Spiritual Climate Change — Choose What Comes Forth Out of Your Heart!

We have to Root Out Some Things that Were Sown Into Us Early in Life.

Our parents and early caregivers sow into us what was sown into them, whether it be good or bad. Fortunately, sowing is not neutral, for example you can’t sow an orange seed anywhere in the world.  You have to find soil and a climate good for oranges.  In the current New Age, we know better so we can do better, therefore it is time to root up some of what was sown that no longer serves and change the climate of our heart to prevent future growth.

Look Closely At Yourself and Determine if What You See is Who You Want to Be.

You can create the life you have imagined for yourself, but you must be honest with YOU. If you look at the mirror and see evidence of your mother’s or grandmother’s habits, then you have the power to determine if these are habits that you want to keep or if you want to adopt a new way of thinking. It’s called initiating Spiritual Climate Change.

The following tools and situations can help you to change your personality climate for the better: (1) positive thinking, (2) an upgrade in the friends you hang around, and (3) role models that display how you see yourself in the future. You are the sum total of who you hang around so if you are not who you want to be, change who you hang around!

Energy is a powerful thing that is not to be taken for granted and that is easily transferred. You can be cordial, generous, polite, and sweet, without letting everyone into your inner circle, besides, moving across the country may not be such a bad thing after all ;).

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Let’s Talk Totem Animals: Fish

Feminine Energy, Fertility and Abundance Are Here For You!

Totem Animals are energies that surround each one of us and they take on the characteristics of the corresponding physical animal here on earth. For those who understand spirituality, we know EVERYTHING is spirit and that carnal manifestations are just the residue of yesterday’s energy. These so called ‘realities’ are perceived with our physical eyes and senses; however, they are ‘late’ energy, which in many cases took on it’s highest forms in previous days.

Animal energies will manifest in our lives in a number of ways, via dreams, in books, passing us by as we travel, as pictures on billboards or clothing, etc. Today’s animal, the Fish is a symbol of various deities and even religions, and it speaks of propagation, gathering, fruitfulness and femininity with regard to the Mother.

People of western cultures are often quite obsessed with the symbology of mermaids and half human/half fish sea creatures, which roam thru the oceans and watch over naval vessels.

Pay attention today to signs from the Fish animal totem and ask yourself, “what is this fertile energy attempting to bring into my life?” Keep in mind the various methods that this shamanic symbol may show up for you, based on what was mentioned above.

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There is No Perfect Spiritual System or Life Path, Only the One That Works For You — Learn To Be Okay With That!

Reaching the Age of 18 Marks a Milestone, but There Are Many More Steps to Climb!

There are so many things that we must learn as we live our lives and understand our truths, while unraveling the systems of government, society and families. Some of you are strong, older souls who know how to do this from an early age, but many more people are unsure, and we find that we stumble through life doing what others want us to do, when all it does is contribute to our mental demise.

Make no mistake; you must be VERY strong to overcome the programs of our matrix society and create your own world of happiness and wholeness. This may put you on the journey to desert lands far away or to sandy beaches and roaring oceans, but no matter where it leads you, rest assured you will make mistakes along the way.

No Single Technique Will Get You There

Many religions and philosophies promise techniques that give you the right answers and lead you to inner peace. NONE of these systems can be proven as being correct or the only right way so they all require a walk of faith.

Additionally, I say NO SINGLE technique or practice will get you there so stay open until you put together a hodge-podge package of what works for you as an individual. You will take a little knowledge from here and a bit of wisdom from there and then live your life applying several techniques at various times until you figure it out, only to be challenged by a new elevation or level as you continue on your journey!

Perhaps we won’t ever really figure it all out, but I can say that I have a major engram that rises up whenever anyone tells me, “this is THE WAY!”. I think I’ll keep this engram because it gives me peace of mind that I will always retain my right to continue growing up and putting my truth together in a way that makes sense for me. 🙂

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How To Find Your True HAPPY!

Life Has A Way of Trying to Scare Us Out of Our Destinies!

As we walk through this 3rd dimension (some are already in the 4th) meeting people who are flawed and facing situations that do not serve us or them, we must learn that we have to utilize tools that help us to keep things moving!

Being grateful or thankful for the little things and laughing at absurdities prevent anger and stagnation. There is another type of spiritual leader that we don’t credit sometimes, but which we sorely need….THE COMEDIAN.

Don’t Forget to Laugh!

Watch, read or listen to something comical today and make sure that you laugh out loud. Whether it be Romantic, Slapstick, Old School or Dry Comedy, listen, laugh, and learn.  Comics are some of the greatest teachers because they’ve had a hard way to go and have learned to laugh at themselves while noticing the subtleties of life.

Don’t be afraid to chase your dreams, and think of an idea grander than you ever have before! You won’t really know what happens until you get to the other side of your fantasy, and if others laugh at you, laugh with them!

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‘Light’ Living is Extremely Important: It Will Leave You Laughing!

Have You Ever Wanted To Give In To What Was Wrong?

Sometimes it is easy to allow negative feelings and emotions to take over, resulting in your being swept up in a fast current of energy that leads to a destructive event! Perhaps you found out about a colleague gossiping about you at work, or that a partner who you gave your heart to doesn’t return the feelings. These experiences can promote the need for vengeance, especially when they affect hearts and finances, and you may step off the high road and go down the broad path of destruction just to get even. I can say honestly, that it isn’t worth it.

You need someone to talk to about these situations and may even need to dump out some of your frustrations, however there are many ways to do this, i.e. sports, exercise, journaling, prayer, meditation, finding a listening ear, watching a comedy, etc. Take a more constructive route and the Universe will bring justice to balance things out because our Handy Dandy Universal Consciousness knows just how to make sure we experience equilibrium. All we need to do is release the toxicity, focus on ‘right’ living, and let life lead us to laughter while it takes care of all the other stuff.

Discontinue using the phrase ‘life is not fair’ and begin to operate from a mindset that all things are balanced. We have the power to change our surroundings and are improving moment by moment in order to become Co-creators of the highest order!

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Living Through the Pain

When My Heart Was Broken, It Amazed Me How the Rest of the World Continued On Without Me.

I recall feeling as if someone had reached inside my body and stolen my essence knowing full well this was the reason I could not breathe. Then I heard the school bus come as usual and the neighbor leave at his appointed time to go to work. That is cold-blooded.

It’s sort of surreal thinking about it now because I am the new and improved me, but when looking back, I recall feeling like I was drowning, sort of like that scene in the infamous music video “Lemonade” by Beyonce. I think what hurt me most is the time I’d invested and all the years that weren’t even good to begin with, but I was hoping for more.

I Tried to Ignore the Nightmares, But They Were Heirophants Sent to Warn Me.

I recall waking up hyperventilating from chasing the soul and love of this elusive character in my dreams. It seemed like all of the dreams were the same…I’d be with him, then he’d get lost in a crowd and I’d see him afar off with someone else and I couldn’t reach him……but I was stubborn. I held on like a fighting pitbull holds on to his enemy’s neck and refused to listen until one day the Universe had had enough and demanded that I put an end to my suffering. 

To this day I can barely explain what in the heck was wrong with me. He came when Uranus entered my sign and left when Uranus left…..his assignment was to change my soul! As I swam through the pain and the days filled with suffocation and despair, I realized how important I was to myself.

One day in my basement, after I had put the kids to bed early so that I could cry early, I felt a cool breeze enter the room and the pain left……just like that. I’d like to say it was the Holy Spirit, because it definitely was a spirit and it had to be holy to move so quickly. I haven’t been the same since.

Here is What I Learned from the Experience.

I say all of this to illustrate a few truths:

1. We can become addicted to pain just as an addict can be to drugs, however recovery is do-able, but it is a process.

2. If he or she seems to good to be true, they probably are, and you’ll see the signs soon. Don’t ignore them.

3. The absolute best psychic in the world has a name: Time.

4. People can change your life, but make sure it is for the better.

5. Forgive others quickly, to include yourself, then move on to bigger and better experiences.

6. The lessons of the past are an expensive, yet paid in full ticket to your new world — be sure to cash your ticket in.

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“Blame it on the Boogie”

Sometimes It’s Just How Life Goes!

It would be quite nice if everyone could take a basic Astrological course in grade school to at least understand their natal charts and how they may affect or be affected by others. Makes sense to me. However, even if it were the case, it is important to understand that astro influences do not control us; they guide, aid, warn, foreshadow and provide current energy info. For example, it is possible for a well built car to speed against the wind current and to climb muddy mountains, however before the car is built, the engineers should understand the equations that must be solved so that the car can do all of the things they want the car to be capable of. Once the cars have been designed and built, drivers should read the manual to determine how to operate the car in order to do things like putting the car into 4-wheel drive.

Education Goes a Long Way

I am not talking about Liberal Arts, but about understanding people and how they tick. Better yet understanding how you tick so that you can be comfortable knowing, asking for and expecting what YOU want. If you have a good self-education, then you do not feel guilty turning down the wrong suitor because you clearly understand they just don’t fit the path you chose for yourself BEFORE you entered your earth suit/vehicle! And that’s okay, because someone else wrote them into their own life plan.

It’s Not Just About the Sunshine or the Moonlight

Back in the ’70s the Jackson 5 performed a song called “Blame it on the Boogie”. It was about a person who had trouble getting his significant other’s attention because she preferred dancing. Pretty soon he got caught up in the swing of the boogie movement and lost himself as well. This happens all of the time and the Boogie is what I like to call “life”. Parental, environmental and peer influences change us along with Time. Time, not meaning linear time, but Time meaning the changing of life spaces and how the new circumstances within these spaces affect us.

There are not many who know how to use Astrology as the old Tibetan Masters who could describe how, when and where someone would arrive in their town, to include how they’d look and what they would say upon arrival.

I am sure that the ability to read the charts in this way is due in part to the Akasha and intuition, however what is in the Akasha was written before Time, based on what you told it to record when you were inside of God/Goddess. I do not believe in predestination, but am sure we write our own tickets (with a tad of prompting from the Elders) so the natal chart is the printed ticket that will guide us, but which should also allow us room to evolve.

The next time you visit a Psychic or Clairvoyant, do not ask what ‘will’ happen. Ask where things are headed with the current actions you have taken and who are the players involved, then write your own ticket. The astral bodies are guides that remind us what we agreed to and who the players are, to include Earth herself. So the next time you want to blame someone because you don’t like your ticket price or wording, think about the Jackson 5’s song lyrics:

Don’t blame it on the sunshine

Don’t blame it on the moonlight

Don’t blame it on good times

Blame it on the boogie (and if you are really daring, tweak that Boogie! 🙂

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How Numerology Predicts What the 2020 Presidential Election Could Bring to America

Can an Economic Depression be Predicted Using Numerology?

Persons born in 1920 experienced the Great Depression from the ages of 9 to 19.  2019 is an identical numerological year, not only adding up to 3, but with the exact same numbers, which hasn’t happened since 1920.  Does this set the stage for another Depression in 2028?  Let’s take a look.

What Happened in 1911, When Those Born in 1902 Turned 9 Years Old:  The Panic of 1910 – 1911

The year 1902 has the same numbers as 1920 and 2019.  Believe it or not there actually was a financial crisis when the children born in 1902 turned 9 years old. The Panic of 1910-1911 was somewhat of a precursor to the Great Depression when the Standard Oil Company was broken up by the Sherman Anti-Trust Act.  Those known as trustbusters were determined to promote fair competition by forcing the breakups of large monopolizing companies, which in turn affected the stock markets.

You Can’t Look at One Mystical System to Determine World Events.  What Did the Year 1902 Birth from an Astrological and Tarot Point of View?

When we look at the birthday of 1902, which is January 1, 1902, we end up with the number 5, which from a numerological view indicates travel, movement and storytelling. However, from a tarot perspective, it denotes lack and suffering. The cycle of 1902 to 1911 would share the same birthday, hence the same destiny number.
Astrologically, the degrees 0 and 29 typically indicate major points within a zodiac sign.  Neptune was retrograde at 29 degrees in Gemini, which indicates the use of intelligence to discover hidden information. Mars, the God of War was at 29 degrees of Capricorn the area of work.  Juno the contracted asteroid wife was in Libra, the law, and also in the 12th house, which indicates a sting operation or a secret consolidated effort against a formal entity.

How Do the Mystical Configurations of 1902, 1920 and 2019 Compare?

Without going into a lot of numerological, astrological or tarotological gobbledygook, the main points are as follows:  Secret knowledge is revealed in a public way that causes a legal ending of one system and the beginning of another, resulting in a type of fearful revolution and chaos as the change is initiated.  All cycles of 9 years starting in 1902, 1920 and 2019 have destiny numbers of 5. This affects our financial systems.  Water, Ground, Fire or Air can be the initiating factor, which only indicates which industry will be affected and how the change comes about.
When Neptune, was at the focal degree mark in air and water signs in 1902, the oil and gas industry was affected. 
In 1920 when Uranus was at the focal degree mark, going from air to water, people blamed everything from overextended credit, banking and drought.  On the 24th of October 1929 (nine years later) when the collapse began, the Sun was at 0 deg Scorpio with Chiron retrograde in Taurus.  Ironically, a retrograde Chiron enters Taurus at 0 degrees nine years from 2019…..great — 2028 promises to be an interesting year. 
In 2019 the only planet at a focal degree is Mars, the war god in fire sign Aries.  Planets at focal points of fire signs could mark war as in 1939 with WWII or in 1914 when Venus was at 29 conjunct Pallas in Sagittarius for WWI.  But keep in mind we noted earlier that 9 years from 1902 and 1920 also marked pivotal times, hence the Panic and the Depression.  We saw that 2028 comes with a retrograde Chiron (the healer is going backwards) in Taurus (Earth/Money) at 0 degrees, which sets the stage for similar events.
Based on this information, the 2020 Presidential Election will set us up for the supposed adverse financial events of 2028, but can it be avoided with proper foresight?

Every Number in Existence Adds Up to a Number Between 1 and 9, Hence 9 is the Mark of a Completed Cycle

That is unless you consider 0 or nothing to be a number, which it is not. 0 = manifestation. Therefore it seems that the numbers 0, 1, 2 and 9 mark specific and important cycles, one of which we just entered this year.  What do you think it will result in?

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How to Know Your Personal Astrology with Regard to #Love Relationships

There are Certain People You Should Cling to, At Least if You Want to Live the Happiest Life Possible.

Have you ever heard anyone say, “I do not get along with people under the sign of ___.” You can fill in the blank. Is it because one sign is water and the other is fire — and water puts fires out? Possibly. Or perhaps it is because they had a bad experience with one person born under said Sun sign and decided to judge all others who were born under the same sign. This too is a possibility. However, if intuitively you find yourself happy with and attracted to someone, it is important not to take chances with their love because you have likely stumbled upon a beautiful synastry configuration without even looking at the charts!

Can These Signs be Generalized for Everyone?

Absolutely not! I know a woman who sunk her teeth into the success of a doomed marriage and her resolve has forced her to find a way to be happy in it, even though her life may have been easier if she had just listened to her mother 55 years before. She learned to live under the influences of the wrong sign and this is why she remains in her marriage. Many book astrologers would have told her, “yes this is a good match based on your Sun signs,” but there is much more to look at in addition to Sun signs before determining true compatibility.

There are particular aspects that each person can see in their natal charts to discover who works best with them in love. Yes, you can do synastry with one person’s natal chart and the only thing that a composite or synastry chart will do is confirm what you saw in the natal chart.

There is one caviat about love: In my experience, the best person for you will not come around very often, however there will be more than one partner that fits you well. The ones who are not a good fit for you will also be drawn to you! You have to be smart; make the best decision early; know yourself and your tolerances; then stick to you decision for the happiest life.

Youthful Choices Will Cost You.

Unfortunately, you can make a quick decision in your youth that could last for quite some time in your life. Certain plutonian aspects are quite difficult to overcome as they may include unwanted behaviors that stem from unresolved childhood trauma or psychic vampirism. If you have a determination of steel, you can beat it, but who wants to use all that energy just to overcome an undesirable love partner, which may even bring children into the equation?

“Am I doomed to be tormented by these aspects for the rest of my life? We had Saturn in our marriage composite chart!” Saturn in a composite or synastry only tells you what and how long you may be compelled to deal with certain issues (good or bad) “IF” you decided to pair with this person. Saturn can be good if he/she is the right one and not so good if they aren’t. During the course of your life with this person there will be outs that are available for you, however it may be difficult for you to take them with certain Saturn placements, or depending upon your upbringing or religious beliefs, so it is best not to get into it in the first place.  Environment and upbringing can play as major a role as Astrology.

“But we were so drawn to each other!” Yep. I know. It may have been an astral trick because ‘not so good’ wants to get to you sometimes more than ‘good’ does and can bring a healthy dose of hypnotism to make you think it’s love! Do you know how many victims are astrologically drawn to their murderers?!?

Delve deep into Astrology and the Masters will teach you the secrets of this ancient science so that you can enjoy a better and more prosperous life!

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The Hidden Mystery Behind the Vernal Equinox and the Number 12


Life Cycle Changes Occur at Specific Intervals.

In a human life, most souls evolve along with their space suits (physical bodies) every 12 years, yet within those 12 year cycles are 1, 2, 3, 4, and 6 year cycles, respectively, where various markers initiate growth and change and are corroborated by synchronous movements of the stars, planets and asteroids. It is an elaborate system, the numbers of which are noted and mythologized in events of sacred texts, history books, government records and in your own family’s personal annals, whether you realize it or not.

When Did All of These Life Cycles Begin?

One of the biggest questions of mankind is, “When did Earth begin?” Though we have guesses, we do not really know for sure because our measurements are flawed, for instance, when measuring objects after a few hours, scientists noted a +/- error of 80 years with radiocarbon dating.  Also, the surrounding area and climate conditions of said objects also affect the materials measured and we know that no environment is exactly like another so the system is flawed and not an exact science. 
Even with that, we estimate the Earth to be about 4.5 billion years old with genus Homo dating back to 2.8 million years or so and the oldest known human art dating back about 40,000 years. (Read more: https://www.smithsonianmag.com/smart-news/climate-change-might-break-carbon-dating-180956062/#KzuKQBB9m0aVoSlx.99). 

At the end of the day, it likely does not matter how far Earth goes back if we repeat cycles over and over again anyway.

How Does the Vernal Equinox and the Number 12 Relate to All of This?

One way to measure the start of human cycles is to look at important numerical factors in phenomena we do know about.  Let’s get a few definitions out of the way first.
The procession of the equinoxes is the changing position of the vernal equinox (which occurs every 6 months) when the Sun moves across the celestial equator, an invisible line on the same plane as Earth’s actual equator.  This procession takes about 25,800 years and when this time frame is viewed in light of the time it takes for a new earth age to occur (when the Sun’s supposed path crosses the celestial equator in a new constellation), the magick number is 2,150, thus new important cycles occur based on this number and factors or multiples of this number.

There are 12 major constellations or sections of the sky pie or Astrological chart and 12 ages make up a full procession, which again takes about 25,800 years.

The fact that the earth is tilted and rotating adds more fuel to the fire in trying to understand how long it takes to get to each factoric or multiplictic phase of 12, some cycles or phases bearing more weight than others. 

Below is a decent picture from Dennis Nilsson to help you get a visual of earth’s movements as it relates to the concept of equinoxes:

When the position of the vernal equinoxes (in March and September) changes constellations every 2,150 years, it marks a new age, i.e. the Age of Pisces (starring Christianity and Islam) or the Age of Aquarius (emphasizing the people’s autonomy and community).  If you divide 25,800 by 2,150 there are twelve cycles or ages that are named after the 12 constellations and even though the constellations shift, the fixed part of the dark sky in which they are located does not.  It is thought by some that the dark matter of said fixed parts of the sky is the actual influencing factor or energy, which predicts or causes Earth’s characteristics at various seasons and that of constellations that are located within these fixed spaces.

In 325 CE, the Bishops’ Council of Nicaea decided that Easter would be held on the first Sunday after the first Full Moon occurring on or after the vernal equinox.

In modern times tying of the March equinox and its relation to easter Easter or the time of the risen “Savior” in Christianity goes back to the start of the Piscean age, which was around 68 BCE  The time of the birth of Christ is said to be just before Herod’s demise between 3 and 4 BCE. 

What is the Importance of the Number 12 in Determining the The True Birth Year of Jesus Christ and the Actual Year of the Beginning of the Common Era?

I ask that you who are not Christians bear with me as I reference Jesus Christ to make a point. We know that when it comes to historical figures his personage is one of the most talked about in history and his birth is considered, to some degree, as a marker of time. 

Historical persons, events, natural changes/disasters all occur as expressions and symbols of human and earth cycles of change.  More simply put, on the day you were born there were certain energies influencing humankind and you represent those energies in your character as well.

When using exact multiples of 12, such as 72, 84, 96, 108, 120, 132, 144, 156, 168, 180, 192, 204 and so on, we can more accurately determine when major changes will occur or have occurred in human history.  We can even look at modern historical events in order to go back in time to determine the accuracy of dates of older events where the exact start date is unknown.

For example, historians are unsure of the exact birth of Christ, though they know it occurred just before Herod’s death, which is estimated by German theologian Emil Schurer to have occurred in 4 BCE.  If we look at the approximated birth of Mohammed, about 570 or 571 CE, we realize this was a highly significant birth, which started a world religion, but one that did not occur in a year that is a multiple of 12. 

When using a very exact system of numerology and determining that persons of such historicity should be marked by the number 12, this puts Jesus’ birth at 6 BCE and Muhammad’s birth at 570, which makes more sense with regard to my theory. Using these calculations, we are actually in the year 2025 CE and not 2019.

When Will We Have Our Next Major War? Hopefully Never!

As we go forward, please keep in mind that I am calculating time based on my new system and we are in the year 2025 CE vs 2019.

There are SO MANY astrological combinations and transits that can explain a world war, and it is easier to look at a basic numerological calendar and then explain what type of war it will be using Astrology and Tarot.  For example, World War I began in 1914, or according to my calendar 1920 CE, exactly 160 12 year cycles from the birth of Christ.

The Sun was in Leo, which makes a lot of sense and conjuncted Neptune, which also makes sense and indicates a very naval war.  Vesta sextiled the Sun calling for order via strategy in her sign of Gemini.  So where was the God of War?  Mars was nestled in Virgo conjuncting Venus in the same sign so even though we can easily explain war using Astrology, the only hard predictor is the Leo Sun without looking at hard transits of countries that were involved.

Now let’s look at a projected date for a next major war-like event using the number 12.  I’d project something significant is bound to occur in late summer or early fall of 2022.

Oh well, all we can do is wait and see!

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source http://www.keen.com/CommunityServer/UserBlogPosts/Rev_Renee/The-Hidden-Mystery-Behind-the-Vernal-Equinox-and-the-Number-12/875584.aspx