The #Curse and Blessing of #Empathy and how to Recover from Negative Energy

empathicI’ve always thought that psychics were so lucky to be able to just know what a person is feeling or thinking, but do we really know what happens to them when they do this?  Understand that there is more than one way to pick up another person’s life or thoughts, but the way that I will address in this blog is empathy.

If you are empathic and don’t know it, your life is probably not very happy because you don’t understand what is going on or why you feel the way you do all the time.  I noticed that as frantic and crazy as I could become, I was always horribly calm when alone and around animals who are natural empaths and absorbers and I don’t know how people live without plants and animals in their homes.  Early on I did a natal chart on myself and realized how I felt was not who I am — I knew I had to learn how to control and release the feelings that I picked up from others.  Now don’t get me wrong.  Empathy is an energy gift that helps us to assist others with growth and healing because love and understanding are keys to helping people get better when they are not well.  Unfortunately, all too often, energy workers hold on to those things that we help others to release and end up meeting our demise much earlier than we should.  Here are some tips that may help you to stay clear and clean:

1.  Wash often.  I am not talking about becoming obsessively compulsive, however I find that starting and ending the day clean really helps me to release negative energy into the sewer systems of life for earth to turn into manure and reuse, or to clean with her natural bleaching chemicals.

2.  Keep a journal.  As a Pisces, I am naturally attracted to those who need all kinds of help so consequently there is a lot of negative energy in my space.  I learned that when I write, somehow I release a lot of this tension from myself, and in the process I am able to help and teach others.  I wrote the poem above in an empathic cleaning session and it was most effective for me.

3.   Limit Contact with consistently toxic people. There was a particular family member who I spoke to daily because I felt I was suppose to.  After speaking with this person over the phone, I’d be uptight and nervous because that’s how they were and they had already made a conscious choice not to change telling me, “this is who I am and I am not changing for anyone”.  They had learned from childhood that being this way got them attention from others.  I ended those daily calls and only speak to this person briefly once each one to two weeks to see how they are.  It’s okay to limit your time with people that you know have high levels of stressful energy.

4.  Spend time alone.  Find outdoor, brightly lit spaces, preferably with natural sources of water, so that you can spend time alone and release negative energy back to the earth.  Take off your shoes and walk on the ground barefoot or get in a lake, stream or ocean and intentionally let earth do what she does best, recycle refuse.

5.  Know Thyselves.  When you know yourself, or yourselves if you deal with other spirits who possessed the same body that you possessed when you were spirit, you can identify when you are out of harmony.  Study some form of readings i.e. palmistry, astrology, numerology, shamanism so that you know your totemic symbols and tendencies.  This is the only way you can diagnose when something is off kilter and take other steps to rid yourself of the incorrect feelings.

6.  Use Absorbing Crystals. No, not the kind that control odor lol, but types like amethyst that prevent drunkenness or that promote sobriety.  These type crystals absorb hyperactivity and negativity and will keep you balanced throughout the day.  They are easy to incorporate into your life and can be worn as beautifully crafted jewelry and accessories.

7.  Don’t hold, let go.  Release daily or numerous times of day because you don’t want those plants to take deep root.  Even if you feel you’ve had a great day, create some daily cleansing ritual whereby you can come back to equilibrium and reclaim your sacred self.


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