The Circle of Light and Discovery

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There is a Growing Number of People Who Seek to Walk in Understanding and Truth.

Sometimes you do not know what is happening in your life. When in a crunch you may fall back to old teachings and wive’s tales that did not and still do not serve. The good news is that typically, all things lead to truth, but it is better to take the shorter route to save yourself a lot of time, energy and trouble.

Uncover Yourself and Hidden Enemies Through Discovery.

Recently I had a situation that was obviously sent by diabolical sources — it was too unbelievable to be a natural occurrence. Honestly, I wasn’t sure where it came from and had forgotten some past situations that could have enlightened me. I centered myself and did a reading, and it became clear where the negativity was coming from — specific people who were walking in unforgiveness. 

Sometimes you don’t even care where it is coming from, you activate your protection to deal with the issues. Soon after, you will hear something that enlightens you or you just go on with your life. There are times when it is important to discover hidden enemies to prevent you from feeding them information or allowing them access into the precious treasures of your life, even if that enemy is you.

What is the Circle of Light and Discovery.

Members of the Circle are not evil. Members are light energy people who are curious, informed, purposeful, positive, aware, realistic, fair and just. Members of the Circle do not seek discovery to be nosy or for vainglory, but choose tools and methods of discovery to help themselves and others to live more fulfilling and positive lives, realizing that the more light we can build, the better for the entire society.

The Circle of Light and Discovery is a large group of individuals on Earth who are in tune with their Guides and who seek knowledge to send positive energy out into the world. Members are not prejudice and they do not discriminate against any particular spiritual path. They accept all good seekers.

They understand people are hurting and they purposefully send out healing energy versus condemnation. They realize some people are lost so they pray for their and their community’s protection from these energies and they use intention, with love, to promote goodness. They are open-minded and not shut off from the world, so they have a good understanding of what ‘goodness’ really is.

Join the Circle of Light and Discovery.

Members of the Circle of Light and Discovery are from all over the world to include Canada, U.K. Africa, Australia, India, China, Russia, United States etc. The Circle looks to follow other members online, on social media, in conferences and in the public speaking circuit to help forward and spread spiritual food throughout the world, and to provide testimonials, readings and channelings so that others can learn and understand who they are as light beings.

I am a member of the Circle of Light and Discovery, therefore all of my pages, blogs and platforms are used to spread this message. We are not perfect people, but we are people who are self-correcting and who are striving to be better and to spiritually evolve.

Join us.



Releasing Anger

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Holding on to Anger Creates Anxiety.

Unforgiveness is directly related to anger. Someone did something you did not like, in fact, it was down right evil, and it is hard to let go the thought of it. Perhaps the offender is still committing the offense or you are living through the consequences of it. One thing you must understand is life can be challenging for everyone. It is easier when you release anger and let peace flood your heart. Love also makes it easier to deal with situations.Breathe deeply. Ask your angels and guides to prevent you from walking into any additional challenges. Ask for forgiveness. Ask for more love and acceptance. The spirit you carry and walk in can really change those around you and vice versa. Let the negativity go.

Releasing Anger Does Not Excuse the Offense.

There are times when you need vengeance. An act has been done and the balance is off. The act can make you feel like you don’t matter. Something must be done to restore the balance, however who is qualified to judge? YOU DO MATTER AND WHAT WAS DONE TO YOU IS WRONG! There, it’s been said. You will always take your own side in a situation, however sometimes there is blame on both sides. However, when you are in a situation where you were an innocent victim, you must trust that the natural balance will be restored, but you must still release anger.Anger is an emotion that comes up automatically. It is not one that you should reside in.

Anger is a Continual Punishment to Yourself.

Anger makes you feel like you are in control, but it gradually does the opposite — it takes away your control. Pretty soon you find you are getting upset more and more when all you really wanted was to protect yourself. The energy of anger causes headaches, backaches, strokes, heart attacks, cancer, mental health issues and so many other ailments. To hold onto it is punishment of the self. You must let that sink in. Many times you cannot lawfully avenge yourself. You must leave it up to the Higher Powers to judge the situation. Sometimes it is not the person who wronged you that caused your continued anxiety. It is you who will not release the offense.If you do, everything will work out for your good. Sometimes it won’t happen on it’s own, there is work you must do to release anger.

You can use other ways to be in control. One of those ways is positive self-talk. Constantly remind yourself you will be fine and you are protected. Develop a strong relationship with your spirit guides, ancestors and protective energies so that you feel safer. If you feel unsafe, tell somebody who can do something about it. If you are no longer unsafe, remember to breathe deeply and redirect your thoughts to a positive place when your mind begins to turn to the object of your anger. Releasing anger is a conscious effort that you must work on daily, especially if you have a tendency to hold on to the negative memories of life situations.

Good luck in your work on releasing anger.Once continual anger sets in, it really does take work to release it.



What Does the Bible Say About the Akashic Record and How Does the Akasha Work?

Film, Negative, Photographs, SlidesYou Don’t Need Film, Skin, or Ears to Perceive a Series of Photos, Feelings and Sounds.

All is light, which is a form of radiation that can be interpreted and perceived in a variety of ways. Humans and animals see pictures with their eyes which see images when “light hits the retina (a
light-sensitive layer of tissue at the back of the eye), then special cells
called photoreceptors turn the light into electrical signals. These
electrical signals travel from the retina through the optic nerve to the
brain. Then the brain turns the signals into the images you see.” Plants, water, air, elements, stars, etc., all have their own form of eyes, a different sort than humans. We also taste, touch, smell and hear using other physical tools, which the brain translates as our use of the senses.
The first photos were made by patterning a device after the human eye and these subsequent photos soon advanced to film. Humans were then tricked into thinking these were the first photos, however photos have been recorded on a special invisible film that is in the air or ether since time began. This substance can also record sounds, feelings, tastes, emotions, intentions, etc. We call this tree or network of film records the Akasha.

How Do You Access the Akashic Record of Photos and Other Info?

People access it through a variety of ways based on what they believe:  meditation, tarot, oracle cards, concentration, trance, getting in the spirit, hypnosis, etc. Near death experiences and other trauma appear to open doors to the Akasha that never get closed again for that person.
Typically, the sights, smells, impressions and sounds of the Akasha appear to be mostly permanent and cannot be perceived by the naked human senses as they are developed today. Humans have the ability to access the information using their physical and/or ethearic bodies. Animals appear to have a more evolved form for interpreting the Akasha.

Ear, Mouth, Nose, Face, Head, Voices, Talk, WhisperWhere is the Akasha Stored?

The Akasha is stored everywhere, however impressions are connected like tree roots and branches and appear to be more pronounced at locations in which events occurred. Records are also pronounced when communicating with someone or something close to or involved with the event.
People like to visualize access to the ‘Akash’ in different ways, imagining a library, a bookstore, a network of electricity like a Matrix, a large screen computer, the Mind of God, etc. The Akasha does not appear to care how it is accessed since all humans are connected to it and can will access to it or not.
It makes sense to think the Akasha is being managed by a set of ranking non-corporeal beings. As above so below. You have librarians and book collectors managing the records of Earth and so it would stand to reason that some Consciousness is managing the Akasha.

What Does the Bible Say About the Akasha? Can the Akasha be Destroyed?

Please keep in mind the Bible is, in essence, Jewish and middle eastern mythology mixed with some factual history and likely a loose record of ancient alien interactions with mankind.
Having said that, according to the Bible, the Akasha can be destroyed, however I would think that without permission from an elder deity who has proper authority, it would be a grave infraction. In Matthew 7:23 Jesus speaks of an erasure in the Akasha regarding workers of iniquity and how they will be treated in end times. Once a person is no longer known by deity or ranking elders, they are as good as erased from the Akashic record. And yes. Just as you can’t barge into the Oval Office or march up to the Kremlin to see Putin, you also cannot barge into the workings of higher level deities without major consequences.
Also, in Jeremiah 23:39, one of the many Gods mentioned in the Bible says He will forget his people’s children since they forgot Him. This means they were erased from the Akasha, which is why many old biblical records, cities and archaeology are never found for certain periods of time. They simply ceased to have ever existed.
In the Hebrew Bible, there is a gift of the Spirit called the Word of Knowledge [I Corinthians 12:8]. With this gift, a person has a direct and strong connection into the Akashic record. This type of gift is very different than receiving an angelic message and, as all gifts, comes without repentance. You could say people who have these gifts are the Olympians of the sight.
There is an esoteric school of thought that says the Tree of Knowledge [the network of the written photographic, audio, tactical, sensory record] was set in the middle of the garden [the universe, at least the portion that holds Earth] and that humans were not suppose to access it. Then the serpent [the enemy of the government] told the first woman she would not die in Genesis 3:5 saying ”

For God doth know that in the day ye eat thereof, then your eyes shall be opened, and ye shall be as gods, knowing good and evil.” When Eve ate of the fruit [learned to tap into the Akasha] she taught Adam to do the same, then they were both, according to the men and governmental leaders that compiled the book, cast out of the Garden and cursed. After that time all mediums, witches, necromancers, magicians, astrologers, anyone that accessed the Akasha were cursed and condemned to hell by the religious governments who commissioned the final Bible product because they wanted to retain all the knowledge for themselves. However, before the Bible was written, everybody readily accessed the Akasha.

The ability to see the Akasha is likely directly related to the same sight used to see spirit beings. Despite the curse, as mentioned earlier, many prophets were readily given access or sight by various deities, as was Balaam in Numbers 22:31, when he beat his donkey who would not walk through an angel –  “Then the LORD opened the eyes of Balaam, and he saw the angel of the LORD standing in the way, and his sword drawn in his hand: and he bowed down his head, and fell flat on his face.”

Photos of You are Being Taken As We Speak.

The cameras are all around you and there is plenty of radiation-like flash and ethereal film!
It is not in the interest of the world powers to thoroughly promote an understanding of the Akashic Record as it would destroy the notion of ‘secrets’ as we know it today. Also, most people who can access the Akasha [see, hear, feel it] all day and night go insane. This is why it is not taught in schools and religions mark access as a sin worthy of burning as ordered to do so by world powers that want all the info for themselves.
The truth is every move you make, and everything you do, to include all your thoughts are being recorded. It is the way life is, and some of you better pray real hard that some of that stuff you did is quickly erased from the Book of Life so nobody can see it!


True Crime | The Astrology of Necrophilia

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How Powerful is Astrology in Identifying Deviant Behavior?

Unfortunately, it is extremely powerful, however the real question is, ‘is it a plan you agreed to before birth or one you got stuck with?’ Whether or not you did agree to the life outline on your natal chart, a harsh chart can set up you and a lot of other folk around you for failure, but never fear, Billy Graham’s chart wasn’t great either and he turned out alright.

Planets travel around each other in a certain way so one transit usually precedes or leads to another, hence the ability to master personality profiling. Hence the case of a necrophiliac named ‘Ed’ who will be described by the transits in his natal chart.

The subject, Ed, began dismembering dolls and killing small animals at an early age. He was the product of divorce and alleged abuse by his toxic mother, whom his dad described as ‘worse than a suicide mission during wartime’. In addition to killing his grandparents as a teen, Ed also killed eight others as an adult in the span of one year, including his mother. Though his crimes sometimes led to dismemberment of the body and rape, mostly it was the fascination with mutilating the already dead body.

Ed scored above average on IQ tests and was not diagnosed with any mental health issues other than an overturned Schizophrenia diagnosis in his teens, which was later revoked. Upon conviction, Ed requested the death penalty, but due to the death penalty being revoked at the time [Venus in Scorpio], he received eight consecutive life sentences instead. Shown below are a few of his transits.

Venus in Scorpio Square Ceres in Leo

The love of dead things along with the fiery nature of Ed’s relationship with the mother figure [Ceres], left both his mother and grandmother deceased at his hands. Ceres in Leo is no ordinary mother as she has the indications of Cancer where she wants to be hands on with the family, but her nature can be overwhelming, to say the least.

Venus in Scorpio showed a lot of grace to Ed, in that he had near death experiences, but they led to monetary gains and long life. Death loved and flirted with Ed, but would not take him. This is proof that Death knows what he/she is doing, and feminine planets in death signs, can indicate long life, but don’t be fooled, She’ll take her sacrifices.

Most people think Scorpionic Venusians have a hard time letting go relationships. This can be true in light of other aspects in the chart, but with the ones we will outline in this post, Venus spelled a recipe for deadly disaster, at least for a lot of people around Ed.

Sun in Sagittarius Opposite Uranus Retrograde in Gemini

No. Every Sagittarian is not a murderer. According to the FBI, it is Cancer you have to look out for, where Ed’s Moon sat securely within, however the Sagittarius Sun did add to the go-getter attitude Ed had. You can’t be lazy if you are a serial killer. You have to buy supplies, find victims, fight victims, clean up crime scenes, lug around dead bodies, etc. It is no job for the weary.

Ed had just enough retrogrades in his chart to make him dangerous and likely one or all of the following: an old soul, a reincarnated murderer from another life, or a flesh house for a demonic entity. Due to the nature of his chart, things started to go left early in his life with his odd behavior, further alienating him from his family. His sister pushed him into a pool when he was young and he almost drowned to death. Additionally, he was in a motorcycle crash and gained a legal settlement, the money of which led him to his latter victims. Seemed Death loved him as much as he loved Death.

Think You’re Cut Out to be a Superstar?: Astrology 101 with Easy to Understand Illustrations! Kindle Edition

Pluto Retrograde in Leo Conjunct Ceres in Leo

This is another transit confirming Ed likely had a karmic relationship with his mother and grandmother — even with some of the other women he murdered. Retrogrades indicate reincarnated persons with the tendencies of the astrology sign that is retrograding.

Pluto, the god of the Underworld, though not necessarily evil, can be negatively affected in a fire sign. Pluto is also a hard worker and does not have a problem with doing whatever it takes to make things happen, and when retrograding, leaves deadly messes behind to get the job done.

Saturn Retrograde in Virgo Trine Jupiter in Capricorn

When Saturn is retrograde, the cat is let out of the bag — no pun intended — Ed was known to decapitate cats in his youth. Here self-restraint is not present in amounts typical for the average human, and in Virgo, indicates a disregard for purity. Saturn retro’s also indicate the oldest of souls, even former or demoted deity that must return to Earth for penance. When an old soul with a disregard for purity has a stupendous work ethic [Jupiter in Capricorn] no Ceresian is safe.

Seeing that Enoch said the old negative energies are the souls of the Nephilim who cannot enter Hades or Heaven, but are left to roam the Earth, it is likely that from time to time they’d want to enter a body, creating the need for an exorcist or two in the neighborhood.

Ed is eligible for parole in 2024.


Leaving the USA? Probably Not.

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This post is a personal one, but if you have insight, it is welcome in the comment section.

It’s Been a Thought for a While Now.

At first it was about leaving the city, then the state. After looking around, no suitable state could be found. Real estate prices were very high. The cost of doing business was also high and corporate America was out of the question, with each employee earning less than .003+ of the annual earnings. I began watching international movies and following expats on YouTube.

Gun Violence and Incessant Court Dramas

American history was hard enough to deal with in light of its victimization of the indigenous and other innocents and/or generational feelings of guilt and fear concerning those acts.

So many untimely deaths.

Young blacks, young white pregnant wives, pregnant women in general, suicides, bullying, numerous abortions, mass murders, school shootings, the list goes on and it’s bloody. At least the advent of smartphones made some of the facts public. It was hard to bear and still is. Despite making up close to 5% of the global population, the U.S. has more than 20% of the world’s prison population according to CNN, Court TV and other networks have traded news for constant crime dramas making murder a daily visual for many Americans.

Race Relations / Status / Politics

Many people in America are segregated. Churches, schools, neighborhoods, bars, grocery stores, malls and clubs….segregated. Americans have come up with creative ways to gentrify, manipulate taxes, gerrymander and lie to promote segregation. There are new buzzwords for segregation, such as private school, uptown, north this and north that, evangelical, contemporary christian music, gated community, yacht club access only, etc.

Status rules politics and equates to race and class. There is so much dirty laundry and underhanded shifting that efforts are made to arrest every black man to keep him from running for public office or joining the police. Yes, all it takes is a charge.

Fabricated Economy and Foreign Policy

Bail outs have been the order of the day since militia were granted lands to take up arms. Then there is the 40 acres and a mule that most did not receive, New Deals, stimulus packages and other treasury fix-its we have no clue about. Capitalism in and of itself is not self-sustaining. Economic knowledge is akin to physics in our modern world, and even with Masters degrees in the field, economics is a guessing game. How stable is an economy that only requires a tweet to influence the market.

America as a country has been charged by the international community with unfair treatment, manipulation of foreign governments, foreign strategies to divide-invest-train-weaponize-then conquer from within, etc. The government denies it all. Do you believe them? It’s all in the sacred name of that illusive concept called democracy.

Commercials, Sports Betting, Multimedia and Brain-washing

Commercials are telling every human in America to date someone of a different race. Not sure how I feel about that yet. Maybe it’s what we need.

Everything you search online will be turned into an ad only you can see. Even Netflix is manipulating movie icons tailored for individuals watching. Google has figured out who you are, what you look like, how much you weigh, etc., and has tailored the interface for you. Nothing is authentic. No decisions to make — they’re made for you.

Even sports is up to the referees and players vs skill and true competition. NBA players seem to all have taken acting classes to over-dramatize fouls. It’s sickening. It can’t be called nature vs nurture when the nurture is contrived, not for your own good, but for sales. What is this country coming to?

Hence the Dilemna

There are many of you who have traveled the world and have seen the faulty infrastructure, lack of sewerage, questionable monarchies and weaponized religions. There seems to be no place to go. Still there are others of you who have reserved tickets to the first planet that comes available. Many more are awaiting the return of Jesus, who has promised to rectify it all.

At this stage in the game, all I want is a piece of land, 30 chickens, six pygmy goats, fruit trees, running water, social media, a few loved ones, a beach, two black wolf dogs, one cat, colorful birds, bees, butterflies, dragonflies, good health and privacy on an undisclosed beautiful terrain that satellites can’t spy on. Perhaps that will be on Earth, but more likely in a mountainous oasis closer to Her core.


Why God Rejected 1/3 of Him/Herself

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Every Archetype Becomes Physical Many Times Over.

In Gnostic Mysticism, before the Fathers of Christianity hijacked the meaning of Jesus’ words, everything the teacher said was likened to archetypal circumstance and a revival of New Age philosopy. Despite some revelations perceived by the founding gnostic fathers, and with judgment by death being the order of the day, two separate worlds were merged to form the Old and New Testaments with many contradicting truths being left to rot in middle eastern caves. Despite official attempts by the Church to distort truths, Truth’s ability to hide in the commonest denominator of all things brought Itself to the light.

As Above, So Below.

With so many of you rejecting various aspects of your lives, personalities and pasts, it is no wonder that The One also rejected a large portion of Himself in biblical narratives accounting for 1/3 of his personality being kicked out of heaven. It is said that the All questioned it’s own authority and rejected it’s own selfl doubt, hence the story of the Fallen Angels.

Also, we have Watchers who made an oopsey and had sex with mortal women, we have Fallen Angels (who fell down from Heaven – the 1/3) and we also have the children of the Watchers whose souls were left to roam after the flood, according to Enoch who said these are evil spirits. All this Evil can be quite confusing. Be that as it may, whether you believe all the stories, one or none of them, the entire act was a form of a purge of the Oneness’ own Self in Its attempt at remaining Righteous, hence the reason why humans exist today, as sort of a filter for various aspects of the All to recreate and perfect Itself.

Did the Consummate Trickster and Loner Waste His/Her Time by Performing the Great Purge?

In today’s society, it appears the answer to the question is a resounding ‘yes’. Universal Consciousness as depicted through the human psyche is no closer to perfection than it was thousands of years ago, which is why the Great Reset has been predicted when everything ‘evil’ will finally be destroyed and only righteousness remains. It makes sense that men would write that, especially with our general propensity being to destroy 1/3 of ourselves.

Why Wait?

Children are starving. Humans, plants and animals are killed in endless wars. Narcissistic evil, rape and rage are rampant. We are told the earth is overpopulated. The gray area between right and wrong has all but disappeared.

Perhaps that in and of itself, the disappearance of good vs evil, is the definition of righteousness, and is the state for which we all impatiently await.

Renee Tarot