Poetry | “This Journey’s Purpose”

IT IS confusing when nowhere are true comforts of home.

Childhood bred false hopes. Adulthood leaves most alone.

Make no mistake, you tried to cope by doing what they wanted,

but with thoughts of what you’d become, your mind was sorely haunted.

To give up hope on common sense is least hope of them all.

To accept blindness instead of bliss is purposefully trying to fall.

Difficult to believe is nothing more in life could ensue;

but if you lose your faith, You know you’ve lost the essence of you.

Perhaps this journey’s purpose is to teach the truth of lack,

so in a better time-space your pure mind won’t e’er look back.

Renee Tarot

Author of “The Mystic” on Amazon

Published by

Renee Tarot

Chief news curator and Editor.

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