Magick Has Returned. Are You Ready for It? [A Stream of Consciousness Rant]

It’s Hard to Trust What You Do Not Understand.

So you’ve watched a few episodes of “Married at First Sight” and you realize the intense fear people feel about dealing with others they are not familiar with. They don’t know what their mate looks like; what they’re mate’s families are like; or how their mate will react to them. It’s nerve wracking and enough to make you become a runaway bride or groom. You generally don’t like the unknown, which is what magick is to some.

It’s not limited to mates alone, but also to new jobs, new schools, new cities, new neighborhoods, new anything. Will you mix in well and find fast friends? Will you like the new surroundings and feel at home? And with magick, the big question is will you be protected from someone else that means you harm? But how would you feel about magick if you knew that It, in and of Itself is Protection?

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Poetic Prose: ‘She Is’

Earth flowed through them in everlasting delight. Watching them and waiting.

She loved them….she thought. At least with a large part of her heart she loved them

and would give anything to them….or at least most things,

though she did not need them, yet they affected her.

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Their feet sank into her lush grasses, and she intended more energy there

to warm their soles — to accommodate them.

They lie down on her, giggling and feeling the flow of her chemical charms,

which she sent to them intentionally, over and over again.

Everything she gave or that she willed benefited them, though she did not need them,

what they did affected her.

Everything they thought natural was her uniqueness, for she was Nature —

Eturna — Narute — Turnea.

Nature is not natural, she places full, intention into everything that

She is.


Another post to share from Sacred Ascension Merkaba

Sacred Ascension - Key of Life - Secrets of the Universe

Greetings my beloved masters of the universe! I have received a very important message. After the channeling I go into more details about what you can do during this time.

“The cycle of life continues to swirl in the direction of the rising sun to the east of Jerusalem and behind the wailing wall stands a pillar of light, stands a pillar of light immemorial.

Said pillar of light has transmuted the energies approaching the new earth momentum in order to unify the effervescent timelines into one trajectory of the beholder, into one trajectory unifying the concurrent frequencies in order to manifest the manifestable adherence to the universal principles of eternal creation of the one standing before you.

The universal principles of creation state that there shall be the rising of the sun which shall emerge from the eastern wall of Jerusalem to reunite the lost echelons of time immemorial…

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2021 | THE YEAR OF SURRENDER – How Does Your Connection to Earth Get You to the Top? | ENTRY 8

To Want Nothing is to Have Everything.

Most of your fears are based on what you think you need. Much of what you think you need is based on what others appear to have. The human body does not need as much food as hunger cries for, and appetites can become overdeveloped, even ravenous, which is usually a sign of illness.

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Time Sensitive Poll: Americans How Safe Do You Feel in Your Country?

Americans, how do you feel about this?

News 4 America

Americans are Talking Amongst Each Other About the State of Their Country? What are They Saying?

Many of you keep up with the news, but much of it is hidden from the public. You find out about it years later when court judgments make the front page for cases you never heard of.

People are fleeing urban areas like Chicago, whose nickname is Chiraq. Others fear that their water is unsafe in a first world country, namely the people of Flint, Michigan.

There are mass shootings and concerns about the welfare of children in schools.

A large insurgency occurred at the Capitol and people died.

Over 50% of Americans have sought professional mental health care and many others are self-soothing in unhealthy ways.

American cannot even agree on whether or not to wear masks in public.

Other nations such as Iran, France, China, Egypt, Ghana have gone through many changes…

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