Hunga Tonga-Hunga Ha’apai is Almost 3 Years Old – The Creation of Earth is Ongoing!

Recently, I have added blog posts that keep up with what NASA is discovering and doing in space and on Earth.  I feel it is extremely important to keep up with all astral bodies in order to figure out what is happening to us now as a soul collective (as in the case of the solar flares that I spoke about recently), and in order for us to have a clearer understanding of the world we live in.

Believe it or not, there are people who still believe that a Man Spirit named God created the Earth.   To some extent this may be true if you look at God as Conscious Energy without any particular form who works with other energies to get things done, as in the recent creation of the New Island Tongan in the Pacific.  You see Earth is still being formed and created as we speak!  I have included a picture of the island for your viewing pleasure.





Another Year is Almost Gone. What Will We Do With the Next One?

Today, I called my ex and told him that I, in no uncertain terms, did not want to take any more negativity into another year because, quite honestly, I’m tired of fighting.  Luckily, he agreed wholeheartedly.

The Veil Between the Seen and Unseen is Thinner than Ever.  Be Careful About What You Manifest.

Remember when we lived in utter darkness and had no clue about what reality was actually made of?  Now I am beginning to realize that even those things I think or dream about are showing up in my day to day reality.  What this means is I realize that my word is a mirror of me, so if I curse you, I curse myself.  Yes, I was angry and felt certain people were unfair to me, but the cost of hate is too high a price for me to pay.  I’m not one of those mushy, love gurus who try to pretend that everything in the world is some aspect of love.  I don’t believe that.  However, I do believe in justice, fairness and good, common sense.  Also, I know a secret.  If I hate one man, all the others will somehow get the memo that I hate them too.

Hatred is a Form of Fear that Stems from Anger At Circumstances that Have Resulted from Our Own Personal Weaknesses.

When I look back at my life and all of the people that have done things to harm me, I realize that I always come to a time where I can escape from the hurtful ones and enjoy my ‘being’ with whomever I chose.  The people I hated in my adult years were those who I chose to be around due to fear of my own solitude, therefore I gave them access to destroy me even though I knew exactly who they were.  The hatred kept them at bay and separated me from them because deep down inside I was afraid I’d give them access to my heart again, even though they’d hurt me before, but guess what…..I’m no longer afraid.

Maturity is a Beautiful Thing.

Woman who told you that you were too old to have a baby and child-shamed you?  Can anyone find a statement that gives an exact age when men can no longer impregnate?  No, you probably can’t but you can certainly find tat age for women, therefore we have taken an unseen stranger’s word for things and created a Collective Consciousness about women and age.

Crones it is time for us to stand against the current belief systems of what women can do and who we are.  I believe one of the reasons that the scary witch is always old is because mature women are naturally magickal.  Hollywood’s scare tactics were just methods by which those in power chose to disarm aged women, but think about it.  Why should a woman become decrepit after menopause when there is no scientifically logical reason for aging in the first place, and females prior to any menses (young girls) enjoy youthful appearances without baby-making hormones and menses.  So should we.

It’s time to think positively, outside the box and change our worlds.  This is what I plan to do next year.


Renee Tarot is the Author of Embracing the Darkness on Amazon.

How to Become a Hermit in 2017

Jennifer graduated from university in 2004 and quickly discovered how hard it is to find new and close friends.  In past days she sometimes connected with colleagues Michelle and David after work, but most of her former classmates live out of state or country so she depends on Facetime and Skype to stay in touch with them. 

Not long after her 10-year marriage to prescription addict Christopher , Jennifer decided to move away from familiar settings and settle down in a major urban area in an effort to change her environment and expand her group of friends.  Despite the Meet Up groups and Eventbrite happenings, she never seemed to connect with anyone so she turned back to her former crew via her newest #iphone.  

Jennifer did luck up and find the digital marketing job of her dreams, and she was given the opportunity to telecommute, attending meetings and training using conferencing apps like Zoom.  Jennifer felt this job came at the perfect time seeing that she did not feel like applying a full face of makeup most days, especially after her recent divorce. 

After hearing about a growing number of school and church shootings, Jennifer was happy to do online worship, as well as psychology classes on the web and found she could easily send monetary gifts and payments via PayPal.

She lived alone with her cat Sally, so she’d order their food, her jammies and toiletries through online stores, but after the vet stopped by for a house call one day, and mentioned that a new super store was being raised a couple of miles away, Jennifer realized she hadn’t left her house in two months…

Products for the up and coming mystic and sole practitioners!

The New Age has Arrived and Brings a Bit More than We Imagined.

We expected to shift into the Age of Aquarius in a collective energy of community, cooperation and togetherness, but with the onslaught of mindless killings and meaningless physical relationships, many have taken advantage of cost and fuel-saving work-from-home options, and their feet haven’t seen real shoes for months.  The only thing unbound in their lives right now are their toes.

Modern inventions, to include the internet, podcasting, social media, online stores, web church, etc., are absolutely awesome, but then we put it all together and found out it equals a big fat ‘never leave home’.

There’s Nothing Wrong with the New Age of Hermits, But What Do You Do If You Miss the Personal Touch?

Everyone knows that online dating is not all it’s cracked up to be, but gone are the days, pretty much, where one runs into the random stranger and proceeds to a local bar….the guy or girl could drop something in your drink, leaving you to wake up naked in an alley for God’s sake!

There’s still safety in numbers, and actual classrooms vs cloud learning continue to be an option, along with cultural groups and other unions that require background checks that bring together like-minded individuals who are interested in similar past-times.  Some people will even bite the bullet and use a more selective and expensive human-managed hook up service which requires safety checks and balances, and it may be worth the money expended on such a venture.

There are quite a few of you who have found yourselves in the same predicament as Jennifer as you trudge through this fast-becoming, nontraditional journey called life.  Things have changed,yet no two journeys are alike.

Creatives have collectively been extremely ingenious about developing innovative conveniences that so many enjoy.  Perhaps it is time to be just as creative about delivering ourselves out of this mistakenly, self-imposed, and growing hermit society.

We need to ask ourselves some questions:

  1.  Would internet censorship prevent mentally unstable individuals from getting ideas about harming others?
  2. Is it necessary for American to know everything that is happening in each city and nation or is it too much?  Do we trust censorship?
  3. What in the hell is happening with supposed gun control laws that are already in existence?
  4. Is online shopping contributing to an antisocial society, and should the online giants invest money in purposeful, locally run, fresh food markets that neighbors can walk to, and that have areas for socializing? (Caviat:  I love online stores, but I need to ask the questions.)

Just some things to think about.




In the deepest reaches of the atmospheric plane lies the dunamis power that is responsible for creating everything that ever was or will be.

It is more powerful than anything we can imagine, and contains the strongest and weakest Archetypes and influences that exist.  At Its core it is a Numerical System that builds upon the strengths and personalities of Its individual parts in innumerable ways, and, Which has that power to reflect off Itself in Holographic patterns that manifest into material (persons, places and things) that can be translated with physical senses that we know how to use as of this date.

In even deeper ways, It is discerned with the unknown senses that we have, but do not fully understand at the present time.  Many men and women, under Divine inspiration, have translated It into language, art, pictures , etc., for the purposes of helping humans to understand which part of the holographic world we represent and for what reason.

As we reach inside Its lair to understand more about It, It reaches back to us and pulls us in to the point that we no longer need or require what comes from the physical manifestations of Its power….we only need the Power Itself.

Many are afraid to tap into the unknown depths of Its existence for fear of death or of losing touch with this imperfect hell that we refer to as reality.

I refer to It as Eehamx in my book The Mystic, which I wrote when I made a first attempt written attempt at explaining the Presence to the general public for the first time.  It was a truly magickal time as Jupiter entered the energy of Taurus, Neptune stationed itself inside it’s wife Pisces and Uranus arrived to force change in those with primarily Aries influences.

Stem cells have taught us that this Power transmutes Itself according to locations inside each world within worlds, which gives Western Astrology its magick and the seasons its momentum.

My desire is to delve into and swim in Its truths because anything else is only part and parcel of Its true nature, but most of all, because I know if I can master It, nothing will be impossible for Me.


I Rebelled Against Patriarchy and It Showed Up On My Face – A Love Letter

Dear Patriarchy,

It wasn’t that I didn’t like you, I was just done with the bull.  I mean, I know that my great grandmother was down for you, but my paternal grandma wasn’t having it, and I hung around her a lot… what did you expect…..grandpa wasn’t there to defend you because grandma divorced him.

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve got body-hairless cousins that cheer for you, but I can’t pretend to agree with you when I know you’re wrong.  Also, (clears throat)…..da da da dum…..I have a brain.

I know you think it doesn’t work, and that I’m flaky and emotional, but it just means I care, I don’t want to fight and I like the thought of living longer…., which by the way, you can do if you get with my program.

I have something I have to tell you and I’ve been wanting to tell you this for a long time.  You’re not as smart as me.  Nope, and under your leadership, little girls and boys have been raped and mutilated, and the world is going to hell in a hand basket.

Speak to someone who cares — get advice about love and finances.

Oh, you didn’t know?

But, I’m not going to make this long, I just wanted to ask if we could find a way to get along.  I still want your virility in my life, but when you see me….you see someone else.  It kinda showed up on my face and now you think I’m a smartass or a know-it-all.

Nooooo!  It’s not that lol, it’s just that I like not having bruises on my arm from you pulling me where I don’t want to go.  And, sometimes I just want to curl up with my English tea, my cat and my kindle.  And just because I don’t want to have sex when I want my kindle, doesn’t mean I don’t ever want it because when I want it, I WANT IT!  I no longer want to be a slave to the drug testosterone or to the tiny bacteria that lie at the root of your male member, which YOU refuse to treat because…

“That doctor’s equipment hurts me!” You say in your whiny voice.

So you’d rather I be hurt by you.

Oh well, don’t hate me because I have my own mind.  I still need you.  Let’s figure out how we can make this work because you have to admit, we need each other.



A Lucky Love Moment in Time – Pisces, Scorpios, Capricorns and Tauruses

The Moon is Conjunct Mercury, Jupiter and the Sun — This is Kinda Important

Current Date and Time 10/20/2017 1:14 pm eastern

As you know, the Moon is a fast moving body, which changes position in a matter of hours so its energy is powerful and it provides for moments in time to give you what you want, depending upon the other astral bodies around it. This time it is about magickal workings concerning legal situations, specifically regarding marriage. Some of you who have been dealing with marriages that are challenging and it seems headed toward dissolution. During the next hour there are connections you can make in the Energy realms to turn things the way you want them to be thru meditation and prayer. I always say, Energy is like money in the bank — you have to know how much you have and then make an appropriate withdrawal. Good luck!

Call or chat with me today to discuss the possibilities that life and love have to offer you!

Many blessings!

Ms. Renee Tarot, Advisor


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