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What is the Secret to a Good Life on Earth?

Recently a friend of mine showed me pictures from his past — there were too many to count.  He’d met his wife at a young age (very early 20s), they married, had children, purchased homes, vacationed, lived life, made mistakes and then divorced.  He was pretty devastated by the divorce, but had recovered well over the last few years.  I cried.  I cried for him, I cried for them, I cried for their mistakes and I cried for my own failures…but I gained knowledge from my experience with him.

We Can’t Dwell on Loss or on the Past.

One of the things my friend did was to mourn deeply for what he and his family lost as a result of the divorce.  Then he moved on…  He looked at the bright side of things and realized that he was no longer the person he was in his early 20s; neither was the ex.  It was now time to embrace who he was, learn from past mistakes and to set forth in the adventure of a new life with a new love.

We Must Learn to Forgive.

People do bad things for myriad reasons.  Sometimes it is because of what they went through as a child, to include what they were taught by others.  At other times it has to do with hanging around the wrong people, or not following good advice from teachers.  Even still, it could have something to do with negative energies that attach themselves for the purpose of negative influence, which is basically them feeding off of the person’s energies.

Whatever the reason, we MUST learn to forgive others and give them opportunities to improve.  If we have to walk away from someone, it should be a slow, well thought out and informed decision that we never look back on and question.

Allow Different Personality Types in Your Life.

To ensure proper spiritual growth in this world, we must expose ourselves to different people and cultures.  It is absolutely necessary.  Being stretched is a good thing and though it may not completely turn you around to another lifestyle, it will enhance who you are and broaden your sense of self.

The beauty of archetypes and exposure to non-traditional societal rules promotes introduction to different gifts at the table.  At first they may seem unpalatable to your soul, however with consistent exposure to different personalities, you are provided nutrients that enhance your soul growth and development.

Send Out Conscious Healing Energy.

All of our strength does not come from the Sun, some of it comes from each other.  When we are introduced to persons who are broken in certain areas, it becomes our responsibility to send positive healing energy their way.

Be sure to stay hydrated, and when the need arises to send healing to someone, ask them if they would like for you to send healing energy to them.  If so, breathe deeply; focus on an internal light coming from your heart.  See it coming from within you and infusing the broken person with healing energies to mend their torn areas.  Then let go of it.  Here are some directional tips for that precious energy:

  • If they are wounded in their thinking, send the energy to their brains, heart and abdominal area. 
  • If they are wounded by unforgiveness, send it to their heart. 
  • If they do not see situations in the right way, send it to their third eye between their physical eyes. 
  • If they always go to the wrong places, send it to their feet. 
  • If they do things that hinder their growth, send it to their hands, etc.

This turns you into a World Healer, but be sure to replenish yourself each time you make this a better world.

Rev. Renee

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