How Much Does Vampire Energy Cost Me? (Werewolf Dream)

Can a werewolf spirit vamp off of you like an energy parasite?  In this dream they can!

Setting:  Cramped, Decrepit Hotel Turned Apartment in Bad Neighborhood

Date:  Early April 2020

A few days ago I dreamed of an evil, angry werewolf looking creature and he was controlling a weak young man that he had turned into a werewolf.  For some reason, the big werewolf was not allowed out of the apartment.  It was illegal.

However, he would send the young man out physically, and whatever the young man did or ate, the big werewolf would experience it in the apartment.  The big werewolf was always hungry.  He would send the man out to kill for food.  I had intuitive knowledge that the young man had once been a person of compromised integrity.  I also knew he had willingly given himself to the werewolf, but now regretted having given himself.

One day the young man, in werewolf form, went out into the streets to kill and eat and as he was gorging on a human, and became sick.  He was eating too fast and he was remotely controlled by the larger werewolf in the apartment who had a much bigger appetite than him, yet the young man was compelled to continue eating.

While the young man was eating, the people back at the apartment complex could hear the large werewolf gorging on something and they were afraid of him.  He was growling and slobbering over invisible food like a pig at a slop trough.

When the young werewolf, who was on the streets, began to puke and cough, his physical body was instantly transported back to the apartment.  The larger werewolf became angry because he was unable to continue eating due to his meal being interrupted.  He yelled, “what happened, why are you back here!”

I had the feeling that the werewolf was going to kill the man for being weak.  Then he would illegally sneak out of the apartment, find another person to turn so that he could send the new person out for food.

Then I woke up.

Initially, I wondered if there was a such thing as shadow werewolves, and later it hit me this is how many evil entities parasite off humans.

Not all spiritual forces are evil, however some are and they use human beings to feed off of. Their motive is to feed and eventually destroy their protege.  They have absolutely no feelings for their vessels only rage when they do not perform. Once the human vessel is worn out and no longer useful, he or she will either die or the werewolf will kill him or her and replace them.

If you have tendencies you don’t like, but find yourselves doing, to your own detriment, you must destroy the controller!

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