#Privacy and #Security

I fucking hate the way the #internet is making me feel these days. Warning, there may be expletives in this post.  This post will be edited as I get more info. #OpenSource #Developers I love you for not selling out.  Here’s some sunshine on me!


Lately I feel like everything I say on the phone, via Facebook, via Google+ and via #Gmail and even Twitter and AT&T is so damn peered into.  They don’t want me to spam anyone or have too many friends or say what the fuck I feel, however certain people can get on these mainstream channels and say whatever the fuck they want, just because they are planted there to see who fucking agrees with them.  This shit is #outofcontrol.  #Youdon’townme, but #Istillwantyourbenefits because #ipaidforthatshit with #mytaxdollars now #kissmyass.


Please comment and let me know about any of the following that you know about so we can get our freedom back because these people have got to stop believing they can be free, but they own everybody else.  I know #wilddogs with more freedom than people:

I have not tested these, but if you have or if you have developed something, and you are not willing to sell out, please advertise in the comments of this blog or just drop a name to me and I am happy to research it myself!!!!!!!!!!!

#SocialNetwork Alternatives

After my research I plan to go to #Diaspora.  They have the benefits and privacy I am looking for so read up on it because I am not trying to educate the enemy here. Thinking of moving #blog there, but not sure yet.  Will let you know if I do.  Part of enjoying privacy is learning how to seek out alternatives without everything being handed to you.


Landline phones appear to be played.  VOIP seems to be where it’s at. Correct me if I’m wrong.  Again,  I have not tested this, but I’m leaning toward

People are still saying #Skype to #Skype is most secure.  If you wanna talk, that’s where you will have to be to talk to me on a social basis.  I don’t know about this because to download the app on Android, you have to give them all your info and your mother’s.  Computer to computer is said to be most secure.

I like #MagicJack, which I’ve had for years, but I think you have to use the OLDER version for more security and it could fry your computer…trust me. Put it on an old box.

I’m going to try #Linux based #Linphone also.  Anybody know how secure Linphone is in ordinary people’s terms?


#ChatSecure and #ChatSecure voicemail plug inby #TheGuardianProject — again many people report bugs like not shutting down and stuff, but I’m willing to route my way through that for privacy.

#Search Engines

I like #DuckDuckGo.  Open to new ideas.


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One thought on “#Privacy and #Security”

  1. Linux phone is ok, still a little buggy.Frankly , these days, I don't know what is secure any more. Computer to computer is ok, but given how most people access the net,with cell networks or wifi, any security is rendered pretty meaningless. Anything too popular, like skype, that is based on a client server architecture, can be tapped at the trunk lines going into the servers. True peer to peer is hard to do these days, and still leaves metadata, though I do think highly of TOR and the ONION system. I really have been out of the business to long to know whats really safe these days, but my feeling is that the best we can do is encrypt the hell out of things, and try to stay under the radar. If someone wants to know what you are up to bad enough, they can find out.


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