Sun at 28 Degrees of Libra

What Do You Do When the Sun is in Libra and You Live in a Police State?

Stay away from the police…lol! 

It’s time we as humans realize we have the ability to manage ourselves in an appropriate way.  The government is not some monster that is there to control us, it IS US and our representatives.   It is crucial that we do not forget this.

There are numerous tactics that can be used to employ methods of self and community management such as:

  1. Use neutral, pleasant tones when speaking.
  2. Refrain from speaking too much…just say what you have to say and keep it moving.
  3. Be willing to walk away from conflict.
  4. Understand that people operate out of their pain and how they are acting toward you is not personal to you.
  5. Work to change laws to reduce the police force and use those funds to increase educational services that focus on mental health and personal growth. It is elevation time.

Using these skills and nuggets of knowledge can let us make the most of the balance Libra offers and the pleasantries of Venus, it’s ruler. Keep in mind Venus does not want you to tell every idea she has given you because she’s feeling somewhat secretive now in Scorpio.

Focus on Increasing Receipts and Revenues.

When I talk about ‘receipts’ I am not referring to your last shopping spree, but to revenues you receive in your personal businesses.  You honor your clients and customers and now is the time to show them just how much they mean to you not only by making offers or creating sales, but by improving services and goods that are sold to them.

Make the most of the Sun in Libra before it slips into Scorpio, and then we’ll discover how to make the most of each new placement thereafter.

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I Honor My Elemental Ancestors

In the beginning, there was Phosphorus…

I Consider More Than Grandma When I Honor My Ancestors.

With so many ancient religions regaining life, everybody is honoring their human ancestors (even if they did not like them when that ancestor was alive or the ancestor has already reincarnated as your next door neighbor’s baby). I guess that’s better than ignoring them, but I remember the ones that are not human also.

The other day I was speaking to a couple of my righteous guides and asked them for a name.  What they told me blew my mind.

Out of Primordial Elements Came Forth Light and Thought!

Phosphorus [a perfect cube] is the oldest known element
and it glows in the presence of Oxygen.  Even though the human body is
only made up of only 1% Phosphorus, the element is essential for life.  Imagine that.

The human body is made up of quite a few elements from the periodic table; in fact, elements are ALL we are made up of from a visual standpoint.  Of course there is our spirit, which some say is made of ethereal substance, and I know one day we will identify what it is made of for ALL is Chemical.

I honor my chemical ancestors, which is why I also love the study of herbs.   We always talk about Aunt Sally or Uncle Jim and how much like them we are, but what about Oxygen, Hydrogen, Carbon and Nitrogen, which are the ancestors of all humans.

We Are Over 96% Oxygen, Hydrogen, Carbon and Nitrogen. These are Gaseous at Room Temperature.

Can elements promote life if they do not have life?

We are made up mostly of gas [at least at room temperature] and its various combinations that create liquids; Carbon is a solid, which makes up about 18.5 percent of who we are. 

If Carbon gets hot enough, about the temp of the deepest red of fire, it too will turn to gas.  Gas is a form of a solid and our souls are made up of some liquid gas mixture (my opinion).  Keep in mind our ancestor, Water, is not an element, but is a combination of Hydrogen and Oxygen.

Sounds like heat releases who we really are.  Is that why we have been trained to be so afraid of it?

I Try Not to Forget That I Am an Elemental.

In the past I looked for fairies, ghosts, spirits, deceased people and forgot that I am of a liquid / gas nature myself who is under the illusion of thinking she is mostly solid.  Why look when all of this stuff is already inside me? 

When I spoke to my Spirit Guides, I was under the impression that I would be told their names were Lou, Jonathon, Josiah, etc.  Instead I was introduced to other the primordial children…go figure.

Also, I realized that the elements that make up fire also make up me, but fire molecules move at a much faster rate, though human beings have been known to internally combust.

I will not forget to honor my Elemental Parents and the primordial compounds they form when they join together with other elements because it is from these that we have life and therefore #Power!

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How to Keep Your Kids (and Yourself) Spiritually Aware and Positive in Today’s Era

It is Easier to Talk About Than to Do It!

Everyone is not on the same page in life. The fact that you are reading this blog, and that you are even interested in this platform shows that you are steps ahead of the rest. As an enlightened person, you likely have a lot of intuition and you know how to put things into place to get the results that you want. So why is it that others around you seem to try to hold you and the rest of us back?

When You Pass Your Current Trial, You Will Be Better Than You’ve Ever Been!

People act in certain ways for various reasons, whether it be to subconsciously get others to prove their love to them, or to subconsciously upset them, or even because they lack control over themselves. Unfortunately, we can find ourselves sharing work places, homes, neighborhoods or even children with these people. So how do you stay positive in a world filled with hurting people who,in turn, are trying to hurt you, even if they don’t realize it?!?

1. Be adamant about your focus and meditate or pray first thing everyday. During this time, certain situations will be revealed to you so that you can understand what is coming toward you that day. Don’t get caught by surprise and take steps to redirect and change the circumstances!

2. Operate in love — but that does not mean be a doormat. Let those around you know what you want and why. If they are not willing to listen to respectful dialogue, agree to disagree and come back at another time. Maintain your peace at all cost, because at the end of the day, you are the only one responsible for maintaining YOUR peace.

3. Stay hopeful — Do you remember when we were children and we watched Cinderella and Snow White? During that time we knew we’d find love and our Prince Charming because we kept hopeful things in view. Okay so now you’ve been hurt and all you watch is sad movies and listen to sad love songs and the news. Enough!!!! Take what you’ve learned and watch those same old love fairy tales and rally around positive mediums of exchange, even those that are not mainstream. Keep the good news coming in and the love songs playin!!!!

4. Be honest with children and teach them to stand up for themselves spiritually — Perhaps we have taken the laissez-faire attitude too far with regard to spirituality, and now our children feel unsafe and afraid. When I was a child, my grandfather empowered me by teaching me who I was spiritually, and though it was not the ideal spiritual system, I felt protected, whole and free. A child’s prayers are powerful, and I witnessed miracles and answers to my prayers as a child. Teach your children to connect with Deity so they feel this same protection when you are not around.

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Let’s Discuss the Art of Being Grateful, and How It Can Affect Your Life!


Initially, I Did Not Understand the Concept of How Gratefulness Could Improve Situations. 

I know this sounds weird, but who was I being grateful to? Not everyone is into mainstream religious traditions or the notion of a big man or woman in the sky who acts in the
stead of a parent. More people these days are beginning to tap into the powerful resources of their inner worlds and the notion of an unseen, Creatively Conscious Field of Energy that exists in the Universe. Even still, let’s say there is no traditional god or goddess other than what our thought processes urge the Field to create. If we are dealing with a neutral Energy or Dark Matter, then does It care whether we are grateful or not?

Even Though the Creative Field is Neutral, It Has Other Qualities Similar to Us.

Most moms are okay with their kids picking and choosing what they want to do around the house, as long as they choose amongst the pre-approved options. This is sort of how Universal Law works.

What happens when one of the children stops to take the time to show us how appreciative they are by telling us how glad they are we got a specific gift for them?  When they give us a genuine smile as they use the gift, or share it with another child, we feel proud and want to bless them with more stuff!

Yes, it makes us want to do all the more for that kid, and we were derived from the Field so It sees situations similarly. Notice there are a number of ways that a child can express gratitude to a parent, and the most powerful is healthy, genuine enjoyment of a thing.

God Consciousness Will Reward Your Good Attitude!

The term God is said to have derived from the German word ‘gudan’, which means ‘to invoke’, and this Intelligence IS actually invoked when It sees the pictures in our minds and feels the energy from our hearts showing how much we enjoy something. The Field then moves through others to show Its approval of us, and It does so in EVERY way that it can express itself — that’s a whole lot of ways!

When I talk about gratefulness for something, I am referring to our expression of a healthy enjoyment of a thing or person and not to the idea of addiction to anything or anyone. Wholesome gratefulness is read as thanksgiving by the Field….at least in my mind.

Perhaps you can try this family exercise: Have everyone take a seat and get quiet. Breathe and clear your thoughts. Then allow that thing or situation that you so appreciate, to come into your mind and the Highly Conscious Creative Energies will morph into whatever person, place or thing that It needs to become in order to bring more of that happiness to you!


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Spiritual Counselors & Intuitive Advisors are Universal Employees!

We Do Not Discriminate

The Sun is sextile Ceres and very close to Warlord Mars a fast-moving #zodiac Energy. Once again these transits either lightly or heavily (depending on your natal chart) affect many across the world, and Intuitive Readers are called upon to calm minds and soothe fears.

Know that I am here to help anybody who wants it!

I always say that we are all psychic (each human), however sometimes even the most open of hearts can be cast into the doldrums of silence when situations arrive at our own doorsteps. It can be difficult to see simple solutions when we are in the midst of the storm, however there are many who are here to help and to light the way so that you can see more clearly

Allow Me to Assist Today!

Help me to help you by first picking up the phone and making the call. If you prefer, you may initiate a chat and allow me to assist you using that vehicle.

I personally consider it an honor and privilege to have been selected to go through a life training that allows me to offer advice from the Akashic world, as well as from sub and Superconscious wisdom. Sometimes even a listening and compassionate ear can relieve woes and make it all a little easier.

Be encouraged and know that you can make it, whatever challenges you find yourself learning from in the You-niversity of Life! I believe in you, They (The Inner School Masters and Oracles) believe in you and know that each step of the journey is only meant to make your soul stronger because you truly are More than Conquerors!

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Run Away from Fear as Fast as You Can!

I Can Always Tell When Favorable Fortunes Will be Delayed!

We are all different from each other and we’ve experienced many circumstances in life that make us who we are. That being said, it is mandatory that we understand the power of positivity and its effect on our lives.

I’ve seen it time and time again when the Oracles offer really good news to someone, however they are unable to see or accept it because of all they’ve experienced in the past. One prior incident does not dictate that every incident thereafter will be the same so we must remain hopeful, always looking for a brighter future and a better day than the last.

Positivity breeds with itself to create more favorable events and an aura of attraction that makes us a magnet for all that is good. This is why it is important to separate from negative people who find happiness in bringing us down and creating conflict because THEY are miserable, and you know what they say, “misery loves company, but will never admit to it!”

Your happiness and faith are worth protecting so surround yourself with positive Guides who delight in seeing you grow and stay away from those energy vamps, as well as psychic clowns and jokers who feed off of death and destruction.

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Why Does Church Make Me Feel Drained?

Check out the poll at the end of this post.

When I Attended Church Regularly, I Could Barely Get Out of Bed on Monday Mornings.

Monday mornings were the hardest and it was not because I did not like my job.  I went to a pentecostal church and actually found it to be quite fascinating.  So many people needed healing, deliverance and financial breakthroughs.  The church was the hospital and it was filled with sick people, both mentally and physically.  There I was in the midst of it all, not knowing what it was doing to me.

Storytime:  I Decided to Stay Home from Church and Everything Changed – For the Better.  Here’s why I left.

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The Next Big Thing in Spirit

Tarot and Oracle Cards Can be Used for More Than Understanding Your Love Life.

For years we’ve used the Tarot to discover whether or not we have a chance at love with our ex, who doesn’t deserve the time of day from us.  We’ve bombarded the Oracles with questions about our jobs, but have we ever asked where the Collective is headed with regard to Spirit Science, Extraterrestrial Beings and the Soul Consciousness? 

LOL, if you are reading this blog, you probably have asked these questions so why not ask the Tarot or Oracle Cards what they have to say about the situation?  Tarot is for more than answering general questions about love, relationships and career.  We can also delve into the Akasha, through the window of the cards, and see what is coming up for the collective.

We’ve Done Christianity, the Law of Attraction, Mindfulness, Yoga, Astrology, Vampires, Wicca, Now What?

Most everything we have done in Spirit has had to do with groups, covens, communities, circles, zodiac signs, etc.  Now it is time to look inside and develop your personal self.  No more surrogate families, choirs, kumbayah cults and groups; figure out who you really are, harness your personal power and illuminate the world.  

We need you, your strength and support so that the elevated Consciousness that you carry will light up the world in peace and tranquility.  We must realize who we really are, and discontinue seeing ourselves as only fragments of the body.  We are the whole enchilada wrapped up in a tapestry of dead skin cells that cannot contain the greatness of what we have the potential to become.

Discover yourself because YOU are the next big thing in Spirit Evolution.

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Seeing One’s Self: The Essence of Shadow Work

Things Happen and We Need Understanding When They Do.

Usually in the course of spiritual counseling, the counselor will receive a contact from a client requesting insight into a situation.  Most often, it is a situation where the client wants to understand what someone else is doing, not realizing that this school we are in, called life, is all about what we create for ourselves.

What Do You Really Want and Why?

Do you really like love or is it unpleasant for you? Has the desire to self-comfort and self-protect overpowered your personal magnetism?  Are you drawing the wrong characters to yourself in order to ensure you continue rejecting them?

When we look deep down inside and take the time to do the shadow work necessary to understand our true selves, it is surprising what comes out.  If we are truly ready to deal with the shadows inside our souls and hearts, then we can see how our aura changes, thereby changing everything around us.

I Don’t Like ‘That’ TAROT Card!

Believe it or not, every single card in the #Tarot is a good one!  That seems ludicrous when you have Death, the Tower, Ten of Swords, Judgment, etc. Each one of the cards is meant to gently guide us to a higher level of gnosis and being’ness’, which ultimately leads to complete inner peace.

Every Reading Should Start With Me.

Here’s a question I don’t get too often: 

“I’m having some problems communicating with my boyfriend.  Can you please do a reading to show me myself and why I am attracting this?” 

WOW!  What a question.

The Oracles love stuff like this because it shows we are serious about our spiritual journey.  It demonstrates how we realize what we are experiencing is simply a reflection of ourselves and if we get us right, everything else will fall into place.  Ready to do some Shadow Work?

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Life Is Meant For You To Love, But Not Too Deeply

“Unconditional” Is a Big Word That Requires a Lot of Imagination.

Can you love a man or woman who does not love you back?  Usually only a child can do that, and they do it with their imaginations.  Each time mommy or daddy leaves them…again…, they imagine their beloved parent will return with presents, hugs and kisses.  They imagine that some unforeseen emergency must have happened and caused their parent to miss yet another birthday.  It is not until the child is older and has children of their own, that they realize none of this was so.

Love Relationships Require Large Amounts of Hope and Letting Go.

I’m a Pisces.  Enough said, right?  I loved hard and completely, or so I thought.  I usually started off by imagining that the object of my desire was fascinated with me, whether they told me so or not.  Actually, I was a bit of a narcissist. I read a lot into their initial actions toward me without giving them time to prove to me who they really were — I was some kind of wonderful, you know.  Whatever they lacked in the starter days, I made up for with mental explanations, hope and blind faith. 

A few months or years later, when they’d start to pull away or get bored with my constant adoration, I’d ignore their exit signs.  When the signs could not be ignored anymore, I’d cry and refuse to believe what they were saying because, ‘in my mind’ it could not be so.  Once they left, I’d be left with a little more bitterness, a smidgeon of anger, and another self-inflicted blow to my esteem. 

What is Love Anyway?

I have formed the opinion that love is an agreement that you make with yourself, to give a portion of your own spirit/energy to someone else, looking for nothing in return.  The reason why you only give a portion of yourself, is because if you give all of yourself, there’ll be nothing left of you to keep you alive because a body cannot live without a soul.  Also, you cannot require ANYONE to give a part of their soul to you. 

You need something of yourself to remain with you so that you can enjoy your hobbies and passions; reason your way through life; experience the rest of the world and humanity; and reach out to Creator Spirit and the ancestors. You see, keeping something to yourself is extremely important!

One Person Cannot Hold All of the Love/Spirit/Energy You Have Inside.

Do you like mayo?  Perhaps you are a mustard fan OR prefer a spicy chipotle sauce.  Whatever you put on your sandwich, imagine all of the condiment being concentrated in one small spot on your sandwich.  Not only will that part of the sandwich be too messy and yucky, but the rest of the sandwich will be dry.  You have to spread the mayo so that you can enjoy ALL the sandwich has to offer.  Spreading the condiment on both pieces of bread is even better, but not too heavily because you don’t want to over do it, and you want some mayo left over for the next sandwich.  The sandwich is a metaphor for life and the condiment represents your love.

Holding Something Back Will Make You Happier.

Maybe you feel if you don’t pour everything you have into a person, they will feel you don’t love them.  I beg to differ.  They will actually want to come back for more, even though you don’t hold back for that reason. 

When you’ve saved something for yourself, they enjoy watching you enjoy your own life.  They learn from you when you share what you have with people other than them.  They cherish the moments you spend with them.  You become a teacher and a gourmet main entree!  But even more than that, when INEVITABLE change occurs, whether through death, sickness or simply growth; you have something to fall back on so that loss will not devastate you. 

You breathe and share spirit with your beloved, yet you breathe and retain spirit for yourself, while sharing with others and the Divine.  It is as dangerous to over-love someone, as it is for them to over-love you.  The relationship will begin to feel like you are a crutch; a bandaid that prevents them from dealing with their own true hurts and healing what needs to be fixed.

Life Requires Lucidity.

I wrote a poem a while back, during a relationship, where, once again, my Piscean soul blindly loved someone who was slipping out of my grip.  We’d just had Valentine’s Day dinner, but I could tell he was not really into it.  Change was a’comin’ so I did what I usually do and picked up pen and paper to release my feelings.  I hope you enjoy it and have learned something from this post:


Poetry About Mature Love

by Renee Tarot


I try to remain lucid….

despite my present existence in an ethereal land of fantasies,

the mistiness of which hinders my vision and sight.

I have been scarred by abandonment of pleasure, love and good times

and now know neither of these are a given,

nor are they to be taken for granted.

Even more, all are worthy of the preparation and patience they require,

and these same three that I have with you seem wholesome, inspirational and right.

Our cosmically weaved carnality testifies of even better times to come

and persuades me of the dire need to obtain lucidity for their continuation.

Lucid in a sense of nurturing focus, realism, trust, transparency, evolution

and acceptance.

Sounds, tastes, aromas and textures of our uniting

are to me as the freshest delicacies enjoyed without want of additional spice.

My intent is to allow lucidity to seduce time by planting and grounding me in

what is,

what is needed,

and what is to come.

And most assuredly, the awe, which has been inspired

by the circumstances creating our connection, is all that

shall intoxicate me in this experience.


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