It’s Aquarius Season!

I love Aquarians because, they are an air sign that is very grounded in their approach to life and in their thinking. They enjoy their time alone, but are able to be a social butterfly when they need to be. These people are often Master Numbers from a numerological perspective (11s and 22s) and they have definitely been here before! They rejoice in the common good for all, so if you approach them with selfishness, prepare to be corrected.

We can all take advantage of this wise energy that is emitted from the Earth and skies during this time of year. I encourage you who have tarot cards to contemplate on the Hermit major arcana card to receive his light and insight.

Receive the ‘higher’ thought with regard to whatever situation you are facing in your existential existence at this time.

Look deeper into the meanings of love, life, health and prosperity. Do not take anyone’s word for it, but create your own informed opinions about existence. Know that we all suffer in this life, but suffering morphs like seasons throughout the year and each season should be better than the last!

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