What is Prophecy?

Prophecy:  Truthful, beneficial information that is spoken, written, artistically drawn, acted out, danced or in other ways disseminated regarding (past, present and future) happenings to a person or group of persons FROM a person that has not been told said information by another human. 

For the purpose of this text, all prophets or prophetesses, whether male or female will be called ‘prophet’ for the true gift has no gender in and of itself.

What is the Purpose of the Gift of Prophecy

I will, in this text, provide information using traditionally religious, as well as practical or secular terminology. 


The Trump PropheciesThroughout the history of human and animal kind, there has been the ability to know information without having been told by another source of the same kind, ie. from human to human. Every being does this during their lifetime and it is likened to mother wit, intuition, instinct, etc.  However, the gift of prophecy is when this ability is on a much grander scale for the purposes of positively affecting groups of people, saving lives, changing destinies, and offering a physical mouthpiece to the Most High God.  It is associated with the Office of the Prophet, which is one of the five-fold ministry gifts of the Christian church.

Those with one or more of the manifestations of the actual gift may enter into prophecy as a profession in the form of a spiritual career whether in or out of the traditional church.

Keep in mind, every being has the ability to do this from time to time, however it is considered a gift, office or profession to those who have been assigned or called to this path as a lifestyle.

It is my desire as a prophet and ordained reverend to expand the knowledge of spiritual gifts for the following purpose:

  1. to prevent demonization of secular manifestations of the gift;
  2. to encourage secular prophets to seek the True and Living God;
  3. to reduce confusion amongst prophets regarding manifestations of their callings;
  4. to encourage prophetic fellowship across spiritual / secular lines;
  5. to honor the wondrous gift in and of itself and
  6. to glorify the Most High God.

There are various purposes for the gift of prophecy:

To Cause to Believe:

Many people in the world do not believe in things they cannot see with their physical eyes.  Even miracles are discounted and explained away as tricks or slight of hand.  However, when someone is able to recount an undeniable event that happened in the life of a listener, it will arrest them and confirm that a higher power is working and should be heeded. Therefore it is a tool used by the Most High God to prove His Existence or confirm His Word.

To Warn

We all know the saying that ‘Stuff Happens’ and this stuff can be very disruptive in the life of humans.  A bit of foreknowledge goes a long way to save a life, keep a job, protect a loved one and prevent tragedy for people who are headed in the wrong direction in their lives.

To Advise or Reveal

One of the key parts of the aforementioned definition of prophecy is that the prophetic truth should be beneficial or edifying to the hearer.  There are those to whom information is revealed about persons pertaining to past, present and future situations.  This information can be revealed by malevolent forces for the purposes of life disruption, to impart fear, to demean, to embarrass, to confuse, etc.  The typical prophet (who is attuned to hearing many spiritual voices) will realize when information is sent to hurt a hearer and should learn how to throw out chaff or unusable information, even if it is true. In essence, good prophets die with a lot of unspoken words still inside them.

The general population who has not had adequate time to study persons or projects may require the assistance of a prophet type in order to know:

  1. Whether or not to make a life move or investment,
  2. Who is a good candidate for marriage,
  3. What is vexing a child or loved one,
  4. Whether or not a spirit that they hear is good or malevolent, etc.

What are the Types of Prophetic Gifts?

Most master  or advanced prophets will operate in a number of different modes of the prophetic gift, however all others use three or less types;

Enochian Prophets* – usually appear at the beginning of a time cycle, generation or dispensational shift.  They may also operate and appear at life intervals such as the start of a new year, new decade, new century, etc.  These prophets foretell what a new time period will bring about from a general and detailed stance and what God wants people to understand in a given season. They will usually speak to a church, city, state or country.

Calebic Prophets – are hardworking, dedicated lay people who devote their lives to leading specific causes or organizations.  Their work ethic and integrity allows them to speak specifically about what will happen concerning an endeavor or task that they are working on.  Some mistake this as a gift of faith, however it is a bit more than that because they are speaking things into existence.  It is for the purposes of helping them and their coworkers to reach an otherwise unreachable goal.  David, Caleb and Nehemiah were such prophets in the bible.  These type prophets are usually found within work forces, in the military, on the police force, in construction, etc.

Deboric Prophets* – are guides that walk alongside others who have strong ability to accomplish tasks, but who otherwise lack knowledge about what to do and which way to go about accomplishing the task.  A lot of first ladies of countries and churches operate with this kind of gift to help guide otherwise able men in accomplishing their goals.

Samuelic Prophets* – are typical religious men and women to have dedicated their lives to serving God, whether because they were promised by a parent to God or of their own accord.  This is the general group that God speaks to regarding the day to day operation of His church. They are pastors and also work as leaders of intercessary prayer groups who advise pastors and church leaders.

Jeremiac Prophets – The Demonstrators* – is a lesser used gift in the church and more used in the secular world.  From a church standpoint, these prophets hear directly from the Godhead in order to introduce certain events by making symbolic gestures, motions or actions.  In the secular world, these people will be sought by the general population who want to manifest a certain event into the world.

Those in the secular world must be careful about taking directions from the general population as there may be unexpected consequences to the symbolic action as in black magick or dark witchcraft.

Jeremiah, in the bible was a demonstrative prophet and was frequently called upon to take physical actions in order to usher in life shifts amongst the people as in Jeremiah chapters 13 and 19.

Apostolic Prophets / The Prophetic Office – are men and women who lead groups of churches and therefore act as a type of Christ in the earth.  They are given prophetic ability along with their great office for the purposes of leadership, rebuke, direction and instruction.

Creative Prophets (Includes Singers, Dancers, Prophetic Artists and Writers)* – are minstrels and gifted persons whose sincerity is used to (non-verbally) prophesy life situations of which they have no human knowledge, whether past, present or future.  Though sincerity is needed, gifting in the actual medium is not because children and people untrained in their specific medium often use this form of the gift as inspired by the Holy Spirit.

Some say the author Dean Koontz utilized this form of prophecy in his book The Eyes of Darkness as it pertains to the novel coronavirus or #Covid19.  Others jokingly say the writers of the animated show The Simpsons have frequently operated in this form of prophecy.

Diagnostic Seers – are people who have a word of knowledge concerning a person’s physical maladies without having done any scientific or diagnostic tests.  This is a type of prophetic gift used by the best of doctors in quickly diagnosing patients and formulating accurate medicinal protocols and treatment plans.  They help to save money for the healthcare industry by focusing only on what patients really need.

These people are also intelligent enough to realize the times in which we live and they know they must be licensed in their field to legally practice their giftings.

Apocalyptic Prophets* – are likely the least popular as they are also known as Doomsday Prophets.  They are usually laden with the burden of forecoming catastrophe and this burden becomes the fuel that pushes them to get the warning out to as many as possible.  They appear years ahead of the event and are followed by others who appear 1-3 years prior to an event.  Their job is to not only provide the warning, but to provide remedies to curtail the effect of the doomsday event, therefore saving as many lives as possible.


The Book of Revelation Decoded: Your Guide to Understanding the End Times Through the Eyes of the Hebrew Prophets

Dreamers – see exact detailed images or symbolic happenings while sleeping, which foretell upcoming events or reveal past ones.  These events can be of a spiritual or mundane nature for churches, groups, families or individuals.  They will usually have a strong Neptunian or Piscean placement in their astrology natal charts and are classified as natural prophets with psychics.

Astral Prophets / Natural Prophets / Psychics – Each human has physical tendencies toward perception as it relates to little understood biology.  These people can extend outside of normal human abilities of perception like with taste, touch, smell, sight and hearing to utilize astral body abilities for obtaining information.  Methods supercede normal senses and all called clairvoyance; clairaudiance, clairsentience, etc.  These are basically physical gifts that will be better understood as modern science improves and becomes able to identify the human organs that allow for this perception, whether it be the pineal gland or some other organ.  These gifts are best NOT used in traditional religious settings, but only for providing general life information to those who are less developed in these senses. Counselors, life advisors and hypnotherapists are classified in this group.

Astrologic / Weather Prophets / Readers of Signs, Symbols and Numbers – study and read astrology charts, weather and other tools to know past, present and future happenings (Genesis 1:14) during general times, pertaining to life on planet earth. This form of prophecy must be taught and does not necessarily require natural or spiritual gifts, though it works better if those aforementioned gifts are present.

Two caviats come with this particular prophetic manifestation as it is meant for normal, cyclic human happenings, however if the major energy of a society or time shifts as it relates to negative behaviors that are judged by God or the beginning of dispensations, etc., these prophetic gifts usually are not notified of such happenings and should defer prophetic utterances to other prophets such as Apocalyptics, Enochians, Samuelics, Jeremiacs, and Creatives.  Many major events that have to do with God’s demonstrative power and wrath are not shown to this group.  There are numerous times when an astrology chart can spell out an apocalypse and nothing happens.

Also, people who are working for or with powerful, but lesser deities are in this group and their guides are not informed of everything by High Spirits or the Archangel of God.  Many astrology charts clergymen are voided out and cannot be properly explained by this group.  In other words, the natal charts of devout religious leaders can be superceded by their call, i.e. Billy Graham because the Holy Spirit does not have an astrology chart.


The Prophet’s Manual: A Guide to Sustaining Your Prophetic Gift

This group should stick to a creed, Be perceptive about what you don’t know and let it go.

*Indicate prophetic gifts that are not at the prophet’s will, but only come at times of divine provocation.

Where are the Gifts Practiced?

Prophetic gifts, that are of the extraordinary kind, are usually career gifts that are practiced in a professional setting, i.e.

Churches of all denominations


Government agencies

Health Facilities (both Mental and Physical)

Fortune 1000 Corporations (above the glass ceiling)

Spiritual Bookstores

Unfortunately, many people who operate in prophecy outside religious organizations do not advertise their prophetic gifts even when they know about them because the gifts are still doubted and explained away in the secular world.

How Do You Receive the Gift of Prophecy?

Teaching and Impartation using Mantles

The case of Elijah and Elisha in the bible explify the development of prophetic gifts using a mantle that can be passed on to a neophyte from a Master Prophet.  These students usually start off as assistants, armor bearers and helpers, however their zeal in serving makes them willing candidates to have impartations of the gift pass from one bloodline to the next, without the original giftee’s bloodline losing their gift (though sometimes they do).

Many times these people do not come into their full gift until the teacher passes away or becomes incapacitated in some way.

Communion with the Divine

Various personality types are more likely to ascribe to Deity association and bonding than others, as in the case of Abraham, Noah and Moses. These people (or those like them), typically associated as friends of God, spend a lot of time in spiritual contemplation and/or intercession with the Divine and therefore receive specific messages that they would have no other way of knowing.

Important Note:  Lesser deities and Mother Earth energies also impart knowledge, however in my experience (both in and out of the church), The Most High God supercedes all impartations of information and His Truth is paramount even though lesser deities also impart knowledge.

The Most High God does allow communication between lesser gods and man and those who partake in this type of communication receive warnings when they are being led down a wrong path by evil entities.  It is important for anyone who speaks with spirits to understand what they know as the Bible or inspired Word of God, and to have a close enough relationship with the Most High God. Most everyone realizes a Bible passage was NOT written under inspiration of God, but of man OR according to a custom that is no longer practiced.  Any prophet’s knowledge of the Most High is mandatory in order to:

  • perceive when negative spirits are influencing and speaking;
  • know when information received does not line up with the word of God, especially when it contains some truth;
  • recognize other holy books by the spirit in the book;
  • know the difference between deity and ancestral or human spirit worship, which includes being approached by entities that have been created by groups of humans.  An example of this is when you go to various churches and each church has a different spirit because it is created by like-minded individuals.  Crosses and steeples do not indicate that a church is under the auspices of the Most High God. It could be under human spirits.

Birth / Bloodlines / Birthdates

Many people are born under air and water signs (Aquarius, Pisces, Libra, Scorpio) and with religious influences that create a clear cut path to prophetic gifts.  They begin to see and dream by the age of 7 and typically have a relative that also has the gift. It is possible to be a natural prophet who serves as an apostolic prophet, however not all apostolic prophets are natural prophets.

There are generational gifts given to shamans, spiritual leaders, etc., which are passed down through generations, typically through the mother’s bloodlines.

Who Qualifies for the Gift?

The Humble

Humble men and women typically are not out for show as the prophetic gift can be highly sought after and charismatic.  Unfortunately, in order to obtain this end (humility, that is), many prophets go through difficult life circumstances, which follow their particular anointing. This is in an effort to keep debauchery out of the gift-line.

The Wise

The sons of Issachar (men of contemplation – those whose hands are propped on their heads in thought) are biblical characters, which are known to have understood times and seasons thereby receiving blessings as a result of their knowledge and serving as guides for Israel.  There are times when the prophet needs to be silent so as not to undermine the gift or cause it not to be believed simply because of the behavior of the prophet.  This reminds me of the Kenny Rogers song The Gambler [ad]:

You got to know when to hold ’em, know when to fold ’em,
Know when to walk away and know when to run.

The Empathetic

When you know how someone else feels, you are less likely to take advantage of them.  This is why empathy is a gift that usually comes along with prophecy.

The Bold

It’s great to be a bearer of good news, but to utter words of rebuke, chastisement and warning to men and women of power requires great sacrifice.  It is nice to think that God will protect you and most times He will, however even in the case of John the Baptist or Joseph the Dreamer, a slip up in use of the gift can cause you to be killed or imprisoned.

Perhaps John the Baptist should have stuck to his script and he was not released to speak about the Herod’s wife and her former husband, however he did speak because he knew.  This is why wisdom is required with the gift and you have to be ready to be killed, studied, blamed and shunned when people know you speak truth. Again, this is why being led by God can be a matter of life or death.

The Keen

The Merriam-Webster dictionary describes the word ‘keen’ as aintellectually alert having or characteristic of a quick penetrating mind

This is a bit different from wisdom in that this characteristic is about paying attention.  Even a flock of birds aligned in a certain format can usher in the voice of God to speak a mystery.  Pay attention.

What are the Dangers of the Prophetic Gifts?

Accusations of Cursings and Negativity – Apocalyptic prophets have had many doors closed in their faces….nobody likes to see them coming because they always have bad news.  Jonah, a prophet of the old testament bible actually wanted to prophesy doom on the Ninevites because he did not like them.  All prophets have to be careful of this and practice loving all mankind to be better received.

Accusations of Evil – Most countries have a long historical heritage of burning witches at the stake, especially women, when they are truly gifted.  Nobody likes to have their secrets exposed and seen by the general public.  This is another case where wisdom comes in and strong communion with what you are being told to say and when vs what you know.  Along with love, proper gift administration, tone and word choice can get the point across without the accusations that come along with it.

Feared by Others for Having Inordinate Power – One thing people hate most is an unfair balance of power and for some reason, people think the mouth pieces of God have this power because it does come with protection, even up to the death of a true prophets’ accusers.  The gift is that mandatory and protected!

Walking in love, humility and peace can help offset this fear from others.  No prophet always walks in the anointing of the gift so they don’t need to act like they always are working in it.

I do not use the word anointing lightly and I also don’t use it just for gifts working within the church walls, but it is even applied to those at the park, malls, on the streets and at home.

I hope this writing helps religious leaders and secular persons to better understand the beautiful gift of prophetic utterance!

Rev. Renee

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Renee Tarot

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