A Lucky Love Moment in Time – Pisces, Scorpios, Capricorns and Tauruses

The Moon is Conjunct Mercury, Jupiter and the Sun — This is Kinda Important

Current Date and Time 10/20/2017 1:14 pm eastern

As you know, the Moon is a fast moving body, which changes position in a matter of hours so its energy is powerful and it provides for moments in time to give you what you want, depending upon the other astral bodies around it. This time it is about magickal workings concerning legal situations, specifically regarding marriage. Some of you who have been dealing with marriages that are challenging and it seems headed toward dissolution. During the next hour there are connections you can make in the Energy realms to turn things the way you want them to be thru meditation and prayer. I always say, Energy is like money in the bank — you have to know how much you have and then make an appropriate withdrawal. Good luck!

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How to Avoid Assassination from an Astrological Perspective

….Whoso findeth a wife, findeth a good thing and obtaineth favor of the Lord….

Astrologers spend inordinate amounts of time poring over charts looking for clues that help them identify life situations in natal charts — it’s not an easy job.  In preparation for my Astrology & Other Metaphysical Tools & Applications Class in October, I have been reviewing natal charts to use in preparation for some astrological aspects that will be discussed.  I stumbled upon an interesting find, which means the leading scripture to this blog should likely read Whoso findeth ‘the right’ wife

Various widows were used to corroborate this info to include:

Jackie O

Coretta Scott King

Ethel Kennedy

Mary T. Lincoln

Betty Shabazz

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The specific detail with regard to these widows is that all of their husbands were assassinated.  Here are some interesting finds in looking at planetary bodies or signs that are usually attributed to women.  Keep in mind, ALL of these women had the following aspects:

  1. Lilith was always in an Air or Water sign
  2. Pluto was always in a Water sign — To be fair, Pluto changes signs about every 21 years, only one of the women was born outside of a 21 year span from the others.
  3. Moon always makes strong aspect to Neptune or Pluto
  4. Ceres always makes hard aspect to good wife Juno OR aligns nicely with mean wife Lilith.

These finds are preliminary, so I welcome comments.  Obama made a wise choice in his wife because she has none of these aspects.  It appears some other presidents did as well. 😉




Why Children Who Pass Away Before Birth Show up in Natal Charts

I am currently in the process of perfecting an astrological method that shows how many children a person will have during their lifetime.  During this process, using people that I have known personally, as well as royals, it was clear that I was close to perfecting my method, however, I noted that children who were stillborn or who had died in the womb were showing up in the charts…

How Did The Children Appear in the Charts?

Unfortunately, I can’t give too many details now due to the fact that I will be writing a book about it or at least discussing it with students at my upcoming workshop on October 7th, however what I have learned has explained some of the confusion in reading charts for these details, and make no mistake, these deceased children are not special occurrences of health, but are listed front and center along with their living sisters and brothers.  One obvious thing that I will say is that most Astrologers know that an empty 5th house does not denote lack of children due to the fact that the natal wheel serves as more than just a sheet of paper….it is also an electronic device for timekeeping.  Besides, with all of the thousands of astral bodies that are not charted in the typical natal wheel, there is likely no such thing as the proverbial empty 5th house or any other house for that matter!

Speak to someone who cares — get advice about love and finances.

One thing I have not confirmed at this time, is whether or not aborted children are included in the number, even though there are some subjects that I have studied who do appear to confirm this, however it is difficult to tell with men or living people who are still of childbearing age because you never know what will happen in the future, or about children men do not know of as there are many women who have lived for years under the guise of their children having been fathered by a current husband.  (Wow, was that a run-on!)  This is a true statement and I know quite a few who have lived in the aftermath of this — not of run-ons, but in the aftermath of lying to husbands to convince them that they’d fathered a child.

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Important Example

storkWe all know that Diana, Princess of Wales, bore two boys prior to her unfortunate and untimely death, however as I researched my method using her chart, I found a third child.  I began researching verifiable records to determine if this third child did exist. Certain news accounts says she was pregnant with Dodi Fayed’s child, to include Dodi’s father.  I have no way of confirming the number of Dodi’s living children, however there is astrological evidence that some do exist.


Why do These Children Show Up In Charts at All?

That my friends is a very good question, and based on the hundreds of readings that I have performed, I would say that these births have a grand effect on querents, therefore when experienced, professional readers view this information, they get a clearer picture of ails and those things that shape behaviors in clients.

Additionally, anytime a specific fact is revealed in a chart, it provides clues to other facts in Astrology, sort of like interpreting the Rosetta Stone.  Childbirth is one of those definite and definable moments that is hard to miss and that provides quantitative results that are easy to count.

Whether or not this leads to the argument for pro-life is up to individual interpretation, however it is certain that any undertaking in life leaves an energetic footprint, which affects our future steps whether it be considered positive or negative.



Perhaps some of the questions that we ask with regard to when does life actually begin, can be answered by astrological, mathematical theory because that is exactly what it is, though I would surmise that man would desire that the truths revealed in Astrology would remain hidden for the foreseeable future.



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Speak Peacefully in #Love!

Mars has Entered Leo with the Asteroid Ceres, and the Sun is Fast Approaching

We all know that Leo the Lion is a fire sign that has no qualms about letting us know how (s)he feels when it comes to love and relationships. As Mars, the God of War enters into the energy of the sign with the amplifier Ceres and the Sun fast approaching, there is a tendency for us to say words that we could not take back even if we wanted to!

Think Before You Speak!

Through the first week of September 2017 it’s going to feel like if we don’t say what is on our minds we may explode, but I promise…..we won’t. Please practice the following for the next few days:

1. Breathe and clear your head when faced with challenging circumstances.

2. Wait a couple of days before you respond to that insane text message that someone had the nerve to send you. Perhaps they are taking something out on you, or are confused themselves. Give them a chance to explain and a couple of days to gather their own thoughts.

3. Let your yays be yay and your nays be nay, meaning you don’t have to add a bunch of profanity to the mix. Show them you mean what you say with your actions, and remember, you always retain the choice of saying nothing at all.  Silence is golden.

4. Save your energy for yourself.  Arguments usually cause us to project our own energies onto the subject of our grief leaving them feeling energized and us depleted.

5. Don’t believe everything you see on social media! We can hire actors to pose in pictures with us, and quite honestly, some people post pics just to give people the impression that they own things that are really only borrowed….lol.

Hopefully these tips will help us to survive the Leo transits that are occurring as I type!


Neptune Retrograde’s Effect on Pisces

On June 17th, 2017, Neptune appeared to travel backwards in Pisces at 14 degrees, and will continue to do so until November 23, 2017 where it backtracks to 11 degrees.  What does this all mean?

The Mystic Sciences, Neptune’s Domain

Metaphysical Sciences are the oldest, longest studied and most practiced Work in human history.  These sciences, which include, Sacred Geometry, Numerology, Astrology, Witchcraft/Magick, Alchemy, Tarot, Mystic Gnosis, Paranormal Studies, etc., have gone from revered to illegal, and back, with a supposed hidden history that is right under our noses in the University called Nature.  These sciences can be revealed with two simple study tools called observation and focus, and only those who know its true power, and who are led by greed, desire that its study be illegal.

Having said that, Astrology is a leg of the Mystic Sciences that I have gravitated to since childhood, and will be the topic of today’s blog, from a standpoint of Neptune’s retrograde motion in ethearic Pisces.

Neptune in Pisces

As a Western Pisces I know that Neptune’s placement in my Sun sign has wrought numerous changes in my life and catapulted me into the Occult Sciences by way of a vehicle called pain.  Neptune’s natural domain is the dreaminess of the magickal world, and though Powerful and lovely in it’s misty waters, it can also lead to confusion, insanity, escapism and substance abuse.

Every word that I spoke over my life since childhood, came back to haunt me, and, since Neptune’s entry into Pisces back in 2011, I learned certain things about myself that pushed me away from specific family members and friends, but which made me a bit spooky.  Spooky in the sense that Mysticism is a science and not a reason for me to run the streets naked covered in henna and white paint, having given my body to an herb spirit that had not had sex in 4,500 years……NO.  Keep in mind that Neptune’s entry into Pisces was welcomed by the wounded healer Chiron who is about to exit the sign in April 2018 right as Sappho the thinking friend and Eros enter…..apparently Chiron feels we are ready to face a newly retrograde Neptune without him with this friend who becomes our lover.

I graciously thank the Divine Energy of Father/Mother Neptune for what I have been shown, but as the Entity has begun to move retrograde, suddenly I find myself much more lucid.

Neptune’s Retrograde Effect on Pisces

I will start this portion of the post by telling you how I have felt recently starting with Neptune’s 15 degree direct placement.  Dreams have become much more lucid with regard to my mystic responsibilities and study at the Inner School, an educational facility that resides either deep inside of myself in another dimension, or outside of myself in the Astral Realm.  At this point, it is hard for me to accept the concept that all that is and ever was is inside of little old me, no matter how overweight I have become.  Instead, I feel that I hold a miniscule piece of all that is, was and ever will be, and with that piece I have, at least an open portal to the All.

A few days ago, I started to feel a bit sad, and I guess, disillusioned by the current generation and culture of the world at large, but more specifically Western culture.  YouTube’s manipulation of my timeline felt stifling, as if they were saying, ‘if this is what you watched yesterday, this is all that you ever want to see!”

My response to that is “NO YOUTUBE!  Please leave my timeline alone!  I will decide what I want to see.”  This manipulation in itself tells us that computer programs have not yet advanced to the point where they can guess what humans may like based solely upon how we may feel on a given day.

After watching one ‘Growing Up Hip Hop’ clip, I was bombarded by images of Kim, Khloe, Kris and Kris’ ex.  It was too much for me to handle.

I looked at how American pop culture told me what I needed to look like in order to keep Criminal Capitalism going, and I began peeling off everything.  Yes, everything:  the weave, makeup, nails, lashes, everything, except what the plastic surgeons had already cut away and trashed.  As I write this post, I have on clothes, but I am naked….this is what Neptune retrograde has done to me.

I thought about all of the six foot, two inch and taller men that I had dated in an effort to make myself look smaller, and how stupid some of them were.  Yet, this is the type that I had vowed to date because the one short man I dated years ago looked so weird lying on a bed where his feet were a few feet from the bottom baseboard.  That was just too much for me to handle.  And even though I may never date a man that is that short, I will no longer subject myself to men who are tall just because they are tall!  No more oversize human, testosteronic monsters for me.

And though I may sport a weave, once again, I plan to no longer allow myself other fake accessories to match, i.e., if I want nails, can’t have weave and if I want weave, can’t have false lashes, etc.  Only one fake thing at a time!  I know this is just a body, but I feel so false right now and a retrograde Neptune just won’t allow that.  Neptune’s retrograde motion forces me to wake up from my fantasy world and to view my real self in all her glory…….or not.

Neptune Retrograde’s Effect on Spirituality

As I mentioned earlier in this post, the Mystic Sciences are too old to refute, so I won’t even attempt to do that, however Neptune’s reverse motion has not caused me to want to deny the paranormal.  What it has done is cause me to want to see it as a science, study it and practice it with diligence.  It has caused me to want to intelligently propose to the world that the use of the word psychic does not denote insanity or looneyhood, but it expresses a proven science of physically, invisible energy that shows, expresses and impresses the human mind.  Our inability to comprehend it does not strip it of its scientific nature.  It is as simple as that.

I now feel more convinced that I should stick to a schedule, eat right, exercise, read, study and all of the so-called normal things that business men and women do who are completely secular because it is all tied together, and what they do when they practice the above, creates its own magick in their lives, though limited it may be without proper visualization.

Neptune will discontinue its reverse motion at 11 degrees, which will allow many people, especially Pisces, to make better choices in their love lives because 2018 will bring on social commitments and legal partnerships for the Fish, and this time, we need to partner with people who are good for us and who are mutually beneficial for the purposes of positive soul evolution.

In conclusion, what Neptune’s retrograde motion has done is to convince me that not even magick comes to the lazy or faint of heart.  Whether or not we choose to alter our physical appearances or to be completely natural, matters not as long as our minds and hearts are at one with Truth and we sanely refuse to continue on with things that no longer serve, and people also, for that matter.


Dreams of a Very Violent Mars

A Violent Man is in the Streets!

A couple of nights ago I had a dream of a young man who was quite paradoxical to me.  He did not seem angry, however he was very intense and set out to completely put down everyone in his path.  He was a slim man, in excellent shape, with a light complexion and no facial expression, dressed in loose fitting pants with no shirt.

I seemed to be in a parking lot outside of a gym, which had a window, storefront facing.  People were looking out the window as this young warrior karate-chopped every man in his path.  I was standing in front of him watching as he plummeted the testicles and penis of a much larger man — it sounded excruciatingly painful!

Then he took his iron karate chop and slammed into the face of another man who was to his right — I could hear the bones in the victim’s face crunching to bits.

The people in the store front yelled at the young man, “Stop! You’re going to kill them!”

The young man seemed to hear them and paused just a bit, though he proceeded to punch the two men…..because there was nobody else brave enough to challenge him.  I woke up and asked aloud, “who was that man!”

Proceed with Caution into the Time of Great Violence!

On March 22, 2013 we had a very similar placement of Uranus conjunct Mars in Aries, but that time with the Sun powering up the duo, and during that week:

Rikers Island Corrections Officers beat an inmate severely in his cell and were later charged.

20 people were killed and 200 were injured in a refugee camp in Thailand.

A gunman killed 20 people in a coordinated attack in Nigeria.

163 rebels and troops were killed in Sudan.

23 people were killed in Shiite Mosques in Iraq.

10 people were killed and 30 injured outside a US consulate in Pakistan.

North Korea declared itself in a state of war with South Korea…..


Join Me in Sending Steadying Energies into the World at Large

I believe the man that I saw in my dream was Mars and he was hell bent on violence and destruction…..interestingly enough, he seemed to want to do it with his bare hands!

During this time of Aries’ influence, it is not completely easy to keep a quiet mind. There are so many news reports, lots of violence, people who pull us in the wrong directions and some Uranian confusion…..yet still it is necessary for us to take the time to find a place of peace and harmony in our minds. Lack thereof can definitely affect our physical bodies and the current Energies are vying for our attention — the struggle is real.

You will find that you have to be stern during this season in order to keep things straight and stay focused. Explain to your close family and friends that you may have to get back to them at another time, but be sure, at all costs, to maintain control of your own minds via meditation and quiet time. You can do it!  The Universe is depending on you to keep a steady mind and be like the people in the gym in my dream.  Encourage Mars to take a chill pill — as much as you can!

Stay Positive and Know that You Can Make It

Be encouraged and know that you can make it, whatever challenges you find yourself learning from in the You-niversity of Life! I believe in you, They (The Inner School Masters) believe in you and know that each step of the journey is only meant to make your soul stronger because you truly are More than Conquerors!