Why We Absolutely Love Mr. or Mrs. WRONG and How to Stop!!!!!

Deep Down Inside, Every Human Knows Earth Is Meant to be a Playground

I’m guilty as charged!

Mr. Wrong or should I say Mr. Wrongs are a few of the reasons why I have so much insight into other people’s issues….lol. Mr./Ms. Right, quite honestly, can be a bit boring, however Mr./Ms. Wrong gives us that elusive challenge for love that keeps our hearts pumping, our loins active and our minds completely engaged.

In many cases they are the masters of illusion and know how to pull the strings of our hearts — they learned how to do that during their childhoods when they discovered¬†how to get away with doing more than a few incorrect things. But in any case, we love to love them because it hurts so good!

How to Stop Wanting What is Not Right for You

But, now you’re tired, and your heart has been pulverized one time too many! It’s become exhausting and you are finally ready for a love that invests into your soul, and does not just take away from it.

Just think about it for a second.

You love yourself…….now. No, I mean you really put yourself on a pedestal to the point where your subconscious is so connected to what is right for you, that you have developed an intuition for all that does NOT serve. You are strong and realize that you must keep foolery from your heart, and you KNOW only time can identify true frauds. Now with self-love like this, and a keen eye for details, how could you want, attract or settle for what’s wrong for you? Correct, you can’t!


Blame It On the Boogie

stereo setSometimes It’s Just How Life Goes!

It would be quite nice if everyone could take a basic Astrological course in grade school to at least understand their natal charts and how they may affect or be affected by others. Makes sense to me. However, even if it were the case, it is important to understand that astro influences do not control us, they just guide, aid, warn, foreshadow and provide current info. For example, it is possible for a well built car to speed against the wind current and to climb muddy mountains, however before the car is built, the engineers should understand the equations that must be solved so that the car can do all of the things they want it to do. Once the cars have been designed and built, drivers must read the manual to determine how to operate the car in order to do things like putting the car into 4-wheel drive.

Education Goes a Long Way

I am not talking about Liberal Arts, but about understanding people and how they tick. Better yet understanding how you tick so that you can be comfortable knowing, asking for and expecting what YOU want. If you have a good self-education, then you do not feel guilty turning down the wrong suitor because you clearly understand they just don’t fit the path you chose for yourself a long time ago! And that’s okay, because someone else wrote them into their own life plan.

It’s Not Just About the Sunshine or the Moonlight

Back in the ’70s the Jackson 5 performed a song called “Blame it on the Boogie”. It was about a person who had trouble getting his significant other’s attention because she preferred dancing. Pretty soon he got caught up in the swing of the boogie movement and lost himself as well. This happens all of the time and the Boogie is what I like to call “life”. Parental, environmental and peer influences change us along with Time. Time, not meaning linear time, but Time meaning the changing of life spaces and how the new circumstances within these spaces affect us.

There are not many who know how to use Astrology as the old Tibetan Masters who could describe how, when and where someone would arrive in their town, to include how they’d look and what they would say upon arrival. I am sure that the ability to read the charts in this way is due in part to the Akasha and intuition, however what is in the Akasha was written before Time, based on what you told it to record. I do not believe in predestination, but am sure we write our own tickets (with a tad of prompting from the Elders) so the natal chart is the printed ticket that will guide us, but which should also allow us room to evolve.

The next time you visit a Psychic or Clairvoyant, do not ask what ‘will’ happen. Ask where things are headed with the current actions you have taken and who are the players involved, then write your own ticket. The astral bodies are guides and reminds us what we agreed to and who the players are, to include Earth herself. So the next time you want to blame someone because you don’t like your ticket price or wording, think about the Jackson 5’s song lyrics:

Don’t blame it on the sunshine

Don’t blame it on the moonlight

Don’t blame it on good times

Blame it on the boogie (and if you are really daring, tweak that Boogie! ūüôā

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I Have Updated My #YouTube Channel!

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You will Die More Than Once in this Lifetime When Real Trouble Comes, However You Can Come Back to a Different, and Even Better Life

Perhaps what Hollywood has done is not a good thing in creating perfect people for us to pattern ourselves after…

The First and Second Deaths

No, I am not talking about the book of The Revelations this time, just regular life and the situations it brings, which actually are sometimes like death. ¬†As usual, I’ll start with myself.

Even though I wrote the book Broken Heart (which was about my fourth or fifth death) I can honestly say that now I am in a much better place than where I was then, but I AM still evolving.

Today a situation occurred where my response was slightly over the top and sprinkled with a hint of malice and lack of sympathy. ¬†I also posted something on a Facebook page of mine that I am sure had to hurt some people, but the post does not affect me. ¬†It does not affect me because I just don’t have strong feelings in that area….but, that in itself bothers me because I am pretty sure that I should.

When I was younger, I had a father in the home, but he wasn’t that great of a dad in my opinion. ¬†He has apologized for that, however it is too late now. ¬†If anybody in the family reads this, I do not intend for this post to hurt you — I’m just trying to help someone else.

He provided for us as best he could and he stayed in the home, but there was a lack of affection so now as he goes through various illnesses in his old age, I don’t really care like most daughters would, even though many of his not so good qualities¬†were due to the plight of being a black man in America. ¬†I mean how can a man be treated like shit all day and come home all hunky dory? ¬†I know my feelings seem harsh, but as a Pisces child, I so longed for the love of a father that something in me died when I did not get that love and that place in my heart turned to stone.

The Consequences of Death While Still Alive

Following that, in my quest for love, I sought affection from male love interests and did not make the best choices in my desperation. ¬†As a result I suffered and never knew a man’s love because the ones I chose had no clue about how to¬†give it. ¬†Consequently, I realized too late that something had gone horribly wrong…..or maybe it went right, depending on how you look at it.

The things that hurt us most will definitely change us and we’ll eventually stop hurting if we allow ourselves to go through these things. ¬†If you were sexually or physically abused as a child, treated harshly¬†by a spouse, bullied as a youngster, ridiculed for your sexual orientation, made fun of due to your religious beliefs, or experienced anything that left you feeling destroyed, you may have risen from that situation realizing you had changed or hardened in some way.

That change is okay and actually is normal because we all must go through various metamorphoses to get to our end result, I mean who eats vanilla ice cream and birthday cake batter?  The batter must go through the change of becoming a cake!

I have good news for you — it’s okay that you are not the 1970s Hollywood dad or mom, but you do have a responsibility to file down the jagged edges of the newly quarried jewel that you still refer to as your heart. ¬†If as a result of the experiences you endured you are depressed, angry, bitter, evil, etc., please fix this. ¬†The same way you were broken, you need to develop a plan to be put back together again, perhaps differently, but in such a way that you can still positively impact others and like the feelings that it brings.

What Can I Do to Fix My Twisted Heart?

I am not a psychologist, but I will say that in addition to getting therapy from someone who is licensed to provide it, the following may help:

  1. Hang around people who do not have the same issues as you. ¬†You can help each other and they can teach you to see things in a better light (from their healthier point of view) and ‘lend’ you some of their heart in the area where yours was stolen.
  2. Carefully select¬†the media that you feed into your senses, because it should be wealthy as opposed to poor — and by wealthy I mean, nothing missing, nothing lacking and nothing broken. ¬†Too much gangsta rap, porn, gushing blood and gore¬†films, etc., can cause¬†callousness of the heart and indifference. ¬†It’s okay to watch this type stuff every once in a while, but do all things in moderation and balance.
  3. Make a decision to love and practice it by putting yourself in a place where you can see and feel how the love you provide nurtures and is needed and appreciated. You need to reap its rewards early for positive reinforcements in order that you can re-learn to dwell in it.

I wrote the song below when I finally experienced true care from someone, who helped to rebuild my brokenness.  Hopefully it will help you to.

Song: ¬†“Everything’s Alright Now” by Colette Renee with music by smoothbeatsonly.com

If you’d like to download this song, you may do so here: ¬†Colette Renee on Google play


Lack of #Vitamin #D¬†Can Shorten Your Life

Today as I was doing some research on my tablet, while sitting outside in the sun, I recalled how depressed and sad I’d been in a cubicle. ¬†I was so thankful for the opportunity to observe the birds, bees, trees and life as I worked on my next project. ¬†Spirit then spoke to me….

You must spend time in the sun for optimal life and to attain the benefits of Vitamin D. ¬†Supplements provide minimal, if any, benefit because you must have a certain amount of sunlight — without sunscreen and not through glass — at optimal times during the day. This is the only way. Continue reading