True Crime | The Astrology of Necrophilia

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How Powerful is Astrology in Identifying Deviant Behavior?

Unfortunately, it is extremely powerful, however the real question is, ‘is it a plan you agreed to before birth or one you got stuck with?’ Whether or not you did agree to the life outline on your natal chart, a harsh chart can set up you and a lot of other folk around you for failure, but never fear, Billy Graham’s chart wasn’t great either and he turned out alright.

Planets travel around each other in a certain way so one transit usually precedes or leads to another, hence the ability to master personality profiling. Hence the case of a necrophiliac named ‘Ed’ who will be described by the transits in his natal chart.

The subject, Ed, began dismembering dolls and killing small animals at an early age. He was the product of divorce and alleged abuse by his toxic mother, whom his dad described as ‘worse than a suicide mission during wartime’. In addition to killing his grandparents as a teen, Ed also killed eight others as an adult in the span of one year, including his mother. Though his crimes sometimes led to dismemberment of the body and rape, mostly it was the fascination with mutilating the already dead body.

Ed scored above average on IQ tests and was not diagnosed with any mental health issues other than an overturned Schizophrenia diagnosis in his teens, which was later revoked. Upon conviction, Ed requested the death penalty, but due to the death penalty being revoked at the time [Venus in Scorpio], he received eight consecutive life sentences instead. Shown below are a few of his transits.

Venus in Scorpio Square Ceres in Leo

The love of dead things along with the fiery nature of Ed’s relationship with the mother figure [Ceres], left both his mother and grandmother deceased at his hands. Ceres in Leo is no ordinary mother as she has the indications of Cancer where she wants to be hands on with the family, but her nature can be overwhelming, to say the least.

Venus in Scorpio showed a lot of grace to Ed, in that he had near death experiences, but they led to monetary gains and long life. Death loved and flirted with Ed, but would not take him. This is proof that Death knows what he/she is doing, and feminine planets in death signs, can indicate long life, but don’t be fooled, She’ll take her sacrifices.

Most people think Scorpionic Venusians have a hard time letting go relationships. This can be true in light of other aspects in the chart, but with the ones we will outline in this post, Venus spelled a recipe for deadly disaster, at least for a lot of people around Ed.

Sun in Sagittarius Opposite Uranus Retrograde in Gemini

No. Every Sagittarian is not a murderer. According to the FBI, it is Cancer you have to look out for, where Ed’s Moon sat securely within, however the Sagittarius Sun did add to the go-getter attitude Ed had. You can’t be lazy if you are a serial killer. You have to buy supplies, find victims, fight victims, clean up crime scenes, lug around dead bodies, etc. It is no job for the weary.

Ed had just enough retrogrades in his chart to make him dangerous and likely one or all of the following: an old soul, a reincarnated murderer from another life, or a flesh house for a demonic entity. Due to the nature of his chart, things started to go left early in his life with his odd behavior, further alienating him from his family. His sister pushed him into a pool when he was young and he almost drowned to death. Additionally, he was in a motorcycle crash and gained a legal settlement, the money of which led him to his latter victims. Seemed Death loved him as much as he loved Death.

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Pluto Retrograde in Leo Conjunct Ceres in Leo

This is another transit confirming Ed likely had a karmic relationship with his mother and grandmother — even with some of the other women he murdered. Retrogrades indicate reincarnated persons with the tendencies of the astrology sign that is retrograding.

Pluto, the god of the Underworld, though not necessarily evil, can be negatively affected in a fire sign. Pluto is also a hard worker and does not have a problem with doing whatever it takes to make things happen, and when retrograding, leaves deadly messes behind to get the job done.

Saturn Retrograde in Virgo Trine Jupiter in Capricorn

When Saturn is retrograde, the cat is let out of the bag — no pun intended — Ed was known to decapitate cats in his youth. Here self-restraint is not present in amounts typical for the average human, and in Virgo, indicates a disregard for purity. Saturn retro’s also indicate the oldest of souls, even former or demoted deity that must return to Earth for penance. When an old soul with a disregard for purity has a stupendous work ethic [Jupiter in Capricorn] no Ceresian is safe.

Seeing that Enoch said the old negative energies are the souls of the Nephilim who cannot enter Hades or Heaven, but are left to roam the Earth, it is likely that from time to time they’d want to enter a body, creating the need for an exorcist or two in the neighborhood.

Ed is eligible for parole in 2024.


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