As Above So Below (Dream)

Preface:  Last night I was somewhat frustrated by the mysteries of life; all the different opinions about truth; and the people who cover up truth.  I asked for revelation and to understand more about life and the beyond.

Meet Up With Old Friends

I was walking in this colorful city that looked like a cross between Universal Studios in Florida and Wakanda.  The buildings were picturesque and laid out like a quaint village.  I was with my deceased grandmother and we met up with another old friend (who I thought would be in hell if there was one);  he is also now deceased.  Both of them looked as I remembered them, however their skin was brighter or more luminous than normal and they seemed healthier.  Both had been sick at the time of their earthly deaths and both had professed to be Christians.

The dream was somewhat lucid in that I remembered that I had been recently frustrated by the mysteries of life and thinking that the Divine should be more forthcoming with revelations.  There were many people around us that I did not know and we were all outdoors.

The Conversation

My grandmother and I approached my frenemy and she told him how good he looked and that he was keeping himself up well.

He thanked her as he sat on the steps leading up to one of the buildings.  I remember we were looking up at him.

I asked him where he lived and he gave me an address of where he was now staying.

Then I asked where do we go when we leave earth.  I knew I didn’t have much time so I got right to the point.

He answered that some of us would go to a place similar to an alternative high school for unruly teens.

I asked, “do you mean they have an institution like that up here?”  I didn’t know where I was, and it did not look like ‘heaven’ per se, but I knew I was in a place of the dead and it was above earth.

He answered that everything up where he was was the exact same as what was below where I lived.

I immediately thought of the phrase, “As above so below.”  Then I woke up.

I realize there are many meanings to this phrase, however in this dream, the connotation was he was in an actual location above the earth.

Rev. Renee

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Renee Tarot

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