Flash Fiction: The Wolf with the Siamese Hind Parts

Once upon a time there was a wolf who was born with six legs, two tails, one penis, three testicles, one vagina, half a womb and two assholes. The wolf was sorely teased by his pack and all of the animals in the forest due to his reverse Siamese deformity and was rejected from home. Even though [s]he was both male and female, and had only one head, the twins easily communicated telepathically.

One day as the twins wandered alone in their one combined body, the female asked her male twin a question. “Why are we different?”

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Starz “Shining Vale” Review| Patriarchy’s Bloody Legacy [with spoilers]

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Who Didn’t Like Pat? How Could You Not?

Shining Vale is a 2022 American comedy horror presented by #Starz with a host of other producers. Its main overt focus is on the mental health of an erotica writer/housewife named Patricia ‘Pat’ Phelps played by Courteney Cox and how her marital affair, mental/emotional status and writer’s block plagues her husband Terry [Greg Kinnear], her family and community. Admittedly, Pat’s presentation can cause the misinformed to really hate her as she appears to lose touch with reality; misuse drugs and alcohol; disrespect her mother; sabotage her husband; and discard people in general. Pat appears to be loopy, clumsy and psychotic, which she is, due mostly to medicinal and patriarchal side effects. However, as you think deeply and really listen to what the series teaches, there is more to this show than meets the nondiscriminating eye.

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