Change Your Life | Shift Timelines Through Portals

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Shift and Prepare to Tweak.

You’ve noticed that you are shifting timelines and you like the idea, but want to tweak some things. Adjusting timelines requires focus so you don’t re-become the you of the old timeline or one that is worse. Timeline shifts require you to try out new states of being and can occur in a number of ways:

  1. You shift vibrations and the vibratory you creates a door to a different timeline — like changing radio stations. For example, fear or anger can shift your vibration and thus your timeline.
  2. You get spiritual assistance to adjust your vibration so you can shift timelines.
  3. You get caught up into a collective shift orchestrated by the powers that be. This usually starts with an intense marketing campaign.
  4. You are forced into a shift by community or family thought like people telling you what you should believe in.
However you shift, just know you have a say in what happens in that timeline as long as you are cognizant and ready for what you want. No matter what you do, avoid negative emotions for they always lead to unwanted timelines.Realize people around you always feel like they can control you, but they cannot.

Timeline Shifts are Not Necessarily Portals, but Include Walking Through Them.

Your house is not a door, but you have to walk through a door to get into the house. Some of your dreams are houses in front of you that do not have windows or doors to get into. Why would you build a fantasy without a door to walk through it?  LOL. You forgot the door didn’t you?

Prayer, Focus and Meditation are Vibratory Phenomena that Create Doors to New, Preferable Timelines.

Unfortunately, TV and media work on your minds to prevent you from shifting into new timelines. They teach the following:
  1. If you think you can shift timelines, you are mentally ill.
  2. Trying to shift timelines opens the doors to demons. There is only Jesus or demons and nothing else.
  3. If you change your life, you will end up wishing for your old life back.

Please know that none of these are automatic truths, though if you believe them, they will become truth for you. It is important for the powers that be to keep you from shifting so they can remain rich with worker bees. They have to make you believe their way is the only way and any other way will lead you to a land where your eternal soul will burn forever because someone ate a piece of fruit 6,000 years ago. You fell for it, and so did a lot of other people with a simple tool called Hollywood.

Are you prepared to create a door to walk through so that you can get to the life you really want?



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