Astrology Oracle: “What I Think Joseph Smith, Jr’s Death Teaches Us About What is Happening Today with George Floyd, and How the Same Energies Could Affect Trump’s Upcoming Rally in Oklahoma.”

I don’t think what’s happening with protests around the world is (just) about George Floyd.  I think the timing of George Floyd’s death in an Aquarian Saturn Retrograde has everything to do with how the people feel right now.

The Key to Understanding the Current Astrological Influences is to Find Another Saturn Retro in Aquarius From the Past and Study It.

When Saturn (the planet that keeps us in line) is retrograde in Aquarius, (the constellation of the group or of the people) general public obedience is snatched away for a period of about 5 months.

It is not enough to look at only Saturn retrograde, but we must look at Saturn retrograde in the sign of Aquarius.

A Historical View:  What Happened From May 18 to October 5 1844 When Saturn was Retrograde in Aquarius?

The Great Dissapointment occurred when Baptist preacher William Miller proclaimed that through his intense bible study and accurate calculations, Jesus would return on October 22, 1844.  This date occurred so close to the Saturn retro in Aquarius, that the people were not back to themselves yet.  Consequently, mobs burned churches, killed congregants having services and tarred and feathered members of Miller’s churches.  Mobs punished the Millerite church, taking matters into their own hands, having found themselves completely disgusted with Miller and his followers.

Here’s another situation that happened back then.  According to,  Joseph Smith, founder of the Latter-Day Saint movement, and his brother Hyrum, were murdered in Carthage JailCarthage, Illinois by an armed mob on June 27, 1844.  This lead to a Succession crisisJohn Taylor, future president of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, is severely injured but survives, while the fourth man inside the upper room, then-apostle Willard Richards, escaped with only a graze to his upper ear.

Joseph Smith had recently used his political and religious power to stop a printing press from publishing criticism of his polygamous lifestyle and Mormon teachings.  This angered the people (Aquarius / 11th house) who disagreed with Mormonism, and the mob had had enough of what they considered foolishness.  They took matters into their own hands.

Saturn Retrograde in Aquarius is Dangerous at Most Any Degree, But It Does Not Have to Be if Leaders Listen and Express Empathy.

It is commonplace for a few folk in leadership to impose their will on the people.  Even if people do not like the will  of leadership or government rules, Saturn’s energy usually honors those in authority and keeps the people in conformance.  It appears that every 176 years or so, the people are released to correct injustices, much like a stock market correction.  Society seems to become barbaric and cruel, moving backwards.  Perhaps it is a necessary evil to combat a more diabolical evil than itself.

Here’s what is occurring right now in the news and astrologically:

  • Trump is Planning a Rally on June 19, 2020 in the location of the infamous Tulsa Massacre.
  • The people have already said they don’t like it (check what is trending on Twitter on June 11 2020). The people have already begun overtaking police stations in the states of Washington and Minnesota.
  • Keep in mind, the energy of Saturn Retrograde in Aquarius is not fascists hurting people they hate.  It is the energy of regular people turning against what They consider to be wrong.
  • The emotions will run high on June 19, 2020, due to a Moon in Gemini, gaining strength from Lilith retrograde in Sagittarius [the gunmen turn against each other].
  • Venus won’t provide many kumbayah moments as she will be moving backward with the emotions of the Moon in Gemini, powered by the Sun.
  • The Sun, a most powerful energetic influence, wants what is right (conjunct Vesta), but is against the government and its allies (inconjunct Pallas).
  • The ties that bind the family or country (probably countries as this will be worldwide) will be challenged as Mercury retrogrades in Cancer, hindering communications between two opposing sides.  He (Mercury) squares Chiron, not wanting Chiron’s healing energy and Chiron does not feel like healing anyway as he is on the side of Lilith via a conjunct with her.
  • Mars, Neptune and Ceres in Pisces can do one of two things:  bring rains and floods to prevent large crowds or usher a lot of people to the Big Beyond.

My plan is to be home watching the news on this day and hopefully, like many other astrological formations, these Celestial Players will be a gentle influence on the People and will not bring utter chaos.

Rev. Renee

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Renee Tarot

Chief news curator and Editor.

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