Chiron in Aries: When the Healer Enters Our Heads – Major Mental Health Reform is on the Way!

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Caviat: I am not a medical doctor or psychiatrist — I am a certified Spiritual Counselor and am addressing thoughts on what I consider to be a modern day crisis. If you feel you are dealing with mental health issues, please seek professional, medical attention immediately.


There is a New Modern Day Stigmata…

Loss of life from self harm is the #10 cause of death in America.

There exists a stigma in the minds of Western Civilization, and a bit of confusion, as to whether or not mental illness is a physical disease,  an emotional disease, a behavioral disorder, or a result of spiritual weakness. When members of our families are ill with known physical disease, we empathize with them and care for them by looking for the best medical doctors and specialists that we can find. However, when we are faced with mentally ill relatives or friends, our first response is typically to ask them to fix themselves or we sometimes even leave them to face their ills on their own when they require professional medical attention.

Accept the Truth About Mental Diseases.

Is it right to tell mental health patients that if they have more self-control, they will be okay; or if they give themselves to God, then everything will work out; that their ills have to do with something that they’re doing wrong in their lives? The answer is a resounding NO! We get upset when everything we have to do in our own busy lives is put on hold because someone we love has to be watched in order that they do not harm themselves; it is seen as more of an inconvenience with someone who does not want to face their own responsibilities than a service to someone who is sick. We have to see this in a different light, a chemical one that has to do with brain fluids, neurons, life stressors, trauma and individual predispositions for coping.

What About Attention-Seekers?

We sometimes assume that people are kidding or acting in order to get attention, to not receive full punishment for a crime or because they’re overly sensitive.  There are even a few that feel that people drive themselves insane by refusing to face reality and deal with life issues just like everybody else (yeah right).

Is There an Esoteric Reason for All These Mental Health Issues?

There has to be, but I think the true reasons are multifold, including biological and esoteric reasons. Perhaps the Western mental health crisis gained momentum as a result of a numerology quirk, with the number of zeros in the years following 2000 depleting energy in the bearers of those birthdays and in those alive during those years.  Maybe it even has to do with many more having the number ‘two’ in their birthdays or living in the energy of the number. Two is an intuitive number, but with no formal training on how to deal with the added intuition, it could make you (and your family) a bit uncertain. Perhaps Uranus’ passage through Pisces caused us to question our vision and spirituality, pushing us into an identity crisis. Maybe it has to do with chemtrails; the New Age awakening;  or derives from biological and genetic differences in the types of humans that are evolving in this day and time due to ozone changes. Maybe it is political or economic. Whatever the reason(s), asteroid Chiron still feels it necessary to enter our heads as the wounded healer and to address the ills in our brains.

What Does The Future Hold for the Current Mental Health Crisis?

I believe we will see marked improvements in the field and regulation of Mental Health within the next seven years as the wounded healer Chiron mandates that these changes be made public at this particular time juncture in order to accommodate the many who will need and use the services throughout the United States of America and in many other parts of the Western Hemisphere. Expect to see legislation in the upcoming elections that is geared toward financial expenditures that improve mental health systems in most states around the country, if not all.

Also expect significant changes in how behavioral problems are dealt with in local schools.  If you are a school counselor or children’s mental health professional, expect to be required to take more than usual classes and additional, required, continued education to prepare for the number of students that you will have to service and the new ways in which you will have to do it.

Pastors and spiritual workers will become mental health-focused as traditional churches empty out the usual crowds and redirect their attention, resulting in more ‘mindfulness’ healing, exploration into new philosophical ideas about Christianity and an expansion of social/recreational activities with less emphasis on formal religious services.

There Is a Time and Place to Deal With Everything Under the Sun, Including Mental Health!

The universal life structure (Higgs boson or whatever we will call it in seven years), along with numerological timing and the position that we find ourselves in with regard to Ascension and New Age topics, purposefully coincide with Chiron’s entry into Aries, which rules the things of the head, to include our brains. Many more dollars will be used to research the various causes of mental health issues, to include finding genetic markers to pinpoint the exact age in which mental health issues could take place. We will get into preventative care, specifically with regard to known life stressors, i.e. marriage, divorce, moves, new babies, Adolescence, serious illness, etc. This preventative care will also include expansions in the field of epigenetics as we seek to reverse genetic tendencies thereby eradicating the mental health  #epidemic.

Prepare for Chiron to expose these issues within our families, communities and churches, and be encouraged!  Though this may seem hard at first and is a MAJOR paradigm shift, it will set us up for healthier futures when well-being and mindfulness become the norm, more so than the exception.  

I implore you to invite Chiron into your homes willingly because if you fight him and pretend not to see the issues, He will create more problems than not, because Chiron did not enter Aries to be ignored, but to accomplish that which he has set out to do in our first houses.

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Astrology: Which One Do I Choose for Marriage – Understand the Many Loves of Your Life

In a Typical Natal Chart There are Many Roads that Point to True Love!

Astrology enthusiasts make a beeline for the seventh house to determine who they are to marry, however this house can be quite misleading with regard to who you will really love. Natal charts are jammed pack with all kinds of information and certain aspects can be misleading.

For example, in many charts I see the spouse that a person has, however this may not be the person that they love or are attracted to, and many times it is the one who has the most lessons to learn from them! I have also seen where marrying the incorrect person (astrological archetype) can result in unions that last a short time or seem impossible to enjoy.

Then Who Am I Suppose To Choose?

It seems that we choose the lessons that we are to learn in this life prior to coming here, therefore many times we will be surrounded by our spouse-potentials whether we like them or not. If certain favorable planets like Venus and Jupiter are found near him/her then Kudos to you! You bargained with the Loa/Elohim for a fullfilling, long-lasting love, but if (s)he is found near planets like Saturn and far away from the aspects that would endear you to him or her, the relationship may have many unnecessary challenges.

What helps is when you at least know why you are surrounded by certain signs, then you know you can pick the best out of the bunch so that Pluto is disarmed and you come out on top! Additionally, by knowing what is going on with your chosen plan, you can reap the following benefits:

1. Saving time by choosing someone who has been ordained for marriage (to you) or

2. Choosing not to marry at all, but to partner with the person that will provide the most support and enjoyment, or

3. Realizing from past experience, which group your spouse should come from and choosing the best of the bunch!

Astrology books don’t tell you everything because many of them are written by novices who learned from other novices. Don’t waste time looking for marriage with someone who is only to be a lover/teacher/student.

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For the Love of Virgo – Do It and Do It — NOW!

Take Advantage of this Moment Virgos!

Years ago I did a tarot reading for Virgos regarding what to expect for December 2016 and it was pretty heavy, however despite all of the responsibilities along Virgoan Rd., the Universe is always nice enough to hand us a reprieve and this time it is in the form of creativity and passion.

It’s not just about #creativity, but it is about fiery passionate phone calls, ideas, that are catapulted to the next level with a big fat “Parts of Fortune” placement, which will give lasting effects to each action. My advice is to get away from the hooplah, go to the bathroom, put the baby in the playpen, get quiet and let it flow.

Send hubby that juicy text that will help you have a great weekend!

Take advantage of the Energies available to you for love and relationship…..RIGHT NOW!

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It’s Christmas — So What! This Post is NOT for People Who Have Perfect Holidays…and Other Intimations

Some of My Best Holidays Were By Myself

But I realize I’m not like most people.

I would send the kids off packing with their dad, and proceed to making myself a turkey with dressing, mac n cheese, greens, sweet potato pies….yes, all for me! It was the best time to work because I could comfort those who had been where I once was – believing I was suppose to have a commercialized holiday. Will he buy me a gift since we met after October? Is it too soon for us to spend the holidays together? How much should I spend? I know he has kids with his ex, but why are he and his ex acting like a family again? Will I be alone when 2018 turns into 2019, and if so, what does that mean for me? Let me look in the mirror and practice my smile if the small box is not an engagement ring. Yeah, I get it, the holidays can be a bummer.

New Loves for 2019 Don’t Have to Show Up on New Year’s Eve to be Great!

Prediction for those reading this post: Many of you who desire love, will meet these people in 2019 through friendships and at work. It may not be whirlwind like it was in 2018, but it will be like a slow drive to the end zone in American football. Get to know each other within the group, then make a decision to make it more private, then watch as well as pray. That’s how it will be done.

Are You One of the Ones Who Can’t Wait Until December 26th, January 2nd and February 15th?

I had plenty of days when I longed for the day after the holiday when everybody would act normal again, which is why you should look strangers in the eye and wish them a genuine Happy Holidays. In this world of online relationships, staged Facebook posts and fake friends, it is just as politically correct to ask people if they are visiting family for the holidays, as it is to ask them if they are pregnant. It doesn’t matter what they are doing unless you are planning to invite them over. Just wish them a happy holiday and keep it moving.

If You Think December 25 is Jesus’ Birthday, then the Rest of this Post is Not for You.

Yule is the time when we celebrate the shortest night of the year. It is the time when the days become longer and, figuratively speaking, a new child is born, the Maiden. The Maiden grows up to be the Mother (spring/summer), and then the days become shorter and we celebrate aging and maturity (the Crone), but somehow this all translated to Jesus’ birthday for christians in catholicsm’s attempt to revamp all pagan holidays to christian ones.

Whatever this season means to you, don’t let newscasts tell you where to shop or what to buy, and don’t let TV make you think less of yourself if you don’t have plans for the New Year.

Whatever you do for the holiday is fine because it is what YOU want to do as long as you are not hurting anyone else.
Be you, be happy, be hopeful!

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Should NASA Consider the Astrological Planetary Energy of Mars Before Trying to Go There?

If Mars Makes Us Angry and Horny on Earth, How Will It Affect One Who Visits the Planet Itself?

Truly, Earth is an animal planet. It brings out our tendencies of defaulting to questionable actions for the sake of survival. We will eat each other in the absence of food. We are constantly at war with each other, in fact, it is likely that during the history of man, we have never NOT been at war. Humans have trouble with self control whether it be in dieting, sex, laziness, drugs, etc. I’d venture to say, if a human being is already present on Mars or on the Moon (likely under the surface), then those born in a month with Sun conjunct Earth, are probably a bit more bestial than their fellow counterparts.

Life on Earth isn’t easily, which is likely why the powers that be chose this place as a bastion for soul evolution. If the soul can evolve within the body of a beast, then how much more can it become when unencumbered by a physical body? For those who want to argue with me against the true nature of physical earth bodies, leave a human baby with a wolf, monkey or dog and see what they become.

The Red Planet is a Force to be Reckoned With!

Soon we will discontinue trying to build giant domes and vehicles in which to house civilisation on Mars and we will retrofit a certain breathing device inside the body to allow humans to live there unhindered. As genetic research develops, we will develop a type of humanoid who is genetically modified to live on the planet. We will herald the first child born on Mars and procreate planets much in the same way as the extraterrestrials did on Earth before us. How will these Martians treat earthlings and will their naturally aggressive natures cause us to regret the days where we tweaked their DNA to easily survive on their harsh martian terrain?

We have recorded thousands of years of astrological knowledge and planetary affect on humans who reside on Earth. Perhaps it is time to consider these records and how martian influences may affect machinery, astronauts, mathematical equations, science and the future humanoids who will reside there as a result of our current desire.

Featured picture: NASA’s new spacecraft, the Interior Exploration using Seismic Investigations, Geodesy and Heat Transport (‘InSight’) recently landed on Mars. © NASA

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I Feel Totally Different From What General Astrology Predicts. How Do I Deal with Stormy Transits?

Sun Conjunct Jupiter is Suppose to be a Big, Fortunate Deal. So Why Do I Feel Crappy?

All of the Astrologers predicted the Sun/Jupiter conjunct to be one of the luckiest transits of all time! Even the traditional christian preachers were posting what blessings God is preparing to pour out……any minute now. {Looking at my watch and waiting, while tapping the table….} Some of you were like me…..we just didn’t get it or feel it because our lives or personal transits spoke differently, not to mention the fact that this thing was sitting smack dab in the middle of a Mercury retrograde conjunct, which makes it a bit tricky, and the entire glory of the transit was not in accord with our emotional center.

Additionally, the Sun made war with our inner warrior, Mars in Pisces…..that part of us that needs to be expressed, but we just can’t put our finger on…..what we’re trying to express. Not to mention, the god of War was walking alongside Watery Neptune, who is delusional most of the time and causing him to think he needs to fight when nothing is really wrong. So basically, we were supposedly horribly blessed, but didn’t have a mental clue…..because it’s not time yet!

How Do I Make the Most of Confusing Transits?

So everything is suppose to be right, but it all feels wrong. You got what you asked for. Everyone brought what they were suppose to bring for Thanksgiving and #Friendsgiving and you all hid your sorrows to make for a pretend great day!

When dealing with hard transits that affect your mind, sometimes it is not enough to tell yourself to calm down, and that everything will be alright. Your mind doesn’t want to hear this when everything feels wrong.

When Mars transits a direct Neptune, stay away from drugs and alcohol because the high can turn sour and against others. Spend time alone, as much as you can, and if you have to deal with relatives or friends, explain that you need a minute to rest, even if you have to feign illness.

Listen to a guided meditation that helps you to focus on peace and clarity so that you can recalibrate your mind in the midst of the energetic clutter.

Somebody Has to Go Against the Status Quo — Why Not You?!?

Many times I find myself going against widely accepted astrology predictions, not because I’m trying to be difficult, but because I feel it differently. Once I look more deeply, I can see the real issues and take precautions to ride the storm.

In preparing for storms, we secure windows and doors, as well as stock up on vittles and water. We prepare for electricity to be off for a while (low energy) and to be homebound. Many of these astrological transits have to be handled the same way. When Jupiter is trine a Chiron retro and conjunct Mercury retro, expect to feel a bit unlucky and ill at ease. You may not be able to put your finger on what’s bothering you because you’re dealing with something you’ve squashed (or at least thought you did)….it’s the old scab that Jupiter is trying to pick at so that you can deal with unresolved pain or infection and RECEIVE the real blessing with the next transit. Basically, Jupiter is prepping us for the first week of 2019 so be smart about things and remember, direct confrontations and accusations don’t fare well with Mercury retrograde.

Looking in the mirror is sometimes not a pleasant experience when we need to change something that is uncomely about ourselves, but the best way to see it is to imagine how beautiful we will become when we gently skim off the skin and foam to get to the goodness that is inside. A brighter day is on the way and situations always feel less complicated in the morning. 🙂

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Just How Powerful is Venus Retrograde? When Your Phone Calls Your Ex by Itself, Then You’ll See!

Venus is Powerful Because of How Close She Is to Our Planet!

Is your phone calling your ex love?

Is your ex love texting you after 2 years of no contact?

Are you and your present love fighting like cats and dogs?

Do you feel your twin flame or soulmate has finally appeared out of nowhere, and it feels like you’ve been together forever?

Sounds like you are experiencing the power of Venus retrograde, and her power depends upon how she is aspected with the planets in your natal chart, as well as her current cohorts and whether or not they make her happy or sad…….we’d better hope they make her happy!

Nasty Players in the Astral Game Can Influence Venus Retrograde to Act Like Mars Conjunct Pluto Conjunct the Sun!!!

When studying the charts of mass murderers, in addition to having screwed up 2nd houses, missing Suns in the 12th house and overly crowded 6th and 9th houses, you’ll find the following characteristics in their natal charts:

Suns or Ascendents in Fire Signs or they have a Fire Stelliums

Suns conjunct MC

Neptune, Pluto or Uranus in 6th House

Pallas in 4th House

Additionally, Ceres can be negatively affected with people or Aquarius or the 11th House and if Venus retrograde is anywhere near, woe beyond to everyone!

My suggestion is to make up your mind that you will NOT allow Venus’s bad side, who sometimes acts like Lilith on steroids, to mess up your day. NO! Your phone calling your Ex is not fate, it was Venus R so ignore it!

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Retrograde Planetary Motion in Astrology – What Does it Really Mean?

Retrograde Planetary Motion Has Gotten a Bad Rap Due to the Public Opinion of What it Means When Mercury is Retrograde.

Don’t sign contracts! Don’t travel! Refrain from having any difficult conversations with loved ones! Prepare to have problems with electrical and mechanical items. These are the things we hear about Mercury retrograde, which causes us to liken retrograde planets to negativity and things gone wrong. Fortunately, many Astrologers understand that retrograde motions mean so much more than computers that go awry. The purpose of this post is to bring some of those meanings into focus from a standpoint of planets like Saturn, Uranus and Neptune.

Retrograde Motions Take Us Back in Time to Fix Issues and Get Life Right.

When Uranus goes retrograde, It realizes that some of the changes It has forced in a particular horoscope are being resisted. Quite frankly, we don’t like change, even when the change will serve to benefit us in the long run. Uranus can be like a persistant mom, forcing us to learn our lessons and do our chores until we get it right. He helps us to prepare for new life and then allows us the opportunity to make it happen. If we don’t move in time with the stars’ clock, Uranus may move some jobs or people out of the way to help us along to our highest good.

Retrograde Motions Usher Us Into the Presence of Kindred Souls from Past Lives and Twin Flames!

When I see Saturn direct aspected strongly (in a particular way) in a couple’s synastry or composite, I understand that they may feel responsible for each other, which can lead to a long relationship. As many of us know, there are many long-lasting relationships that we WANT to get out of, but feel we can’t. Perhaps it is because the person needs us and no one else is there to help or vice versa. It could be because we are afraid to leave for fear of what that person might do to us or our family members. Even still it could be because the benefit to having the person in our lives far outweighs the benefit of them leaving. People stay for many reasons and long relationships happen, not because things are always good, but mostly because people in these relationships never leave — some of you Cancers may know what I mean ;).

We must reconnect with various members of our soul groups in a lifetime for the purposes of receiving or giving help and/or for working out karmic relationships that were not resolved in past lives, whether in or out of the physical body. Saturn retrogrades help us to reconnect with these people to work out these soul lessons, and since we’ve seen them before, many times it does not take a full lifetime to sort things out so the interactions are not that long….7 – 21 years. Therefore, the way I like to look at Saturn retrograde is not that it cuts our time short with others or in life, but that it gives us the time we need to take full advantage of situations without dilly dallying. We’re here for a reason, you know, not to follow a Hollywood script of what life is suppose to be like.

Retrograde Motions Turn Dreamy Planets Into Thinkers and Harsh Grizzly Planets into Fuzzy Teddy Bears.

I’m a Pisces and I love when Neptune is retrograde in my sign because it helps me to see things more clearly. I know exactly what I’m getting into and am better able to put things into proper perspective to make sure I don’t let my fantasies get the best of me.

A retrograded Neptune in the 8th house can give dreams a prophetic nature, so much so that they can be used as a psychic tool vs existing only as a blurry microscope into the unknown. Neptune retrograde will also help us to curb an oversexual nature that could easily get out of hand in a non-retrograde station, especially when strongly aspected to Pluto and in houses that rule sexual natures. You see, retrogrades can be saviors and the voice of reason.

We’ve already discussed how a forward moving Saturn can keep us doing what we’d rather not do, however during retrograde transits, a key gets thrown into the prison door to unlock it and set us free! There is a new testament, bible story of how the apostles were locked in prison and all of a sudden the door swung open — I’d be willing to be Saturn was retrograde 0 or 29 degrees at that very moment!

Plutonian influence can also be pretty harsh and staid at times, however retrograde motions stifle the severity of the planet, though we have to be careful not to internalize issues during important Pluto retrograde transits and we shouldn’t blame ourselves for everything that appears to not be as we would desire. It is true that Pluto is far away from earth and appears to be retrograde for half the year, affecting half of the population and generational issues, however its aspects to faster moving planets, as well as the degree and minute it is in, affects each of us in a more personal way when viewed with our natal charts on any given day.

Understanding the planetary archetypes via Astrology is very important in comprehending ourselves and our world, which is why the ancients put so much time into observing every detail and writing them down as instructed by the higher souls (whether in our out of the body) that directed them in this beautiful science.

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Water Signs – Please Listen Up!

A Major Wave of Energy is Here to Bring Significant and Permanent Changes to Our Lives!

Have you forced yourself to get use to misery? Did you reconcile your life to either not having enough love or having to settle?

I’ve been telling my customers who receive astrological news from me via email, that a major twist occurred in the astral energies last year, which will affect ALL water signs and those associated with them: Pisces, Cancer and Scorpio. This means we ALL are affected because we will either know someone who is, or we ourselves will be affected by the planets and houses with direct contact to these signs in our natal and transiting charts.

This Year’s Saturn Retrograde Corrects Negative Karma!

There is a saying, “all things work for good to those who love God and who are called according to His purpose.” Depending on who we think God is, will determine how we interpret this, however there is no better interpretation for this scripture than this year’s Saturn retrograde from 9 deg to 2 deg in Capricorn! This powerful motion is the catalyst that is changing things in our lives and taking negative situations for those who have learned from their mistakes, or who have suffered long enough, and are making them right. Just when we thought we were locked up and the guard had thrown away the key, we find the prison gates swinging open!!!

Pisces and Cancers Who Want Love Have No Need to be Lonely!

Many Pisces have felt that this life just wasn’t meant for them to enjoy or have any fun. NOT SO!!! The tables have turned for you and that special someone who brings light, love and understanding has appeared or will soon appear in your life. No longer will you feel abandoned or forgotten, however you have to put the key of faith in the lock and change your confession. Say to yourselves:

1. No matter WHAT has happened to me in the past, my future is better!

2. My better days are here now, and all I need is love from one person who I presently enjoy!

3. Love is not a stranger to me. Love is my constant companion.

Notice I am speaking in the present because your present already exists, and to access it, you must speak within it. I do hope you are able to receive this message.

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Is He or She Open to Love…Right Now?

Time is Key in Most Cases

At some point in the game of life, many of us finally “get it” and begin walking along the right path toward the fulfillment of our destinies. The key question is about timing and whether or not our significant others get “it” at the same time as we do.

There are a variety of factors that determine whether or not someone is ready for love or is on the same path as we are in the decision making process. Yes, love and commitment are decisions much more than love is a feeling because the initial feelings are not really love at all. This beautiful, mathematical Universe of ours dictates complete order so that the Oracle cards will display where your love interest is in the process of giving their hearts.

We must discover whether or not we and our love are side by side mentally, and then we can better determine the emotional and time investment that we will have to make in the process of building a relationship.

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