NASA to Televise First All-Female Spacewalk, Host Media Teleconference

On the first ever all-female spacewalk, NASA astronauts Christina Koch and Jessica Meir will venture outside the International Space Station about 7:50 a.m. EDT Friday, Oct. 18, to replace faulty equipment on the station’s exterior. Live coverage will begin at 6:30 a.m. on NASA Television and the agency’s website.

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NASA to Discuss Planetary Protection Review’s Findings and Recommendations

NASA will host a media teleconference at 3:30 p.m. EDT Friday, Oct. 18, to discuss recommendations presented by the Planetary Protection Independent Review Board (PPIRB), established in June 2019 by Thomas Zurbuchen, associate administrator for the agency’s Science Mission Directorate.

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NASA Administrator Selects Douglas Loverro as Next Human Spaceflight Head

NASA Administrator Jim Bridenstine Wednesday named Douglas Loverro as the agency’s new associate administrator for the Human Exploration and Operations Mission Directorate. Loverro succeeds former astronaut Kenneth Bowersox, who has been acting associate administrator since July.

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NASA Announces Changes to Spacewalk Schedule, First All-Female Spacewalk

NASA is hosting a media teleconference at 4:30 p.m. EDT today to discuss this week’s first all-female spacewalk at the International Space Station. Audio of the teleconference will stream live on the agency’s website.

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I Honor My Elemental Ancestors

In the beginning, there was Phosphorus…

I Consider More Than Grandma When I Honor My Ancestors.

With so many ancient religions regaining life, everybody is honoring their human ancestors (even if they did not like them when that ancestor was alive or the ancestor has already reincarnated as your next door neighbor’s baby). I guess that’s better than ignoring them, but I remember the ones that are not human also.

The other day I was speaking to a couple of my righteous guides and asked them for a name.  What they told me blew my mind.

Out of Primordial Elements Came Forth Light and Thought!

Phosphorus [a perfect cube] is the oldest known element
and it glows in the presence of Oxygen.  Even though the human body is
only made up of only 1% Phosphorus, the element is essential for life.  Imagine that.

The human body is made up of quite a few elements from the periodic table; in fact, elements are ALL we are made up of from a visual standpoint.  Of course there is our spirit, which some say is made of ethereal substance, and I know one day we will identify what it is made of for ALL is Chemical.

I honor my chemical ancestors, which is why I also love the study of herbs.   We always talk about Aunt Sally or Uncle Jim and how much like them we are, but what about Oxygen, Hydrogen, Carbon and Nitrogen, which are the ancestors of all humans.

We Are Over 96% Oxygen, Hydrogen, Carbon and Nitrogen. These are Gaseous at Room Temperature.

Can elements promote life if they do not have life?

We are made up mostly of gas [at least at room temperature] and its various combinations that create liquids; Carbon is a solid, which makes up about 18.5 percent of who we are. 

If Carbon gets hot enough, about the temp of the deepest red of fire, it too will turn to gas.  Gas is a form of a solid and our souls are made up of some liquid gas mixture (my opinion).  Keep in mind our ancestor, Water, is not an element, but is a combination of Hydrogen and Oxygen.

Sounds like heat releases who we really are.  Is that why we have been trained to be so afraid of it?

I Try Not to Forget That I Am an Elemental.

In the past I looked for fairies, ghosts, spirits, deceased people and forgot that I am of a liquid / gas nature myself who is under the illusion of thinking she is mostly solid.  Why look when all of this stuff is already inside me? 

When I spoke to my Spirit Guides, I was under the impression that I would be told their names were Lou, Jonathon, Josiah, etc.  Instead I was introduced to other the primordial children…go figure.

Also, I realized that the elements that make up fire also make up me, but fire molecules move at a much faster rate, though human beings have been known to internally combust.

I will not forget to honor my Elemental Parents and the primordial compounds they form when they join together with other elements because it is from these that we have life and therefore #Power!

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How to Keep Your Kids (and Yourself) Spiritually Aware and Positive in Today’s Era

It is Easier to Talk About Than to Do It!

Everyone is not on the same page in life. The fact that you are reading this blog, and that you are even interested in this platform shows that you are steps ahead of the rest. As an enlightened person, you likely have a lot of intuition and you know how to put things into place to get the results that you want. So why is it that others around you seem to try to hold you and the rest of us back?

When You Pass Your Current Trial, You Will Be Better Than You’ve Ever Been!

People act in certain ways for various reasons, whether it be to subconsciously get others to prove their love to them, or to subconsciously upset them, or even because they lack control over themselves. Unfortunately, we can find ourselves sharing work places, homes, neighborhoods or even children with these people. So how do you stay positive in a world filled with hurting people who,in turn, are trying to hurt you, even if they don’t realize it?!?

1. Be adamant about your focus and meditate or pray first thing everyday. During this time, certain situations will be revealed to you so that you can understand what is coming toward you that day. Don’t get caught by surprise and take steps to redirect and change the circumstances!

2. Operate in love — but that does not mean be a doormat. Let those around you know what you want and why. If they are not willing to listen to respectful dialogue, agree to disagree and come back at another time. Maintain your peace at all cost, because at the end of the day, you are the only one responsible for maintaining YOUR peace.

3. Stay hopeful — Do you remember when we were children and we watched Cinderella and Snow White? During that time we knew we’d find love and our Prince Charming because we kept hopeful things in view. Okay so now you’ve been hurt and all you watch is sad movies and listen to sad love songs and the news. Enough!!!! Take what you’ve learned and watch those same old love fairy tales and rally around positive mediums of exchange, even those that are not mainstream. Keep the good news coming in and the love songs playin!!!!

4. Be honest with children and teach them to stand up for themselves spiritually — Perhaps we have taken the laissez-faire attitude too far with regard to spirituality, and now our children feel unsafe and afraid. When I was a child, my grandfather empowered me by teaching me who I was spiritually, and though it was not the ideal spiritual system, I felt protected, whole and free. A child’s prayers are powerful, and I witnessed miracles and answers to my prayers as a child. Teach your children to connect with Deity so they feel this same protection when you are not around.

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NASA Spacecraft Launches on Mission to Explore Frontier of Space

After successfully launching Thursday night, NASA’s Ionospheric Connection Explorer (ICON) spacecraft is in orbit for a first-of-its-kind mission to study a region of space where changes can disrupt communications and satellite orbits, and even increase radiation risks to astronauts.

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NASA Highlights Science on Next Northrop Grumman Mission to Space Station

NASA will host a media teleconference at 2 p.m. EDT Thursday, Oct. 17, to discuss select science investigations and technology demonstrations launching on Northrop Grumman’s 12th commercial resupply mission for the agency to the International Space Station.

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