For Empaths | Let Them Be Responsible for Their Own Emotions.

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Let’s Be Clear, Nobody Knows Exactly What to Do.

You make decisions based on what you feel is right at the time, with those involved [or not] and according to the circumstances. The good news is there is more than one way to skin a cat, meaning there is more than one solution to any problem, that will work. Bad news is some people feel their way of doing things is the only way and they will go to major lengths to convince you to give them what they want, even throwing full fledged adult tantrums.

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Stress Relief | Spa Treatments Can Help You De-stress, Recharge and Grow Spiritually

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Daily Life Makes It Almost Impossible to Avoid Stress.

Stress is an inevitable part of modern life, with daily responsibilities and endless to-do lists taking a toll on our mental and physical well-being. Unfortunately stress is also a major deterrent to your ability to focus on spiritual growth.

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Starz “Shining Vale” Review| Patriarchy’s Bloody Legacy [with spoilers]

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Who Didn’t Like Pat? How Could You Not?

Shining Vale is a 2022 American comedy horror presented by #Starz with a host of other producers. Its main overt focus is on the mental health of an erotica writer/housewife named Patricia ‘Pat’ Phelps played by Courteney Cox and how her marital affair, mental/emotional status and writer’s block plagues her husband Terry [Greg Kinnear], her family and community. Admittedly, Pat’s presentation can cause the misinformed to really hate her as she appears to lose touch with reality; misuse drugs and alcohol; disrespect her mother; sabotage her husband; and discard people in general. Pat appears to be loopy, clumsy and psychotic, which she is, due mostly to medicinal and patriarchal side effects. However, as you think deeply and really listen to what the series teaches, there is more to this show than meets the nondiscriminating eye.

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Poetry | “Spaces Others Leave Behind” by Renee Tarot

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You began this incarnation in a time space someone else left behind.

Your grandma’s woes, your mother’s pain, your father’s disappointments, great grandpa’s joy; the energy of all of it wrapped up in the aura called ‘you’, with the addition of your personal uniqueness.

You can stay in this space, in what was left behind, or you can take it and turn you into who you want to be. All spaces exist to pass through or to remain in.

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What will you make of it in the time space you are in? Will you allow this space to swallow you perpetually, or will you use it as fuel?

Will you leave the seed in the package or on the shelf to stay forever locked in pain or will you plant it in life’s circumstances, embrace the rain of your tears and allow your hope’s sun to evolve you to new places. Imagine who you could be.

Can you guarantee you would have been satisfied with life, the way you were, if it had not happened? If that other time space never existed.

In life there are few guarantees, and those guarantees you must hold on to fiercely, no matter what others around you say. Eventually you will loosen even those guarantees as you continue to change.

It hurt, in fact it was brutal. How could he, she, anyone, God, allow it. Pain left you there, seemingly to rot. Hurt is not fair.

Fair is not a guarantee of happiness, however Faith is. Faith is the fuel to get you to better spaces.

It had already happened before you were born, yes the time space existed, yet you were perfect then.

Now you hate who you think you have become because of it, but you are always vascilllating between spaces and headed toward who you were before you were born. To perfection. The perfect yous live now and they are many.

One of those few life guarantees is you do not have to be stuck in any time space. You are everywhere.

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The real question is, in this existence of simultaneous time spaces, will you allow yourself to be the perfection of who you already are, and to remain in those many good spaces

…at least most of the time?


Demonic Possession or Mental Illness: How Can You Tell?

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In this article, I use the word ‘demon’ to mean an evil, malevolent, oppressing spiritual entity, which torments, scares, induces negative activities from or burdens an individual. I do not believe ALL disembodied energies and spirits should automatically be considered evil.

Modern Exorcism is More Scientific Than You May Think.

When The Exorcist came out the day after Christmas in 1973, it was a first introduction to Catholic exorcism for many, as well as a first look into manifestations of demonic display. People were afraid of the dark after watching that movie and rushed to churches to devote their full attention to Christ for divine protection. Now society finds itself in a mental health crisis as Chiron traverses through Aries (representing the head with all of its components) and many are asking, “should we call a priest or a psychiatrist?”

Even in the 70s, all requests for exorcism had to be investigated, and if you did not have time for that, you could find a southern COGIC church on Sunday afternoon around 2:30 pm est and they’d take care of it. In fact I have heard stories, from the horses mouth, tell how a good healer could sober up alcoholics and cure drug addiction. However there is no timeframe recorded for how long the process took so nobody knows whether or not the church service was so long that the person actually had time to sober up. The fact that they never again picked up a bottle or pack of cigarettes does give credence to their claim of a miraculous deliverance, even with the issue being listed scientifically as a mental health problem, which usually requires rehab.

In modern times, medical doctors are surely called upon by priests so that physical and mental evaluations can be done prior to and during any rites being performed. This is to ensure that no physical malady is overlooked, which could end in death and lawsuits as in the case of the infamous exorcism of Anneliese Michelle who inspired the movie The Exorcism of Emily Rose.

In the old days, the local villager who exhibited signs of mental illness could easily be named the Shaman within the community — such is not the case in modern times within urban communities. We also know that Christian pastors have battled addictions, depression, suicidal ideations and the like so Christianity is not a guarantee of immunity from mental health issues.

In this brief article, researched processes determining demonic possession vs mental health crisis will be evaluated and presented for your reflection and comments.

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