Divorce PTSD

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I have so much to write about and so many thoughts that I have to separate the topics because each reader follows for specific reasons and guidance.  No one has time to weed through posts that are not relevant to their interests, however there are times when one of my other blogs is relevant to this one, which is mainly about spiritual energy / ascension and soul advancement.

Today I delved into the topic of divorce, heartbreak and recovery in a blog surrounding that topic, which I feel may be of help to some of you.  You may access the blog by clicking here, and I hope you enjoy and get something out of it.


The Powers of Jade: Understanding the Importance of Gem Stones

Weeks ago, I decided not to sleep in any of my gemstones and to remove them from my bedroom.  I needed to clear my energy space to determine some things.  Many of you mystics are aware, everything  in your surroundings matters and affects you.

I began to catch a cold so I put on my amethyst necklace and recovered within eight hours.  Amethyst is known for his/her calming and sobering properties, but I have not seen much about the stone’s ability to heal and protect…believe me she can!

I have about five beloved gem types that are my go to’s….ones that I either resonate with or was told to wear by a Master in my night visions.  There are some that I use decoratively, which I can barely lift, in the form of statues that serve to set an atmosphere in rooms that when visitors enter, they feel a total positive change in their energy field.

In my opinion, we can replace modern medicine with gem stones.

This morning I was missing one particular jade pendant that I am attached to — I hadn’t worn her for a while and I missed her.  I looked for the stone in its normal spot, but could not find it….I began to panic!

I finally found the pendant on my altar and am basking in its energy as we speak.

Some people say you are to release your stones to others and not get too attached.  Hmmmm.

I stumbled upon this vid today, which outlines things that I discovered by happenstance….Enjoy!



#Natural #FluShot – or #Cold Remedy?????

I make no guarantees, I just found this to be #awesome last week and wanted to share.  I have recently started a #Pinterest board with all of my research findings on oil and natural spices as a source of health.  I’m late — I just heard of Pinterest this year and was thinking, why does anyone need another #social #media option — they already have #Instagram, which I never joined, but know of people who are addicted.  I read some studies that people like pictures.  Maybe we’re big kids and it has been proven that pictured #Tweets are more popular than text tweets and Pinterest is taking off.  I decided earlier this year to go on to Pinterest to promote this #blog and I see the big colorful pictures and carefully thought out layout and now I’m hooked!   Please join me on Pinterest and spread the word and your #pins and SHARES also!  RT

Time for the Flu Shot?  Maybe Not.

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