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1.  We believe in the Superconscious Ever-present Mind, pervasive in and through all things, manifest in all things, acutely aware, contemplative and Co-creative, proving itself daily through manifestation laws. Mind is Organized Creative Energy; many and one; male and female; everything in between. This Ultimate and Conglomerate Mind has many names like Brahma, Dao, Theos, God, Oludumare, however we like to refer to it on these pages as Eehamx because that is what we called it before we’d heard of Brahma or Dao.

2.  We believe all beings of this galaxy, to include those outside of, on and within Earth, are made of and, to varying degrees, conscious of Eehamx. The oldest and greatest comprehenders and wielders of Its power are known to untrained mortals as gods and in some traditions as Orisha. These gods have hierarchy and government [as we do]. They also had a hand in homo sapien development and should be considered as a type of extraterrestrial or extraetheric.

3.  We believe there is no spiritual book, either written or channeled by humans, that is inerrant. No human is so precise and can overcome ego and government completely, even when channeling — but all spiritual books — all books for that matter — have some elements of Eehamx’ Intent, though small it may be. All are based on varying levels of known and yet undiscovered mentalism and physics.

4.  We believe truth’s purpose or what one should do, is for the ultimate survival of the Universe. Truth changes depending on the time and circumstances as relayed in Ecclesiastes 3:1-8. It is dangerous to build law even on physics for even the statutes of physics can change based on circumstances, and man’s knowledge of physics is incomplete and without clarity.

5.  We believe all are called upon to do what is right in alignment with their knowledge of what right is for as Confucius says, “”Faced with what is right, to leave it undone shows a lack of courage.” We believe lack of righteousness also leads to destruction. The idea of Iwa Pele or ‘good character’ in Orisha traditions is in line with this and typically cannot be followed without tapping into the god in us or our Ori.

If you ignore what you know inherently is right, you will soon lose that knowledge and will be subject to your circumstances and given over to reprobation.

6. We believe all should abstain from excess for a being can drown in anything.

7. We believe connecting to Eehamx thru our guardian spirits is crucial for without our minds we are nothing for we are as we think per Buddha and Solomon. Through Eehamx (The Mind) all things come into being. There is no such thing as magick as defined by most humans, though we refer to it for the purposes of explanation and due to general acceptance of the term.

8. We believe Eehamx can be seen with physical senses through things that are perceived in nature. It sets up kingdoms, has messengers, recruits warriors as we do on Earth. Eehamx or God can appear in nature, in groups of people, in extraterrestrials,  innerterrestrials, even in the invisible.

9. We believe it is very easy for a prophet or wielder of the power of Eehamx to think he or she is Eehamx, however we are all of Eehamx in some form or another. Ignorance saps power.

10.  We believe there is no such thing as absolute death, though life does transmute into varying forms.

11. We believe you should honor Universal Power in however He/She/It appeals to you to do so. Earth religions provide rough, imperfect guidelines, appealing to the social nature of man, however animals do not require religion as we know it, but engage in group cooperation, telepathy and reincarnation.

Excess focus on certain energies, like warrior or sexual energy, can bring an overabundance of this energy into one’s life. It is better to operate in proper balance.

12. We believe in the veneration of ancestors understanding that they are developed and aged at different levels and ranks, but by edifying them, we edify ourselves. Ancestors [like humans] are made of and can include various gases, waters, minerals, metals, light energy, plants, animals and/or wholly formed humans. When delving into traditional or shamanic teachings, the wisdom is tried and true and best learned under an established system with trained mentors and teachers.

13. We believe Eehamx could and probably has set up a manifested eternal Kingdom of Righteousness, which oversees Earth through certain Beings and chains of command.  Such has been prophesied over millenia. These prophesies have come from prophets that have proven themselves to be true. The life of any being, to include Mother Earth and Humanity, happens in stages, and we would welcome a perpetual Golden Age, void of evil, and lead by a righteous Priest King as a final state of Existence. We would also welcome the evolution of all malevolently destructive forces.


This e-zine features posts mostly about what is happening in western #culture and #society from a spiritual perspective.  You already know quite a bit is changing today on our spiritual landscape.

Our main contributor, Renee Thomas is an ordained interfaith minister and a lover of all people. She has studied numerous types of spirituality along her journey and ALL have served to reveal truth and clarity about spirit science.

Listed below is more about Renee:

BA [from a nationally accredited college]

Ordained Spiritual Minister with over 15 years experience, which includes standard traditional religious studies; Shamanistic studies; as well as Illuminated Tarot

Initiate 5th Degree of the “Holy Order of the Dove” -Delphi University

Spiritual Counselor – Certified
Delphi University Arthur Ford International Academy
The Church of Wisdom
McCaysville, GA

Practitioner of Orisha Religion

State Certificate of Completion of 4 CEU
Clinical Evaluation & Case Conceptualization (Psychology)

State Cert. of Completion – 5 CEU FL Certification Board Multicultural Counseling

Cert. of Achievement
Religious Literacy: Traditions & Scriptures / HarvardX

Cert. of Achievement
Hinduism Through Its Scriptures / HarvardX

Cert. of Achievement                                                                                                                    Omens, Oracles and Prophecies / HarvardX

Dream interpretation is also important in understanding spiritual messages and meanings.  Each person that appears in the dream landscape should be interpreted according to what they mean to the dreamer and to that person’s situatedness.  Listen to your first inner voice.

Renee is a national author AND blogger of spiritual topics and those of personal interest to include, World History, Spirituality, Akashic Records and Gnostic Gospels.  Her book, The Mystic under the pen name Renee Tarot is available on Amazon today and many of her #ebooks are #free to #Kindle #Unlimited subscribers.

You may make appointments for spiritual counseling at https://live.vcita.com/site/RevRenee .

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