How to Handle Fear

Fear is the Residue of Pain and Disappointment.

We fear what hurts us.  Many of us have experienced times when situations that are seemingly beyond our control have caused pain. It usually happens early in life and sets up subconscious constructs that we should run or fight if anything like it ever appears again.  This is how fear begins.

Fear Feels Like Knives or Bullets Plummeting the Heart.

We all experience fear at different degrees.

Some face it head on and allow themselves to really feel the pain.  The pain is usually a result of how a person or energy affects us.  This group forgives and moves on with an understanding that the Universe is powerful enough to properly handle everyone.  They find comfort in the Universe’s embrace.

There are others who become very angry and vengeful.  It is hard for them to face their fears and they do not want anyone to know how hurt and disappointed they really are.  They will watch over the person to wish and wait for destruction.  They sometimes become sick or overweight because of the hatred, which is another face of fear.

There is a third group who are older souls and they enter each new relationship expecting a great lesson, thereby interpreting fear as nervousness before entering a new class.  They know that they are here to learn….nothing more, nothing less.  If they find they are unable to overcome a thing, they know they have not gotten the lesson so they try harder.


You have to heal your broken heart.

Despite how each of us deals with fear, it still hurts.

We Can Overcome Fear with Release and Healing.

There is no guarantee that we will never hurt again, however I can provide somewhat of an assurance that it won’t be so bad the next time.  There is true healing available for pain, and it is the medicine offered by the Universal Spirit.

If the Energies of the Air, or the Elohim see you struggling, they will offer healing to you if you are unable to create it within yourself.  You may feel a cool breeze and immediate release from the grip around your heart and mind.  There are various lessons to remember as you overcome fear:

  • People make mistakes and offend…..period.  It’s not to be avoided because it is a reality of life. He or she hurt you and went off with another love.  They seem happy.  I assure you, they have their struggles also; likely many of the same that you experienced with him or her.  Don’t try to understand all of the nuances behind their pain; just understand there are reasons why they hurt you and most of them have nothing to do with you.  This all helps for clarity and acceptance of existential reality.
  • Forgive yourself.  You saw the signs and knew you should not have befriended her.  You needed to talk so you told him too much.  You ignored all of the signs so this is your fault.  They chemicals in your brain cause you to be more needy than most.  Guess what.  You are human, at the least, and people are who they are.  Learn from and correct any mistakes you have made and take the time to mourn and move forward.
  • Don’t feed fear with thoughts and words.  It’s bad enough as it is, now you are thinking and speaking about things that haven’t even happened yet!  Some have fear of the elements like lightning, water or fire. Many fear death or sickness — how their body might turn on them. Our thoughts can cause illness within the body! Immediately focus on the outcome you want to see — you happy and safe.  YOUR SOUL IS SAFE!  Do not envision the boogie man under the bed because your thoughts give him form!


Learn to get through the storm!

  • Receive Divine healing. I promise you it exists.  When you think you are going to have a nervous breakdown and lose your mind, Archangel Rafael or a similar Master Healer will come and flap their wings around you.  You will feel a sense of calm, peace and tranquility.  The release is immediate.  It also comes with a guarantee because the energetic balm that is applied keeps that type of pain from ever reoccurring again.  This is truth.
  • Use guided meditation to rewire your brain.  We can get stuck in negative patterns that cause more pain resulting in additional fear.  Cognitive Therapy and guided meditations can help us to reteach ourselves how we should think and act.  Human beings don’t come with personal manuals; we are learning as we live.

I hope some of this information assists you as you learn to live your most abundant life ever!


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Renee Tarot

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