Flash Fiction: The Wolf with the Siamese Hind Parts

Once upon a time there was a wolf who was born with six legs, two tails, one penis, three testicles, one vagina, half a womb and two assholes. The wolf was sorely teased by his pack and all of the animals in the forest due to his reverse Siamese deformity and was rejected from home. Even though [s]he was both male and female, and had only one head, the twins easily communicated telepathically.

One day as the twins wandered alone in their one combined body, the female asked her male twin a question. “Why are we different?”

The male answered, “whatever do you mean? All beings are different in some way. No two things or beings are the same.”

The female pondered her twin’s answer. He was correct, however, there seemed to be a limit to how much of a difference any particular group was willing to absorb.

The twins soon grew tired of walking and decided to take a nap in the brush, and if they were lucky, a good meal would come their way.

Soon enough, a young, exhausted, two-headed mountain lion fainted in front of them.

The twins were ready to pounce and eat, but could not bring themselves to tear apart the young, unconscious cat.

“He’s just like us,” said the female twin. “We should aid him.”

At that very moment, a large hare hopped into their vicinity with its hare family chatting and chomping on carrot grass.

“Is this the hare that made fun of how slow we were on our six legs?” Whispered the male twin.

“He is the very same,” thought the female twin, already salivating.

The two of them together in the one body they shared, pounced on the hare and tore off his head. sending his family scampering away.

After devouring the hare’s head, they took his headless body in their strong jowls and brought it over to the cat. Slowly they allowed the blood to seep from the hare’s jugular filling both mouths of the cat’s heads. This awakened the dying animal, however when he saw the wolf, he jumped up into the closest tree.

“Why are you feeding me instead of eating me? Asked the young mountain lion.

“We see that you have two heads and are alone without a pack as we are. Perhaps, we can join together.”

The young cat, just past the point of death had nothing to lose. The two-headed creature jumped from the tree, nodded slightly at the animal in front of him, then impregnated the Siamese-ass wolf.

The wolf, in turn, impregnated the cat who also had both male and female parts.

Both the wolf and the cat became pregnant with large litters and soon they had a clan of strong, swift, wise, wolf-kittens. There were many litters after that and some of the cubs were two-headed, others two-tailed and some were complete half wolf and half lion; many with varying numbers of legs and balls. The more different they were, the more their uniqueness was celebrated. The alliance resulted in a formidable kingdom that soon overtook the forest because if they were nothing else, they were fertile. They taught each other to overcome hinderances, and capitalize on their unique qualities.

This kingdom of wolf-cats rules unconquerable to this day in their sacred forest, having learned a golden rule. The combination of differences creates a powerful force whose sole purpose is everlasting life and ultimate rulership of the universe.

Written by Renee Tarot, Author of Jeph Gile on Kindle Vella

Published by

Renee Tarot

Chief news curator and Editor.

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