a form of hardened Black Goo?  Is this why the stone is considered a protecting and calming stone?
  2. Does the Goo sometimes attack when oil companies are digging too deep and violating or comprising the integrity of Earth’s life?  Have we become the vamps?
  3. Has Gaia, herself contacted the other beings of space to ask them to warn us  and police us so that we will no longer bleed her dry, so much so that electronic or solar cars will be the order of the day in the future?
  4. Is this why the animals were swimming in the stuff instead of dying?  Seems like there would be many more animal deaths than 4,000.
  5. How does the much studied melanin play into all of this, specifically with regard to its antidepressant qualities?

Here is a vid that explains what this stuff could be:  Black Goo

Here is another movie that could shed light:  Lucy


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