Venus in Aquarius Horoscope

Early Friday Morning on December 20, Venus Leaves Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn and Heads to Aquarius.

Yes, Capricorn has a packed house and Venus has decided to leave it and go to the 4th house of Aquarius, right in time for the holidays [as if she had a choice].  She sextiles Chiron as he restarts his healing journey in Aries, getting into our heads and accepting Venus’ love to ensure the healing process is complete. He refuses to be ignored.

Have You Thought About a Career in the Beauty Industry?

Venus is conjunct Saturn and Pluto indicating a good time to begin a career in the beauty industry.  It would also be beneficial to begin selling crafts and art, specifically if you want a long lasting business that is fruitful and prosperous.

Venusian/Plutonian Relationships are the Order of the Day!

She loves me.  She loves me not. He wants me.  He tests my love.  This is how I see this type of relationship, and Jupiter square Chiron creates a bit naughtiness, so let’s wait a few months to start new love relationships!

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