How Do You Prepare for ‘Another’ New Beginning in Your Life?

The Winds of Change are in the Air.

Nine years ago, 2012 came upon you changing paradigms and shifting belief systems in a way that seemed out of this world. Many of you did not know what hit your life until years later, when you were settled into new homes, businesses and relationships and realized the major shift that you had just been through. Well, it’s nine years later and from a numerology standpoint, you know what that means….time for another life shift.

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2021 | THE YEAR OF SURRENDER – Finding Truth | ENTRY 6

There Are Many Voices – Many Truths.

Each cosmology has an end that reflects the culture that originated it.

The Hindus offer service and selflessness until finally ascending out of carnal chaos.

People of Abrahamic religions are a particular group, who believe they were divinely given specific lands and privileges, and will ultimately be the chosen ones of an everlasting empire that can defeat all other empires.

Traditional African religions and some shamans seek a return to family either on the ancestral plane or back on Earth, later to emerge with the Universal Consciousness, whatever He or She is called in the culture, in heavenly places.

Yes, we all want eternally what we are taught culturally to desire.

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2021 | The Year of Surrender – The Purge Has Begun (Let Spirit Fill Up Emptied Out Spaces) Entry 4


Prepare to Release and Let Spirit Replace What You Did Not Even Know Was There.

You are a smart cookie and you have become weary of life as you know it. You have discerned the times and you are aware that there is a need to release what does not serve in order to prepare for surrender to your beneficial future. What may surprise you is what actually leaves your spirit and life during this time of purging.

You are letting go friendships that don’t serve, relocating to new homes, changing your diet and doing whatever else is recommended to prepare for the new you. Little did you know that certain aspects of your true self were not in agreement.

When You Declare Something Publicly, Be Prepared for Resistance.

You read Entry 1 of the Surrender articles and decided to get on board. Perhaps one of the following has begun to occur in your life:

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What is Multi-Dimensional Existentialism?

More than Three Dimensions in Any System Can Be Confusing.

I have to admit, when people start to talk about 4th, 5th+ dimensions, I haven’t heard a definition that is easy to understand, even though a thorough understanding of #sacred geometry would probably answer the question.  When we discuss past, present and future as all existing right now, that is difficult to grasp when I know my grandmother passed away a certain number of years ago, which would mean it happened today, however if our past affects our now and our future, it may as well have happened today, but that would also mean, I am already everything that happens in my future.  Perhaps my right now is what recalibrates both my past and my future.

Which is More Powerful, the Past, the Present or the Future?

Your reading of the title of this section happened in the past.  That’s just how fleeting the present is.

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Conversations with Stephen Hawking: Can God Exist?

stephen-hawking-Many of us have seriously pondered the existence of God or a Creator in light of our own selves. Each ancient society has its myths regarding the existence of the Universe, with our current society being dominated by Judaistic thought and their ancestral myths. Continue reading Conversations with Stephen Hawking: Can God Exist?