#Natural #FluShot – or #Cold Remedy?????

I make no guarantees, I just found this to be #awesome last week and wanted to share.  I have recently started a #Pinterest board with all of my research findings on oil and natural spices as a source of health.  I’m late — I just heard of Pinterest this year and was thinking, why does anyone need another #social #media option — they already have #Instagram, which I never joined, but know of people who are addicted.  I read some studies that people like pictures.  Maybe we’re big kids and it has been proven that pictured #Tweets are more popular than text tweets and Pinterest is taking off.  I decided earlier this year to go on to Pinterest to promote this #blog and I see the big colorful pictures and carefully thought out layout and now I’m hooked!   Please join me on Pinterest and spread the word and your #pins and SHARES also!  RT

Time for the Flu Shot?  Maybe Not.

Alright, we know it is flu #vaccination #season and for those of you who don’t get the shot, when others do get the shot and they manifest #symptoms from the introduction of the virus into their bodies for the purposes of developing #immunity, YOU can come down with a full blown case just by being around them!

I chose not to get the shot this year for, er ummmm, undisclosed reasons, and was around people last week who were coming down with what appeared to be cold symptoms.  In comes a sore throat, which typically, for me (who tends to be anemic) ends up resulting in something like this:

Sore throat – 2-3 days
Weak and ill – 2 days
Coughing up the phlegm my body used to fight the disease – 2-3 days

Okay, the people around me were sick for 2-3 days and still had stuffy noses and that ‘recovery mode’ coughing and paleness.

Here is how I knocked this out in 36 hours and the next day was actually HEALTHIER than I had been before.  No joke.  This has never happened to me before.  I am telling you the truth and can only tell you what happened and AGAIN I make no guarantees:

On the start of the 2nd day of sore throat:


1.  Morning #oil #pull with #Avocado #Oil

I intuitively chose this oil as I use coconut oil on hair, black seed oil for face washing, and also had grapeseed (for oil pulling and facial washes) and olive oil (moisturizing and oil pulling).  I could have chose any of these healing nectars, and am not sure if the other oils would have worked.  I gargled with the Avocado Oil, swishing it through my teeth for about 10 minutes each morning and each evening.  There are numerous oil-pulling instructional vids on #YouTube so I won’t go into details.

After I oil pull, I feel like spitting for about 30 minutes afterward, because my mouth seems to constantly fill with saliva and my nasal passages start to drain. Sorry to be gross, but if you are already bedridden, you will want to pull a trash can or bucket up to the bed so you don’t have to get up and spit every 5 minutes — it’s part of the detox.

2.  Cinnamon in Everything That I Drink

I started using cinnamon ‘cuz I like it and it kept me from using too much flavored creamer in my coffee.  If I use cinnamon,  I don’t need creamer and can save 21,900 calories a year.  IKR?!?!?!?  I get the same flavor and save myself 6 lbs of fat a year!!!!!!!! I get excited just thinking about it.

Okay so I have been studying #cinnamon which is basically tree bark and it was supposedly considered more precious than gold in ancient Kemet.  I add it to green tea, coffee, and Cinnamon Raisin Ezekiel Bread [ad] toast.  I happened to look up the benefits of cinnamon again and it is proposed for #sore #throats and #colds.  Keep in mind I drink it and still do drink it every day so even though it stopped my symptoms  in 24 hrs, you may have to keep it up for at least a week.

3.  I AM Green Tea

You are what you eat so I am #green #tea. I pea green and sleep green and green has become my favorite color!!!  Okay, I always use green tea bags and only from Asian specialty shops where all of the green tea wording is in a language that I DO NOT understand. I am so happy that there is a specialty Asian shop not far from me so in this case I decided to use loose green tea and had purchased the little steeper above as a stocking stuffer gift for someone (that I decided to keep for myself — the downfall of early #holiday shopping — the longer I have good gifts, the easier it  is for me to convince myself that I should keep them, that is why I do #lastminuteshopping  LOL).  When I do tea that way, it is much stronger and if you don’t like green tea, this type of steeping may make it hard to drink, but it is worth it. You can fill the ball and steep for 2-3 cups.  I drank, with added cinnamon, of course.

I also added Ballerina Tea [ad] to a large tea pot.  I did not even do 1 bag a day, more like 1 bag over 3 days, just to help with the detox.

Final Conclusion

I FEEL GREAT!  I think that since I did get a little sick (sore throat) I actually sort of got a flu shot, because my body was able to build antibodies while I fought with Gaia’s medicine, which kept the virus or germs from getting out of control, but still introduced them to my system, like a vaccination. I have been around other people who are getting sick and it’s like I got a friggin flu shot!

Hope this helps!


PS – I also got at least 8 hrs of sleep the night I felt the sore throat because your body repairs during sleep.

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