Life Advice: Know That Everything Will Work Out Concerning Your Thoughtful Choices.

Unwanted Contracts With People Can Happen.

Every time someone comes into your life a contract is formed.

Now, someone has walked into your life and you don’t want them there. As a result of them coming in, it has cost you money, robbed you of peace and left you in a state of confusion and despair. You have firmly determined that you are not unfair, selfish or narcissistic. Whether they came in under the pretense of love or to rob you at gunpoint, they came and now you are unhappy.

You have a right to free yourself of this person. Yes, what you must do is intentionally will them away and protect the things that remain in your life that you want to preserve. Do not second guess yourself thinking that perhaps you are making a mistake. One of the secrets of life is that you must believe everything will work out to everyone’s benefit. The sooner you believe this, the faster it will happen.

Calm Down Before Making Decisions, Wait a Few Days, Then Trust Your Judgment.

Is this the first time you have ever dealt with such a situation? Are other people involved in your decision? Take a few days to make your decision — time is on your side. Earth’s rotations around the Sun teach us time is not linear. Each space exists in its own continuum, and the further away you can get from it, the less it will affect you.

Make a firm determination of how you want ‘them’ to feel: in-laws, children, co-workers, parents, partners, siblings, etc. Come up with a life plan for them of how you want them to be positively affected by your decision because it is a part of the ‘decision’. Once you are in a calm state and you make a decision, put it away for a few days, even if you have to write it down. Come back to it and determine if this is still what you really want and why? Your answer needs to be more than, “I just do” because you can be wrong. If you are sure you are being fair, and you know you are not a flaky, selfish, sometimey individual, then go with it and don’t look back.

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Renee Tarot

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