Lilith Retrograde Passes Through Alpha Cephei

Yes, She Did It, Now What?

Some people think women have to be right for situations to remain calm, however women rethink their judgements and apologize for incorrect thinking ALL OF THE TIME, but especially now.  Lilith retrograde causes us to rethink wrong actions and helps us to promote change in our own lives without having to be intervened upon to do so.  It is pure Self Motivation for the sheer joy of doing the right thing or maybe it’s just guilt.

Negative Karma is a Great Motivator

When you find yourself friendless and alone, or facing other negative consequences, past actions are amplified and you begin to feel like, “maybe if I’d done that differently in the past, I would not be going through this now.”

Don’t beat up on yourself to bad, sometimes this is how we learn and discover what is good to do and vice versa.

How will Alpha Cephei Help?

Alpha Cephei, also known as Alderamin is a fixed star, which represents the mythological creature Cepheus, specifically his right arm where it attaches to his shoulder.  This is the proverbial location where the good angel sits on our shoulder, while the ‘bad’ angel sits on our left shoulder.

Cepheus was a king of Aethiopia and father of Andromeda, whose mother boasted that she and her daughter were the most beautiful women in the land.  This angered the god Poseidon who flooded their territory.  After consulting an oracle, Cepheus and his wife decided to sacrifice Andromeda to the sea creature Cetus, however Perseus saved Andromeda, just in the nick of time.

Basically, after making boastful statements, Lilith, who in this story was Cepheus’ wife Cassiopeia decided to recant her statements and make a sacrifice after the suffering her vanity caused.

At the end of the day, they were saved anyway and she learned her lesson.  It is okay to recant, repent, apologize, etc. This time I think it will work out for the best for you!

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