NFL Black Monday — How Astrology Can Help!

I’m No Sports Fanatic, But Here’s My Take on the NFL.

I start with a question.  Is #NFL football truly authentic?  I have avid football fans in my family and #Superbowl 2019 seemed horribly fake because there was no way the Rams quarterback could be that bad and make it to the Superbowl. 

Let’s play devil’s advocate and assume professional #football is authentic and championships are not solely based on ticket sales and which teams can fill a stadium. The NFL has a potentially greater beast of a money-making machine on their hands than they realize.  It could be so great that we stop fighting regular wars and take all international disputes to the stadium! If the NFL wants the sport to be a worldwide phenomenon, astrology can help.


Black Monday is Supposedly the Day Following the Regular Season When Coaches Get the Boot.

There are some coaches who’ve already gotten the left shoe like the Cleveland Browns coach.  Others who are potentially up for the chopping block head teams such as Dallas Cowboys, Cincinnati Bengals, New York Giants and Jets, as well as Denver Broncos, though the Broncos’ coach may be safe due to his recent hiring. 

There are wildcard firings thrown in, mostly due to politics and personal preference.  However if sports organizations don’t want to boot out coaches every two to three years, they need to follow some astrological protocol!


Which People Make the Best NFL Coaches?

Based on what I’m seeing, coaches are mostly peculiar manly men who absolutely LOVE the game.  They know it inside and out and discuss the game like they are speaking a foreign language, knowing which nuances result in scores.  Listed below are characteristics of good NFL coaches:

  1. Good coaches don’t smile all the time. 
  2. Good coaches say what they mean and mean what they say with a track record to back it up. 
  3. Good coaches have strong control and don’t lose it with players. 
  4. Good coaches love their players and people in general.  They have close friends and family. 
  5. Good coaches are not show offs.
  6. Good coaches are fearless.
  7. Good coaches are good mathematicians and strategists.
  8. Good coaches have spacial thinking skills.
  9. Good coaches have good luck.
  10. Good coaches are intuitive [and can be women].
  11. Good coaches have one hobby:  Football.
  12. Good coaches have good teams.

“Good Coaches Have Good Teams.”

From an astrological perspective, there are more zodiac signs that contribute to good team members than not.  For example, you want a family oriented quarterback who is not a wuss.  Some general managers want to avoid the fiery nature of Leo, so they may choose a Capricorn with a Leo moon.

I’d stay completely away from Pisces, specifically Pisces stelliums or Mars in Pisces because the configuration lacks healthy aggression.  Also, Scorpio or Pluto in Aquarius can create a lot of locker room drama.  I’d venture to say these astrological configurations won’t take you to a championship.

Stelliums put too much emphasis on one zodiacal energy and you really want more well-rounded players.  Here are other suns, moons and risings I’d choose:

  1. All defensive linemen should have strong Capricorn placements that are not affected by Scorpio.
  2. Wide Receivers and Tight Ends CANNOT have Pluto in the 1st house. Not unless you want a lot of drama.
  3. NO players can have Leo or Pluto in the 8th house. Not unless you want a lot of negative news coverage.
  4. Sun in 10th for all Quarterbacks. Famous quarterbacks = filled stadiums.
  5. Neptune must be tucked away in the 12th house for all.
  6. Strong 2nd houses and Parts of Fortune in 1st, 5th, 6th, 10th or 11th houses for all team members. This will ensure a lucrative franchise and help offset too many injuries.
  7. I’d stay away from the Sun in water, unless there are strong moons and risings to overcome it.  I’d give preference to the water sign of Cancer who is strong-willed, but can still keep the team together.
  8. Quarterbacks must be team players and engender love from the team.  Preference to quarterback placements like Venus in Aquarius, Cancer in 10th house, 1st house Capricorn, Venus in the 1st house, 10th House Mars [not in water], and placements showing they were nurtured well in the 3rd and 4th houses.
  9. No players can have too much 6th and 8th house trauma.

Now, play ball!

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