Why God Rejected 1/3 of Him/Herself

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Every Archetype Becomes Physical Many Times Over.

In Gnostic Mysticism, before the Fathers of Christianity hijacked the meaning of Jesus’ words, everything the teacher said was likened to archetypal circumstance and a revival of New Age philosopy. Despite some revelations perceived by the founding gnostic fathers, and with judgment by death being the order of the day, two separate worlds were merged to form the Old and New Testaments with many contradicting truths being left to rot in middle eastern caves. Despite official attempts by the Church to distort truths, Truth’s ability to hide in the commonest denominator of all things brought Itself to the light.

As Above, So Below.

With so many of you rejecting various aspects of your lives, personalities and pasts, it is no wonder that The One also rejected a large portion of Himself in biblical narratives accounting for 1/3 of his personality being kicked out of heaven. It is said that the All questioned it’s own authority and rejected it’s own selfl doubt, hence the story of the Fallen Angels.

Also, we have Watchers who made an oopsey and had sex with mortal women, we have Fallen Angels (who fell down from Heaven – the 1/3) and we also have the children of the Watchers whose souls were left to roam after the flood, according to Enoch who said these are evil spirits. All this Evil can be quite confusing. Be that as it may, whether you believe all the stories, one or none of them, the entire act was a form of a purge of the Oneness’ own Self in Its attempt at remaining Righteous, hence the reason why humans exist today, as sort of a filter for various aspects of the All to recreate and perfect Itself.

Did the Consummate Trickster and Loner Waste His/Her Time by Performing the Great Purge?

In today’s society, it appears the answer to the question is a resounding ‘yes’. Universal Consciousness as depicted through the human psyche is no closer to perfection than it was thousands of years ago, which is why the Great Reset has been predicted when everything ‘evil’ will finally be destroyed and only righteousness remains. It makes sense that men would write that, especially with our general propensity being to destroy 1/3 of ourselves.

Why Wait?

Children are starving. Humans, plants and animals are killed in endless wars. Narcissistic evil, rape and rage are rampant. We are told the earth is overpopulated. The gray area between right and wrong has all but disappeared.

Perhaps that in and of itself, the disappearance of good vs evil, is the definition of righteousness, and is the state for which we all impatiently await.

Renee Tarot

The Dark Lord is Hiding So He Can Continue His Work.

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I See Him Through the Tarot

Yes, the Oracles reveal him in readings, yet he hides behind child abuse, trauma, MRIs and other explanations. He has affected your ancestors for generations, masquerading as natural illness. Sure, there can be other explanations, however humans were created to heal with proper treatment. What’s stopping the healing? Sometimes it’s the Dark Lord.

He changes your chemical make up and affects the heart and mind by blocking crown and heart chakras, creating shadows, visions, voices, nightmares and all manner of oppression. Why do you not command him to leave? Because he tells you he does not exist, yet he continually draws perpetrators to you, those who are attracted to the shadows see his shadow over you, which is why certain situations are drawn to you and reoccur over and over again.

Rid Yourself of the Dark Lord.

Refuse to allow him to live in your vicinity. Check your altars. Did you begin to worship a certain deity when all of the crap hit the fan? If so, dismantle the altar and get it out of your space. Call on Beings of Love and Light to protect you DAILY.

Flood your space with sage, frankincense and myrrh. Play soft, positive sounds like music that lifts the vibration of the atmosphere. Pray and meditate, under the care of an experienced shaman or spiritual person, until you learn to do it on your own. Take your medicine. A Dark Lord can do nothing with a body protected by certain chemicals, which ultimately have come from the sacred plant kingdom. Change your diet. Some foods that you eat can aggravate your mind or digestive systems, hence affecting your soul.

It is imperative to deal with him from all angles and the spiritual angle is highly valid for it is more than spiritual. It is the physical of the most detailed and elemental sort.


Poetry | “Spaces Others Leave Behind” by Renee Tarot

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You began this incarnation in a time space someone else left behind.

Your grandma’s woes, your mother’s pain, your father’s disappointments, great grandpa’s joy; the energy of all of it wrapped up in the aura called ‘you’, with the addition of your personal uniqueness.

You can stay in this space, in what was left behind, or you can take it and turn you into who you want to be. All spaces exist to pass through or to remain in.

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What will you make of it in the time space you are in? Will you allow this space to swallow you perpetually, or will you use it as fuel?

Will you leave the seed in the package or on the shelf to stay forever locked in pain or will you plant it in life’s circumstances, embrace the rain of your tears and allow your hope’s sun to evolve you to new places. Imagine who you could be.

Can you guarantee you would have been satisfied with life, the way you were, if it had not happened? If that other time space never existed.

In life there are few guarantees, and those guarantees you must hold on to fiercely, no matter what others around you say. Eventually you will loosen even those guarantees as you continue to change.

It hurt, in fact it was brutal. How could he, she, anyone, God, allow it. Pain left you there, seemingly to rot. Hurt is not fair.

Fair is not a guarantee of happiness, however Faith is. Faith is the fuel to get you to better spaces.

It had already happened before you were born, yes the time space existed, yet you were perfect then.

Now you hate who you think you have become because of it, but you are always vascilllating between spaces and headed toward who you were before you were born. To perfection. The perfect yous live now and they are many.

One of those few life guarantees is you do not have to be stuck in any time space. You are everywhere.

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The real question is, in this existence of simultaneous time spaces, will you allow yourself to be the perfection of who you already are, and to remain in those many good spaces

…at least most of the time?


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