#Ancient Cure for #Baldness

There is a book from the ancient line of Km t that lists a cure for baldness due to old age, disease, etc.  Many of you are aware that I am a dog/animal lover so I hope this works on animals that are already deceased from natural causes.

toes of a dog

hoof of an ass

refuse of dates

Apparently you would crush the toes and hoof with the date refuse and put it on your head for hair growth.

This remedy was recorded approximately 1,500 BC, however many of the remedies in the book are used to this day.


#Natural #FluShot – or #Cold Remedy?????

I make no guarantees, I just found this to be #awesome last week and wanted to share.  I have recently started a #Pinterest board with all of my research findings on oil and natural spices as a source of health.  I’m late — I just heard of Pinterest this year and was thinking, why does anyone need another #social #media option — they already have #Instagram, which I never joined, but know of people who are addicted.  I read some studies that people like pictures.  Maybe we’re big kids and it has been proven that pictured #Tweets are more popular than text tweets and Pinterest is taking off.  I decided earlier this year to go on to Pinterest to promote this #blog and I see the big colorful pictures and carefully thought out layout and now I’m hooked!   Please join me on Pinterest and spread the word and your #pins and SHARES also!  RT

Time for the Flu Shot?  Maybe Not.

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