Creative Ways to Deal with Anger

I am not a medical doctor, however these are suggestions and insights I am presenting to you.

Humanity is Only a Few Steps Away From Pure Animal.

The DNA proves it.  We hear about it all the time in the news.  People stealing kids and women like they are still back in the caveman days.  People lose their heads sometimes and go into fight or flight — someone ends up dead, however the perpetrator has no clue what really happened because they went black.  The church calls it demonic possession, but all is energy so everyone is possessed with something.

Psychiatrists are doing a damned good job describing each account in the #DSM-5,[ad]  but WHY this stuff occurs in some people and not in others is still just a guess.  Humans don’t like to talk about their animal natures because they’d just like to believe they’ve evolved…..but have they? I know.  This is an embarrassing topic, but Chiron in Aries says we all need to talk.

Oracle Cards Show Troubled People as Vamps, Shape Shifters, 9 of Wands and Page of Swords.

To know who you are dealing with, to understand them, and to be able to cope with them are three completely different things. The one way to understand the general nature of who you are really dealing with is to get a reading.  You can tell over time who a person is based on what they say and how they react in certain situations, but this takes time.  The quickest way is through a reading and by listening to the very first things the person you want to know about says right up front — within the first three days of meeting you.  If a person tells you, within this crucial period, “I always stay cool in emergency situations,” beware of what they are saying.  The first thing a person tells you on the first date is what they want to be, not who they really are.

I have done thousands of readings, literally thousands.  You can check my track record here [ad] and these are only some of them.  I did NOT learn how to read Oracle cards from the books that came with the deck, but from the people I counseled.

I cannot diagnose mental illnesses, but I see certain cards and clients tell me what they have already been diagnosed with and the cards never fail.  For some unknown reason, most people are still born feral.  This means they will exact exactly like who or what rears them.

It is within the nature of a child to bite, hate and steal.  Most have to be taught peace and love.  I repeat, not all, but most have to be taught.  Very few are born with higher echelon ideals and values.  The human brain is still quite undeveloped or not fully tapped into.  As many as 17% of the human population are born with dyslexia and read pictures better than words.  Eighteen percent of the human population has suffered with a known mental health issue.  Please keep in mind, one person can be abused, raped, etc., and operate in society, where another can go through similar circumstances and be affected in a completely different way.  We don’t all handle life in the same way.

Please don’t think I am saying that all people with mental health issues are a problem….I am not saying this.  What I am saying is that there are still too many who must be caged (physically or with meds), and cannot live freely in society.  We are not reacting to brain chemicals.  They brain chemicals are reacting to our hearts, souls and bodies.

There are certain Scorpio stelliums that include Mars and Pluto, which indicate possible coping issues.  Any stellium in a fire sign or in a sign ruled by Mars that does not have enough benefic connections, can indicate a person with impulse tendencies that can be dangerous.  This is even more apparent when these placements exist in the 1st or 11th houses.

Caviat:  If a person has told you they do not want to be in a relationship, and they continue to try to be in a relationship with you just to please you, they can become passive aggressive or violent.  This is a different situation.

So Your Mate Has These Tendencies, and They Really Want to Be With You, Now What?

I’ve heard it time and time again:

  1.  He changes personalities and becomes violent at the slightest provocation!
  2. He can’t be faithful and always lies.
  3. She is a bully and you can’t tell her no.
  4. I know there’s good in them deep down inside, but I don’t know how to bring it out.
  5. My adult mate still has temper tantrums.

The following applies only to those who don’t have restraining orders.  Sometimes you have to talk to the beast.  If you take what they do personally, and get really upset when they are acting out, you won’t be able to do it.  How they act has nothing to do with you. You could get hurt.  However, if you can stay calm, there are certain things you should say:

What Not to Say

  1. Why are you acting like this.
  2. I hate when you get this way.
  3. You are such a loser.
  4. You are stupid.
  5. Don’t make me go ham right back on you.

What to Say

  1. You are safe with me.
  2. There is nothing for you to be afraid of.
  3. I won’t hurt you (and really mean it).
  4. I understand you are very angry. I hear you.
  5. (Or you can just be quiet and sit with them if you feel safe enough to do so.)

You cannot calm down or speak to the beast inside a person until it feels safe.

This Work is Not for the Faint of Heart

There are many people out there in the world who are teetering on the brink of humanity and animal nature.  Many of them are in prisons because society does not like or get their energy, and therefore wants to get rid of them.


You can develop emotional intelligence!

A pure heart and good intentions always win them over eventually.  Many of these people have overactive fear responses and cannot cope in normal situations and relationships.

You may decide you do not want to deal with it and that is completely fine.  However, if you care enough to try, I do hope this post provides some tips to help you to be successful because it will assist in the evolution of mankind.


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