What Do You Think is Stopping Aliens from Killing All Humans? Here are 9 Reasons That Could Explain Why.

Many People Assume Extraterrestrials, Within Earth or in Space, Could Wipe Surface Dwelling Earthlings Out If They Wanted To.

Hollywood has definitely filled our heads with stories of extraterrestrials who are bigger; smarter; more technologically savvy; and much less forgiving than humans are. It makes you wonder why they put up with everyone.

Some of you assume aliens are the gods. Others think there are gods over all of us, including aliens, and the only role extraterrestrials played was to have a hand in our DNA heritage.

It is commonly accepted that after the first hominids appeared over 5 million years ago, they remained unevolved for millions of years, sometimes even reaching the brink of extinction. Then something happened between earthlings and them to get everyone to the intelligence level you are at today. After millions of years of illiteracy and cave drawings, humans have learned to write in the last 5,000 years and have been to the moon and back, just after discovering light bulbs in the last century.

Perhaps There’s Something Else Saving Humans.

Obviously they know more than earthlings do, and perhaps a greater Universal Law or Council of Elders is keeping them at bay. Better still, perhaps their DNA and secret knowledge has put humans on a level playing field…I say this without wanting to sound to presumptuous in case they are monitoring this e-zine.

When the UN came up with their sustainable initiatives a few years ago, many of you thought government leaders had received an order from your great alien forefathers to the tune of, “Stop with the nuclear testing and destruction of Earth’s outer atmosphere or we’re taking over…..sooner!”

There are rumors that Hitler and other world leaders have met with extraterrestrials and were/are in consort. Well-known remote viewer Ingo Swann wrote about ventures he had in Earth’s icy regions with military personnel during which they watched alien crafts gather up your water for their own use. He and others also remote viewed the Moon and were noticed by the beings who were working there. You can read about some of these fascinating, true tales and others in Ingo Swann’s book Penetration by clicking on this sentence.

I’ve thought about this situation and have come up with a few reasons, that could explain why humans still exist here on Earth:

  1. Humans are working as miners and stewards of alien supply chains, paying them in gold (via our governments) without realizing it;
  2. Humans provide body heat/energy/waste for aliens to feed off of — without humans, they die;
  3. Humans host and work amongst and for Extraterrestrials on Earth already — they don’t want to work so they keep humans around;
  4. Human bodies are the hosts of baby extraterrestrial souls so Earth is their nursery;
  5. The true gods and disembodied ancestors don’t allow aliens to destroy humans;
  6. Aliens tried to use pesticides, without destroying the earth, and humans continue to build up immunity;
  7. Zecharia Sitchin was right and aliens have no more use for earth, and luckily, they have integrity — they decided to leave humans be;
  8. Extraterrestrials killed each other off or were blasted by humans a while back. Humans have become their universal posterity;
  9. Aliens never existed. All of the carbon dating is incorrect, and man was created by the Elohim, who will redeem humans, and who live in heaven with pearly gates, mansions and streets paved of gold. Actually this sentence is an oxymoron because that would make the Elohim extraterrestrials.

Whatever the case, humans should all be grateful of the fact that everyone is still here as usual.

Something to consider.

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Renee Tarot

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