Flash Fiction: The Wolf with the Siamese Hind Parts

Once upon a time there was a wolf who was born with six legs, two tails, one penis, three testicles, one vagina, half a womb and two assholes. The wolf was sorely teased by his pack and all of the animals in the forest due to his reverse Siamese deformity and was rejected from home. Even though [s]he was both male and female, and had only one head, the twins easily communicated telepathically.

One day as the twins wandered alone in their one combined body, the female asked her male twin a question. “Why are we different?”

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Codependency, Perverse Empathy and Self-Righteousness Lead to Nowhere.

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As I dive more deeply into this spiritual journey, I am further convinced that empathy, as we know it, is not healthy. Renee Tarot

Why Do You Care More Than the Universal Powers Do?

Most spiritual practitioners who are over the age of 40 were taught to feel other people’s burdens. Did you know this can lead to mental health issues?

There are many spiritual texts that exist in the world, yet there are as many interpretations and ‘voices of God’ as there are people. Some of you grew up giving your lives to Christ in some form or other and being taught biblical principals that we now know lead to insanity. Who among us is qualified to determine what is right or wrong?

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Poetry | Focus on Me

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I was told it is selfish to think about myself —

even though the only person I can confirm really exists is me.

I chose the road most traveled and became enabling and codependent.

Question: What happens if I have no expectations about what others do?

Answer: Others become meaningless.

Hope: I can change the previous answer.

I’m told the only person I can truly change is myself.

Trauma tells me that is not true.

Despite what Trauma, drunk on cortisol, relays to me at 6 pm est each day;

and despite the fact that I may not find complete truth in the statement,

“I can only change myself,”

I will focus on me, as best I can, because once again,

I’m the only one that I can confirm truly exists.


“Oshun” African-American Tribal Music

“Oshun” by Colette Renee – copyright 2017

Please enjoy the lyrics to this very special song. You may listen to the song using the player at the end of this post.

Ore yeye o

Ore yeye o oooh

The master’s dogs are behind me I call you Oshun, Oshun.

My feet have left my path bloody I need you Oshun, Oshun.

Oshun, the stripes that come from the lash have made me forget my own name.

Oshun, help me remember your call so that I can get to freedom.

They left my brother in Cuba, a foreign land. Oh, how I long for his face.

My mother’s chains are in Santo Domingo and I may never see her again.

Oshun, I lost the crown of my father and I was the next in line.

Oshun, please open up your sweet waters I hear the master behind.

Ore yeye o Ore yeye o Ore yeye o Ore yeye o

There is a river before me, I call you Oshun, Oshun.

The moon is full as I call you, I remember your name, but barely Oshun.

Oshun, the wife of Shango and sister wife of Oya the wind.

Oshun, please stretch your arms before me and welcome me once again.

I have forgotten your honor in the midst of the pain here it takes all my strength to survive.

Last year I lost both my daughters.

I don’t even know if my babies are alive.

Oshun, please help me to recall your greeting and open your arms.

Oshun, the bearded lady, but wait, I hear the call of the owl!

Ore yeye o Ore yeye o Ore yeye o Ore yeye o Ore yeye o Ore yeye o Ore yeye o Ore yeye o

Rectal Tumors Eliminated in Trials with 14 Patients Taking the Drug Dostarlimab. What Does This and Other Advancements Mean for Humanity?

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CNN Reports a Major Breakthrough in Medicine.

The drug dostarlimab has been used to eliminate 100 percent of rectal cancers, without toxic treatment, in a small study of 14 patients. Watch the video below:

So now we have a drug that helps the body’s immune system fight an awful disease on its own. Also, we have semiglutides fighting the awful Type 2 Diabetes and helping people to lose weight, restore liver function and restore pancreatic function.

Various universities are experimenting with consciousness and the human body’s abilities to heal itself and are even working on being able to download consciousness onto computers. If you can hold out for a few years, our science may just catch up to the Divine Mind’s, whose essence we hold. It is unfortunate that certain world powers have sought to put humans to sleep to prevent everyone from benefiting from this ‘science‘. That time has come to an end.

Scientists are saying that with 2.5 ml of your own blood they can clone your heart. There are farms creating genetically-modified pigs for the same purpose so there are numerous hearts that will be available for transplanting. These pigs have also been approved for food and are missing components that some humans find hard to digest.

Additionally, they’ve already begun implanting these genetically-modified pig hearts into humans. Why wait for your heart to go bad? Are you up for beginning automatic transplants by age 40? This will be an option at least until you can regenerate the same using only mental faculties. Just wait — it’s coming. In fact for some, it’s already here.

If you have a creative-minded young one, perhaps you should introduce them to the sciences. The world could use them.

So What Happens to Kids if Humans Live Forever?

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

If you were in a world where all disease was cured via physical and mental sciences, and you could live forever or live to be 200 years old, or however old you want to be, always advancing in knowledge, would you have kids again at age 125?

Would you choose to marry and remain with the same mate for that long a time or do you think you would sign a 25 year relationship contract that was renewable [or not]? How stressful do you think it would be if your partner chose not to renew when you wanted to?

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Why God Rejected 1/3 of Him/Herself

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Every Archetype Becomes Physical Many Times Over.

In Gnostic Mysticism, before the Fathers of Christianity hijacked the meaning of Jesus’ words, everything the teacher said was likened to archetypal circumstance and a revival of New Age philosopy. Despite some revelations perceived by the founding gnostic fathers, and with judgment by death being the order of the day, two separate worlds were merged to form the Old and New Testaments with many contradicting truths being left to rot in middle eastern caves. Despite official attempts by the Church to distort truths, Truth’s ability to hide in the commonest denominator of all things brought Itself to the light.

As Above, So Below.

With so many of you rejecting various aspects of your lives, personalities and pasts, it is no wonder that The One also rejected a large portion of Himself in biblical narratives accounting for 1/3 of his personality being kicked out of heaven. It is said that the All questioned it’s own authority and rejected it’s own selfl doubt, hence the story of the Fallen Angels.

Also, we have Watchers who made an oopsey and had sex with mortal women, we have Fallen Angels (who fell down from Heaven – the 1/3) and we also have the children of the Watchers whose souls were left to roam after the flood, according to Enoch who said these are evil spirits. All this Evil can be quite confusing. Be that as it may, whether you believe all the stories, one or none of them, the entire act was a form of a purge of the Oneness’ own Self in Its attempt at remaining Righteous, hence the reason why humans exist today, as sort of a filter for various aspects of the All to recreate and perfect Itself.

Did the Consummate Trickster and Loner Waste His/Her Time by Performing the Great Purge?

In today’s society, it appears the answer to the question is a resounding ‘yes’. Universal Consciousness as depicted through the human psyche is no closer to perfection than it was thousands of years ago, which is why the Great Reset has been predicted when everything ‘evil’ will finally be destroyed and only righteousness remains. It makes sense that men would write that, especially with our general propensity being to destroy 1/3 of ourselves.

Why Wait?

Children are starving. Humans, plants and animals are killed in endless wars. Narcissistic evil, rape and rage are rampant. We are told the earth is overpopulated. The gray area between right and wrong has all but disappeared.

Perhaps that in and of itself, the disappearance of good vs evil, is the definition of righteousness, and is the state for which we all impatiently await.

Renee Tarot