Letter to the Prophet Who is Born Today

To A Very Special Baby Who Is Born Today, February 22, 2021

Dear Child,

I pray that someday you will read this message and that you will understand its meaning.

Near noon today, you were born under the master number 11 with numerological indications of clear channeling ability during the time of prophets, the first 16 degrees of the Sun in Pisces. You have a very heavy task and a lot of Work to do, while under the public eye.

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What is Prophecy?

Prophecy:  Truthful, beneficial information that is spoken, written, artistically drawn, acted out, danced or in other ways disseminated regarding (past, present and future) happenings to a person or group of persons FROM a person that has not been told said information by another human. 

For the purpose of this text, all prophets or prophetesses, whether male or female will be called ‘prophet’ for the true gift has no gender in and of itself.

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