Chemicals | Intimations on Life and Where We are Headed as a Universal Force

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Chemicals Are All That Exist; All That We Are.

Sentient plasma, singularly invisible to the naked eye, made of carbon, oxygen, nitrogen, hydrogen and other elements.

Mentally programmable chemicals; mental being an electronic wave system that connects you to everything and everyone.

Question: Must you understand each part to comprehend the whole it makes?

Answer: The science of cooking says the answer to the aforementioned question is resounding ‘yes’.

We as a world, as components of the Universal Mind, have got to get it right. How we treat each other determines how we affect each other, which in turn determines which brain chemicals are released within us. It is imperative that we treat each other well, and overcome our tendencies toward evil thoughts and doings.

So what is evil? What is defined as evil for one is considered good to another.

Evil is pure Selfishness.

Are Humans and the Rest of Creation Destined for Destruction?

I sure hope not, but if the natural, hormonal and neural chemicals that make up Selfishness have anything to say about it, we are headed there. If we destroy ourselves, what would have been the purpose of Mind creating it all to begin with, just to see if We could? Wouldn’t a world of continual bliss be worth discovering? Has the Universe [You and Me] created the perfect Algorithm that fools it into thinking there is nothing better than what is in front of it?

Do thoughts of some kind of future Utopia make you as happy as they make me or do you long for nothingness?


You want to keep going. You want to discover the universal secrets that make chemicals and all their combinations the best they can be.

Beautiful…..then, just ask how and the answers will come from within and without…



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