False Religion Perpetuated by Fascism

How Does False Religion Perpetuate Fascism, Racism and Genocide?

By the time most children in America and Europe are old enough to understand their own native languages, they will have heard of the term ‘God’.

These children will see and be introduced to a book that is called ‘holy’ and will see images of the saints and God of this holy book in the form of coloring books, pictures, etc.  These images will typically NOT be people of color.

When the children get old enough to feel uneasy about what the holy book teaches, they will seek to understand the history of the holy book and where it really came from.

They will begin reading it for themselves and will find that it is internally inconsistent, and that it perpetuates a belief in exclusivism, superiority, classism, displacement and genocide.

When these children become young adults, they will learn that the original languages that the books were written in, were languages of Europeans and the Near East and that the organization, deification, revisions and authority all came out of ancient Europe, which was born out of the Roman Empire by way of a jewish sect from the Levant, who came out of northeastern Turkish and southwestern Caucasus populations.

These young adults will also discover that after the Italian (European) occupation of Israel, and in conjunction with a faction of people that rose out of the jewish sect, a religion was born, which took about 350 years to be formed, confirmed and documented in Greece (now modern day Turkey).  The religion was ordered to be organized by the European emperor Constantine.  It was called Christianity and an official ‘Church’ was formed.

It was determined that in order to temper the spread of a newly crested religion known as Islam and to convert pagans of Western Europe into the Eastern European doctrine, the Church should form an army and the Powers, by way of the new Church, declared war on all that was non-christian.

Eventually, this new Church spread throughout the world and rulers in Europe began revisions of the holy books of Greece and Turkey into Latin.  The United Kingdom (namely King James), which later obtained world power, decided to revise the holy books, commissioning the revision in 1604.

The final books were used to perpetuate the following ideas:

  1. The creator God has called out a special group of those from north eastern Turkey and the Caucasus Mountains as his chosen people.
  2. Many people of color in the middle east were ordered to be destroyed by God so that their lands could be given to these ‘special’ people.  Those who survived the massacres would be driven into other regions, namely Africa. {For those of you who are not aware, the original West Africans were tree people and dwarf-like people, not the Africans you see today, who hail from the Near East.}
  3. Stories will be devised in the holy books to perpetuate a notion that the descendents of Ham (Cush, Put and Egyptians (incl. Hagar and Ishmael), namely all dark-skinned nations or people of color, will be shown to be accursed by God.
  4. Anyone who does not accept the holy texts of the chosen people and their allies would suffer eternal damnation and the unending vengeance of God.
  5. Any who are taken into slavery or marginalized by the chosen people and their allies should bow and accept their fate for Jesus said to the non-chosen in Matthew 15:26, “It is not right to take the children’s bread and toss it to the dogs.”

The perpetuation of this false religion, with its false doctrine, that go against common sense and true peace are the backbone of modern day fascism. The false religion skews the true teachings of Light living and Universal Love.

Many people of all colors from around the world have begun realizing that this holy book has been tampered with to include doctrines of hate, fascism, racism, slavery, child abuse, women abuse, genocide and displacement and that the current version has no place in modern society.

It is now time to hold a modern day Niceatic-like council to dispose of these false doctrines and to incorporate a truer concept of Universal love, tolerance, inclusion, civility and righteousness.

Humbly submitted by,

Rev. Renee

Published by

Renee Tarot

Chief news curator and Editor.

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