About Prophetess T aka Rev. Renee

Renee t 7Dreamer, Blogger, Certified Intuitive Advisor, Ordained Reverend, Kindle Author and Lyricist

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My Background

My blood type originated from somewhere in Asia near Kazakhstan: one of my great, great grandfathers was a farmer and of recent African descent and the other was a white English minister and writer; I’ve had Lakota ancestors appear to me in dreams and visions, speaking in their ‘verifiable’ native tongue; my mother is African-American so I am all of US!

I use a few mystic traditions to provide answers and to help you understand motivations behind the actions of those around you.  I may even quote a scripture or two from the Bible because I do not believe the entire thing is inaccurate as some of it was derived from ancient, mystic, ethereally-created, stone texts.

I dabble in numerology and am a mystic, gnostic teacher, historian, astrologer (Tropical/Equal), dreamer, tarot user, chicken guru wannabe, and certified counselor with insight into the personal motivations and influences that affect your life. I am also a life student because I love learning about this craft and broadening my horizons.


Experience & Qualifications

BA Economics [from a nationally accredited college]

Ordained Spiritual Minister with over 15 years experience, which includes standard traditional religious studies; shamanism; as well as Illuminated Tarot

Initiate 5th Degree of the

“Holy Order of the Dove” -Delphi University

Medium and Spiritual Counselor – Certified
Delphi University
The Church of Wisdom
McCaysville, GA

State Certificate of Completion of 4 CEU
Clinical Evaluation & Case Conceptualization (Psychology)


I am a national author and blogger of spiritual topics and those of personal interest to include, World History, Goddess spirituality, Akashic Records and Gnostic Gospels.  My book, The Mystic by Ms Renee Tarot is available on Amazon today, as well as my blog for Kindle, which sends each new post directly to your device!  A few of my #ebooks are #free to #Kindle #Unlimited subscribers.

Other Products

I offer music, related products,  other blogs, etc. for the general public offering information to those who are interested in learning about their environment and improving their lives.  I enjoy researching topics of many genres and give a concise, yet informative view point on news and educational headlines for today’s busy career-focused individuals.  I have listed a few of my other blogs below:

Heartbreak Recovery (the fun way) For Adults Only

Things I Like

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And please don’t forget the music!

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