My Best Teachers Were My Worst Nightmares

When We Endure Harsh Situations, We Need to Look at Them Again!

When I see the Heirophant or Master Teacher in a reading, I am like uh oh, this client is in the process of a learning experience or breaking up some old habits. It’s not my job to acknowledge that the person has been screwed over, but to help them understand how to reach a higher state because of it. I know that I have to gingerly relay this information because when our minds, bodies and emotions decide erroneously that it needs something, it is difficult to pull ourselves out of that slump…..difficult, but do-able!

What are My Teachers Really Trying to Show Me?

I think back over some of my teachers and I am not referring to the ones in secondary school or college. I am talking about those souls who agreed to come down here with me to teach me about pain (healing), abandonment (acceptance and overcoming the fear of solitude), rejection (self-worth), etc. These lessons seem hard and long, but look at the new soul that emerges, and the funny thing about it is when we get the lesson, we sometimes even become friends with those harsh teachers…lol!

I know things may seem challenging sometimes, but the key is to look deeply into the situations, deeply at ourselves, and understand why we have elected to draw this lesson into our lives. There’s always a reason.

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Upcoming Workshop: Metaphysical Tools and Applications in Atlanta, GA on October 7, 2017!

I am very happy to announce to you that we will be holding our Metaphysical Tools and Applications Workshop in Atlanta, GA on October 7, 2017, at the Georgia Tech Hotel and Conference Center!  Check below for more information: by Eventbrite

You may also watch this video from me, discussing the event.

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December 2016 Tarot Readings Are Up on #YouTube

Hi Guys,

I have done something this month that I have never done before.  As you know, my energy existence has been evolving, and the Inner School accomplishments have geared me up to releasing my first ever monthly tarotscopes on YouTube.  I believe they have been very successful and have yielded great results and responses.

I invite you to watch the video for your Sun Sign, Moon Sign and Rising Sign scopes and be in the know for what is to come this month!

Here’s the link to the playlist!



A Tarot Spread for the New Year

So the stones I mentioned in the last post helped initiate this dream about a tarot reading that I was given a couple of nights ago while asleep.  This is the second tarot reading I have received in a dream and these ‘dream’ readings are usually quite serious and are part of a ‘next level’ movement with the readings being conducted by spirit guides in front of a spirit audience.  You can read the first tarot dream by clicking here….

The Reading

So I am with a group of beings but this time I cannot see anyone, just hands and they are dark hands.  The main entity is giving me a reading using five cards and tells me that the first four cards are about what is to come and the last card is about how to bring it about.

I am not afraid and feel that I am with beings that I know, but they are not human.

As usual, the beautiful deck is different than the ones we use in waking life and it had rich, colorful photos of non-human beings that depicted what each card was about.  The first four cards were all about money with pictures of gold coins, and the money was coming and it was coming in abundance…..yeah!  The last card was about how I was going to get the money and the unseen reader paused before revealing the fifth card and explained that it was the ‘key’ card for unlocking all of the promises of the first four cards.  The being turned over the card and it showed a picture of a hairy, beastly type creature and the word LOVE was at the bottom of the card.  Goddamn, but keep in mind, while in the dream, this image seemed quite normal to me and I was like oh, love!  Any takers on this interpretation?


The Difference Between Truth and Emotions – – Also, My Thoughts on the Tarot Major Arcana

Today’s blog post is about a lot of stuff:  the difference between truth and emotions, tarot, major and minor arcanas, my call to tarot, its meaning to me, and why I bear its name. Whew!  Told ya it’s a lot!

The Difference Between Truth and Emotions and What’s Scary about Emotions

The following are my definitions because if I use Webster’s, he’s a human just like me so why not use my own?

Truth is the general summary of the greater good or actual unspoken intentions of individuals, which occurred or were expressed during an event and is indifferent to how participants of said event perceived the happenings.  Correct perception of actual truth is not necessarily taught, however truth is age old and based on Universal Law and many people do not recognize truth until they learn its lessons.

Emotions are physiological/mental responses one has to persons, places or things (external stimuli) — responses which are brought about by others based on feelings they prompt when introducing the stimuli.

The scary thing about emotions is that your physical being, whose feelings have little to do with Universal Law, can overstimulate to cause you to believe that emotion is truth.  Yes, emotions can charade themselves as truth behind the cloak of your pain, sweat and tears, however when you stand bare from tears, hurt, sadness, pain, disappointment, unforgiveness, lies, self-doubt, imagination, pride, pretending, etc., what is usually left is the naked truth.

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