Let’s Talk Totem Animals: Fish

Feminine Energy, Fertility and Abundance Are Here For You!

Totem Animals are energies that surround each one of us and they take on the characteristics of the corresponding physical animal here on earth. For those who understand spirituality, we know EVERYTHING is spirit and that carnal manifestations are just the residue of yesterday’s energy. These so called ‘realities’ are perceived with our physical eyes and senses; however, they are ‘late’ energy, which in many cases took on it’s highest forms in previous days.

Animal energies will manifest in our lives in a number of ways, via dreams, in books, passing us by as we travel, as pictures on billboards or clothing, etc. Today’s animal, the Fish is a symbol of various deities and even religions, and it speaks of propagation, gathering, fruitfulness and femininity with regard to the Mother.

People of western cultures are often quite obsessed with the symbology of mermaids and half human/half fish sea creatures, which roam thru the oceans and watch over naval vessels.

Pay attention today to signs from the Fish animal totem and ask yourself, “what is this fertile energy attempting to bring into my life?” Keep in mind the various methods that this shamanic symbol may show up for you, based on what was mentioned above.

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NASA Administrator to Discuss Human Lander Update for Artemis Program

NASA Administrator Jim Bridenstine, joined by U.S. Representatives Mo Brooks, Robert Aderholt, Scott DesJarlais and Brian Babin, will discuss updates on the agency’s plans for landing humans on the Moon by 2024 through the Artemis program at 3:10 p.m. EDT Friday, Aug. 16. The remarks will air live on NASA Television and the agency’s website.

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NASA Awards Contract for Exploration Ground Systems Program Services

NASA has selected ARES Technical Services Corporation in Burlingame, California, to provide support services to the Exploration Ground Systems (EGS) Program at the agency’s Kennedy Space Center in Florida.

from NASA Breaking News https://ift.tt/2MhadZo

NASA Selects Proposals to Further Study the Fundamental Nature of Space

NASA has selected two proposals for concept studies that could help us better understand the fundamental nature of space and how it changes in response to planetary atmospheres, radiation from the Sun, and interstellar particles.

from NASA Breaking News https://ift.tt/3047BkY

NASA TV to Air US Spacewalk, Briefing on Space Station Docking Port Install

Experts from NASA will preview an upcoming spacewalk with two American astronauts outside the International Space Station to complete the outfitting of docking ports during a briefing at 2 p.m. EDT Friday, Aug. 16, at the agency’s Johnson Space Center in Houston.

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NASA Mission Selects Final Four Site Candidates for Asteroid Sample Return

After months grappling with the rugged reality of asteroid Bennu’s surface, the team leading NASA’s first asteroid sample return mission has selected four potential sites for the Origins, Spectral Interpretation, Resource Identification, Security-Regolith Explorer (OSIRIS-REx) spacecraft to “tag” its cosmic dance partner.

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NASA Invites Media to Drone Traffic Testing in Corpus Christi, Texas

As NASA continues the final stage of testing for its Unmanned Aircraft Systems Traffic Management (UTM) platform, the agency is inviting media to Corpus Christi, Texas, on Thursday, Aug. 15, to learn more about what it takes to fly drones safely in urban areas.

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There is No Perfect Spiritual System or Life Path, Only the One That Works For You — Learn To Be Okay With That!

Reaching the Age of 18 Marks a Milestone, but There Are Many More Steps to Climb!

There are so many things that we must learn as we live our lives and understand our truths, while unraveling the systems of government, society and families. Some of you are strong, older souls who know how to do this from an early age, but many more people are unsure, and we find that we stumble through life doing what others want us to do, when all it does is contribute to our mental demise.

Make no mistake; you must be VERY strong to overcome the programs of our matrix society and create your own world of happiness and wholeness. This may put you on the journey to desert lands far away or to sandy beaches and roaring oceans, but no matter where it leads you, rest assured you will make mistakes along the way.

No Single Technique Will Get You There

Many religions and philosophies promise techniques that give you the right answers and lead you to inner peace. NONE of these systems can be proven as being correct or the only right way so they all require a walk of faith.

Additionally, I say NO SINGLE technique or practice will get you there so stay open until you put together a hodge-podge package of what works for you as an individual. You will take a little knowledge from here and a bit of wisdom from there and then live your life applying several techniques at various times until you figure it out, only to be challenged by a new elevation or level as you continue on your journey!

Perhaps we won’t ever really figure it all out, but I can say that I have a major engram that rises up whenever anyone tells me, “this is THE WAY!”. I think I’ll keep this engram because it gives me peace of mind that I will always retain my right to continue growing up and putting my truth together in a way that makes sense for me. 🙂

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source http://www.keen.com/CommunityServer/UserBlogPosts/Renee_Tarot/There-is-No-Perfect-Spiritual-System-or-Life-Path–Only-the-One-That-Works-For-You—-Learn-To-Be-Okay-With-That/840547.aspx