2021 | The Year of Surrender – Understand the Meaning of the Word – Entry 2

Image by enriquelopezgarre from Pixabay 

What is the Meaning of the Word Surrender? Start with the Prefix ‘Sur’.

This morning, it was impressed upon me to look more deeply into the word surrender.

The latin word ‘sur’ means above; over; or in addition to, like a surcharge is an amount paid in addition to the regular cost. It is related to the term ‘super’, which also means ‘beyond’ or ‘in addition to. Think of Superman and how his abilities surpassed that of mere mortals.

When you think of survival, you may think it means to live (vive) despite some obstacle that challenges your existence. It is to rise above or supercede circumstances that threaten life.

What Do You Do When You Render?

To rend or render is to give; to tear apart; to split; to divide.

When you rend or render something from yourself, you forcefully detach it or tear it away and then pass it off or discard it.

Adding the prefix ‘sur’ to the word rend or render is to describe a violent act of super or extra tearing away. It’s like getting a poisonous snake off your arm.

The word surrender is volatile like an active volcano. As dangerous as that sounds, it is very natural and expresses how Earth is formed.


The Surrender Experiment: My Journey Into Life’s Perfection by Michael A. Singer

What are You Planning to Surrender?

Likely it will be a lot of things. Keep in mind this is a year long process that can be painful because when we tear something away from ourselves, this means it was firmly attached, which indicates a sore or wound will be left behind. Perhaps a friend or loved one can assist you with coming up with a 12 month plan and you can focus on a different aspect each month.

This is definitely something you want to take your time with lest you pick up the poisonous snake again.

Some of the things you can prepare to forcefully remove are:

  1. negative emotions associated with bad memories
  2. grudges
  3. false beliefs
  4. friends that do not serve
  5. worry
  6. nervousness
  7. crutches (like food)
  8. fear
  9. narcissism (go ahead and line up a therapist before they stop taking new clients)
  10. anger
  11. preconceived notions
  12. control

Hmmm. We’ll end with control because that summarizes everything before it.

Remember this month’s mantra, which prepares us to begin the work in 2021:

The Mantra is: I surrender to the Highest Manifestation of Spirit while I live on Earth.

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