What is the Difference in How We View Vampires and Werewolves?

In 2012 I had one of my many strange dreams, and Nicolas Cage was chasing me around a church; he was a werewolf, who was in love with me and trying to possess me as his own (my hands clasped, staring upward). The police detectives were outside trying to get into the church to save me, but Nicolas had me trapped inside this beautiful cathedral. What the???

My typical view of Mr. Cage is easy going, light-hearted and non-assuming, however he did buy one of the most haunted houses in New Orleans years ago and then sold it.  Perhaps he has a more macabre side.

Why do Werewolves lose to Vampires?

In my opinion #werewolves are highly underrated by #Hollywood.  These beastly creatures have been featured in numerous films to include Twilight (ad) and Underworld, however the beautifully, fearsome beings (with the potential to be very sexy) are always the easiest to kill and enslave, while #vampires continue to  reign as royalty in the world of unearthly creatures.

I think this speaks to our desire for romance and love as opposed to animal rage and uncontrolled passion.  It would be great if just for once someone would do a movie where werewolves reign supreme and are in control.

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Retrograde Planetary Motion in Astrology – What Does it Really Mean?

Retrograde Planetary Motion Has Gotten a Bad Rap Due to the Public Opinion of What it Means When Planets Appear to Move Backwards.

Don’t sign contracts! Don’t travel! Refrain from having any difficult conversations with loved ones! Prepare to have problems with electrical and mechanical items. These are the things you hear about Mercury retrograde, which causes you to liken retrograde planets to negativity and things gone wrong.

Fortunately, many Astrologers understand that retrograde motions mean so much more than computers that go awry. The purpose of this post is to bring some of those meanings into focus from a standpoint of planets like Saturn, Uranus and Neptune. Continue reading Retrograde Planetary Motion in Astrology – What Does it Really Mean?

Lilith Retrograde Passes Through Alpha Cephei

Yes, She Did It, Now What?

Some people think women have to be right for situations to remain calm, however women rethink their judgements and apologize for incorrect thinking ALL OF THE TIME, but especially now. Continue reading Lilith Retrograde Passes Through Alpha Cephei

As Above So Below (Dream)

Preface:  Last night I was somewhat frustrated by the mysteries of life; all the different opinions about truth; and the people who cover up truth.  I asked for revelation and to understand more about life and the beyond. Continue reading As Above So Below (Dream)

It’s Aquarius Season!

I love Aquarians because, they are an air sign that is very grounded in their approach to life and in their thinking. They enjoy their time alone, but are able to be a social butterfly when they need to be. These people are often Master Numbers from a numerological perspective (11s and 22s) and they have definitely been here before! They rejoice in the common good for all, so if you approach them with selfishness, prepare to be corrected.

We can all take advantage of this wise energy that is emitted from the Earth and skies during this time of year. I encourage you who have tarot cards to contemplate on the Hermit major arcana card to receive his light and insight.

Receive the ‘higher’ thought with regard to whatever situation you are facing in your existential existence at this time.

Look deeper into the meanings of love, life, health and prosperity. Do not take anyone’s word for it, but create your own informed opinions about existence. Know that we all suffer in this life, but suffering morphs like seasons throughout the year and each season should be better than the last!

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NFL Black Monday — How Astrology Can Help!

I’m No Sports Fanatic, But Here’s My Take on the NFL.

I start with a question.  Is #NFL football truly authentic?  I have avid football fans in my family and #Superbowl 2019 seemed horribly fake because there was no way the Rams quarterback could be that bad and make it to the Superbowl. 

Let’s play devil’s advocate and assume professional #football is authentic and championships are not solely based on ticket sales and which teams can fill a stadium. Continue reading NFL Black Monday — How Astrology Can Help!