Darkness is Not the Absence of Light….It is the Catalyst for Light Unrevealed

The Light is everywhere all the time

There was a time when I thought like a young girl in a Grimm fairytale, awaiting my prince who would love me unconditionally to the neglect of his own self and safety.  I soon woke up from this fantasy and realized that women, much less pretty than what I thought myself to be could be much more appealing than me to my love interest; simply because he already had me.

I realized that competition between females is not something that we do on our own, it is created from testosteronic greed and rabid, unenlightened appetites.

As dim as the situation seems, but as a result of it, I wrote my first song, Free because that is what I needed to be.  Something catapulted me into finding the gear to record the song, getting the music, learning everything I could about production and marketing of my little song.  As a result of the deep and intense darkness, the light that was in me, which would have never shone with me happy as a lark under the protection of a loving prince, gleamed through from the shadows of blackness…..but it had been in me all the time.  It was driven out of me by the darkness.

Next came the book Broken Heart, which started as a journal for my own sanity and then I clearly realized that his spirituality was defunct and void (at least for me) so I began a search for my own, which led to The Mystic……and here we are 🙂

No. Darkness is not the absence of light. It IS unseen potential; a catalyst for greatness and glory;  and evidence of light not yet revealed.

Renee Tarot

Author of Embracing the Darkness and Broken Heart on Amazon

#Natural #FluShot – or #Cold Remedy?????

I make no guarantees, I just found this to be #awesome last week and wanted to share.  I have recently started a #Pinterest board with all of my research findings on oil and natural spices as a source of health.  I’m late — I just heard of Pinterest this year and was thinking, why does anyone need another #social #media option — they already have #Instagram, which I never joined, but know of people who are addicted.  I read some studies that people like pictures.  Maybe we’re big kids and it has been proven that pictured #Tweets are more popular than text tweets and Pinterest is taking off.  I decided earlier this year to go on to Pinterest to promote this #blog and I see the big colorful pictures and carefully thought out layout and now I’m hooked!   Please join me on Pinterest and spread the word and your #pins and SHARES also!  RT

Time for the Flu Shot?  Maybe Not.

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