Blogger, Certified Spiritual Counselor, Ordained Reverend and #Kindle Author

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My Background

My family originated hundreds of years ago in East and migrated to West Africa and subsequently to the Americas.

I write about what is happening in current American #culture and #society .

When I introduce spiritual topics, I use a few mystic and gnostic traditions (with wisdom and ethics) to provide you with answers and to help you understand motivations behind the actions of those around you.

I incorporate numerology (numbers are energy) and am a mystic, gnostic teacher, historian, astrologer (Tropical/Equal), dreamer and certified spiritual counselor with insight into the personal motivations and influences that affect your life.

I am a life student and love learning about societal and spiritual macro and microcosms, with regard to the Universe in which we live.


Experience & Qualifications

BA  [from a nationally accredited college]

Ordained Spiritual Minister with over 15 years experience, which includes standard traditional religious studies; shamanism; as well as Illuminated Tarot

Initiate 5th Degree of the

“Holy Order of the Dove” -Delphi University

Spiritual Counselor – Certified
Delphi University Arthur Ford International Academy
The Church of Wisdom
McCaysville, GA

State Certificate of Completion of 4 CEU
Clinical Evaluation & Case Conceptualization (Psychology)

Cert. of Completion – 5 CEU FL Certification Board Multicultural Counseling

I am a national author and blogger of spiritual topics and those of personal interest to include, World History, Goddess spirituality, Akashic Records and Gnostic Gospels.  My book, The Mystic is available on Amazon today!  A few of my #ebooks are #free to #Kindle #Unlimited subscribers.

Other Products

I offer plenty of content, which supports this blog, along with related products to those who are interested in learning about their environment and improving their lives.  Check out the links below:

Listen to Ask the Love & Tarot Oracles with Renee Tarot on #BlogTalkRadio!

And please don’t forget the music!


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