Benefits of Vitamin D3 | Lack of It Can Shorten Your Life

I am not a medical doctor.  Please refer to your physician before beginning any #vitamin supplements.

Recently as I was doing some research on my tablet, while sitting outside in the sun, I recalled how depressed and sad I’d been in a cubicle.  I was so thankful for the opportunity to observe the birds, bees, trees and life as I worked on my next project.  Spirit then spoke to me….

Medical personnel report 100% of all Covid-19 patients who have to be hospitalized have a Vitamin D deficiency.  You should spend time in the sun for optimal life and to attain the benefits of Vitamin D.  Supplements provide minimal, if any, benefit because you must have a certain amount of sunlight — without sunscreen and not through glass — at optimal times during the day. This is the only way. Continue reading Benefits of Vitamin D3 | Lack of It Can Shorten Your Life

Acerola: The Vitamin C Superpower

In the World of Vitamin C, There’s an Old Kid on the Block!

There is a shrub-like tree that is native to Central and South America, Mexico, and the Caribbean that grows fruit, which looks like a cross between a cranberry and crabapple. It is a fruit that many in the United States have not heard of, but it can be an amazing force in the battle against #disease: ACEROLA.

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What is the Covid-19 Learning Curve? Let’s Talk Reporting Accuracy, Ethics and Morals (with an Added Tarot Reading Summary)

We Haven’t had a Chance to Stop and Think in the Face of Covid-19 so Mistakes Have Been Made.  Now is the Time to Rethink Things!

This podcast was recorded live on BlogTalkRadio and was deleted.

covid-19 newsI promised to repost it here so you can hear it.  We are all learning together!  There are things we need to understand about the handling of Covid-19 and information we need to consider:

Covid Questions I Haven’t Heard Yet

  1. Is Georgia Governor Kemp suing Atlanta Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms to placate his voter base, which is the same as Trump’s base?
  2. Why hasn’t FedEx reportedly paid couriers hazard pay, when the company reportedly gave its CFO a $575,000 covid bonus?  Are corporations acting ethically with Covid-19 funds they’ve received from the government?
  3. Are doctors using Covid-19 diagnoses to avoid autopsies, thereby avoiding malpractice suits?  Have they been ordered to do this in order to save the medical insurance industry?
  4. During the week of 4/11/2020, CDC reported 11,223 daily deaths from flu, pneumonia and Covid ONLY ( In 2017 the average daily deaths TOTAL FOR ANY REASON was only about 7,700. Who is checking all death certs for accuracy and sensibility of the Covid-19 numbers and stats (numbers come from hospital staff who are not statisticians)?
  5. Are professional mathematicians and certified statisticians overseeing the numbers reporting for Covid or is reporting being overseen by Colleges, Universities and their students?
  6. Is home schooling an option for all types of learners?  What are long-term educational consequences as a result of Covid-19?

Rev. Renee


Covid 19 AKA Coronavirus | the New Kid on the Block? (What's the Real Deal?) Conspiracy Theories Included

Are We Comparing Apples to Apples?

How is Influenza influencing the world?

It’s too soon to calculate detailed information about Covid 19. There are soooo many variables to consider.

We’d have to compare #Covid_19 to the Flu in a different way to make an accurate comparison, meaning the first year of Covid-19 has to be compared to the first year of the Flu (without the vaccine) or the 5th year of life of one must be compared to the 5th year of life for the other with similarly available medications for both. This makes the true R0 value (spreadability) difficult to determine right now — it is like having a 3 month old with ADHD and no meds compare to a 55 year old world traveler on CBD and Valium.

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The #Organic #Oolong , #Honey and Other #Tips for #Weight #Loss

#My #Story about How I #Killed #ObetiaP

I am not a doctor, health practitioner or weight loss instructor, however I am a person who recently lost 58 lbs (since May of 2014) and plan to 8507b-images#keepitoff for the rest of my life because I feel so much better now!

The first time I saw the words #morbidly #obese was at the ob/gyn office back in the late 1990’s.  I had to get one of my files from the doctor’s office and happened to glance at her personal notes on my chart.  I was insulted.  Seriously, I felt like she was lying and being over the top because it was something about me that she did not like.  I was being very silly because she was trying to #save my #life.

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#Natural #FluShot – or #Cold Remedy?????

I make no guarantees, I just found this to be #awesome last week and wanted to share.  I have recently started a #Pinterest board with all of my research findings on oil and natural spices as a source of health.  I’m late — I just heard of Pinterest this year and was thinking, why does anyone need another #social #media option — they already have #Instagram, which I never joined, but know of people who are addicted.  I read some studies that people like pictures.  Maybe we’re big kids and it has been proven that pictured #Tweets are more popular than text tweets and Pinterest is taking off.  I decided earlier this year to go on to Pinterest to promote this #blog and I see the big colorful pictures and carefully thought out layout and now I’m hooked!   Please join me on Pinterest and spread the word and your #pins and SHARES also!  RT

Time for the Flu Shot?  Maybe Not.

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