What is Art’s Importance and Impact on Society?

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Do You Realize What Happens to You When You See A Picture?

Art was mankind’s first written language. Before there were letters, there were sounds, symbols and pictures, not made or drawn for aesthetic purposes, but for conveyance of information from one person to another. The precursor of written art, is mental imagery, which to some degree, is how animals communicate today. Art not only includes audio expressions, but also visual, written and tactile. We will only discuss visual art for the purposes of this ‘art’-icle

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Repost of: “Our Time Is Almost Up. They Are Coming Back.”

PLEASE READ:  I am embedding this from a reddit topic called r/nosleep, that features authors wanting to share their horror stories.  This author, CarlB1961 said he chose to share this on the r/nosleep forum.  

QUESTION:  Do you think this story is true or false?

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What is the Covid-19 Learning Curve? Let’s Talk Reporting Accuracy, Ethics and Morals (with an Added Tarot Reading Summary)

We Haven’t had a Chance to Stop and Think in the Face of Covid-19 so Mistakes Have Been Made.  Now is the Time to Rethink Things!

This podcast was recorded live on BlogTalkRadio and was deleted.

covid-19 newsI promised to repost it here so you can hear it.  We are all learning together!  There are things we need to understand about the handling of Covid-19 and information we need to consider:

Covid Questions I Haven’t Heard Yet

  1. Is Georgia Governor Kemp suing Atlanta Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms to placate his voter base, which is the same as Trump’s base?
  2. Why hasn’t FedEx reportedly paid couriers hazard pay, when the company reportedly gave its CFO a $575,000 covid bonus?  Are corporations acting ethically with Covid-19 funds they’ve received from the government?
  3. Are doctors using Covid-19 diagnoses to avoid autopsies, thereby avoiding malpractice suits?  Have they been ordered to do this in order to save the medical insurance industry?
  4. During the week of 4/11/2020, CDC reported 11,223 daily deaths from flu, pneumonia and Covid ONLY ( In 2017 the average daily deaths TOTAL FOR ANY REASON was only about 7,700. Who is checking all death certs for accuracy and sensibility of the Covid-19 numbers and stats (numbers come from hospital staff who are not statisticians)?
  5. Are professional mathematicians and certified statisticians overseeing the numbers reporting for Covid or is reporting being overseen by Colleges, Universities and their students?
  6. Is home schooling an option for all types of learners?  What are long-term educational consequences as a result of Covid-19?

Rev. Renee


The Astrology of the Rwandan Genocide

” We do wrestle against flesh and blood, as well as principalities called Astral bodies.”  Renee Tarot

We are coming up on the anniversary of the “end” of the Rwandan Genocide.

Per the Western internet, the Rwandan genocide took place from April 7 to July 15, 1994, primarily between the Hutu and Tutsi tribes.  There was a long history of tensions between the two tribes prior to this time, and previous genocidal type events.

One of the accepted definitions of genocide is the deliberate killing of a large group of people, especially those of a particular ethnic group or nation.  This happens in all countries, to include America, however I was first introduced to the Rwandan Genocide when I stumbled upon the book Left to Tell by Immaculee Ilibagiza.

The story struck me and has kept my attention for many years, prompting me to watch subsequent movies, documentaries, interviews, etc., about the event and the preceding, as well as resulting national trauma and healing.

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How to Work From Home Without Going Bonkers! You Can Be Productive.

There is a ‘right way’ to start your day when working from home!

As a blogger and writer I know the challenges of working from home.  If you are not use to it, after a few days the isolation and even boredom will set in, however there is a way to make things work for a more prosperous and fulfilling worklife!

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How Walt Disney Pictures Teaches Race Culture to Children

“I know now that race culture is, at least in part, perpetuated by unconscious ignorance displayed through modern day media.”  Rev. Renee

Walt Disney Pictures Introduced Its First Black Princess to Little Girls in 2009. Maybe They Shouldn’t Have.

Many white people say they are not racist….period.

In light of all that is going on in our society with the recent death of George Floyd at the hands of police, I thought it timely to educate the public about how race culture is taught to children through media.

Walt Disney Pictures has done its part in introducing a number of different cultures to the world in the form of its paradigm-forming movies and animations.  They have given us white, asian, hawaiian, middle eastern, indian and black protagonists, however for the purposes of this post, I will focus on the black princess, Tiana, leading lady in the movie The Princess and the Frog. Continue reading

Astrology Oracle: “What I Think Joseph Smith, Jr’s Death Teaches Us About What is Happening Today with George Floyd, and How the Same Energies Could Affect Trump’s Upcoming Rally in Oklahoma.”

I don’t think what’s happening with protests around the world is (just) about George Floyd.  I think the timing of George Floyd’s death in an Aquarian Saturn Retrograde has everything to do with how the people feel right now. Continue reading