Flash Fiction: The Wolf with the Siamese Hind Parts

Once upon a time there was a wolf who was born with six legs, two tails, one penis, three testicles, one vagina, half a womb and two assholes. The wolf was sorely teased by his pack and all of the animals in the forest due to his reverse Siamese deformity and was rejected from home. Even though [s]he was both male and female, and had only one head, the twins easily communicated telepathically.

One day as the twins wandered alone in their one combined body, the female asked her male twin a question. “Why are we different?”

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For the Love of Mythology

Our Love Affair with the Gods and Goddesses Is Old and Everlasting. Become Familiar with Them!

I’m not sure how I found Homer in my elementary school library, but I do recall being the only student there on the floor poring over the Iliad and Odyssey as early as 3rd grade. I don’t recall why I was excused from class for so many hours to enjoy the classics, but I knew all the librarians, and we had an understanding of exactly where I’d be most of the time.

I was fascinated by all of the characters and the family of gods and goddesses; by how they interacted with humans; by all of their gifts, strengths, symbols and weapons; and by Hera’s troubles with her philandering husband and her jealousy. I held my breath when Perseus faced Medusa and enjoyed all of the stories of the heroes, whether they triumphed or lost in battle. I attribute these stories to my current love for and understanding of Astrology and Archetypes. I thank the gods for allowing me to walk this sacred path.

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