What Do You Want in 2022? SATISFACTION! End of Year Stream of Consciousness Rant | Want Different, Then Do Different!

Taste, Touch, Sound, Sight, Smell Must All Be SATISFIED for True Happiness!

That’s all you want. To not hear nonsense. To close your eyes in bliss when you taste the fruit cake (as if that is possible). For the softness against your leg to overwhelm you. To be unable to take your eyes off of it or them. To salivate at the whiff of it. I pen all of this as I burn my raisin bread in the toaster, yet I press on.

If you are an empath, you want everyone to stop dumping their problems on you and just get over it.

You want to tell them, “when you feel tempted to relive the ratchet past, just do it; tear up the room, cuss, holler, stomp, then STOP — FOR GOOD! And if some narcissist is trying to cancel your reality, tell them to go fuck themselves over and over again until they get it.”

You may want to do that last one in a public place.

Can Virtual Reality Make It Happen?

The other day I decided to turn on my TV and watch a fire crackle in a virtual fireplace. I actually felt like I had a real fire going as heat from my mind surrounded my body. When my eyes saw the fire, my mind told me it was hot. I then downloaded Sims Freeplay to create a virtual reality world because I wanted a different family, or at least to replace half of them. I haven’t felt like using the app yet.

Virtual Families 3- virtual family app for free

Can’t Find Love with a Human? Buy A Doll.

Mind is all there is, so does it matter if your love is flesh or silicone? Just imagine, all the creative sexual energy you release with the doll could manifest the man or woman of your life. See the doll as a bit of waxen magic with your desire as the flame.

You can get satisfaction when you focus on what you want and you can also manifest your thoughts into 3D. The real question is what happens to all your 3D stuff when you move to 5D?

Clicking on Tanner’s image will take you to his page.

Do Thoughts of Heaven Bore You?

I’d rather watch YouTube!

When you were a kid, you went to church and were told about heaven — then you started to yawn. Thoughts of 24/7 praise and worship sessions, no sex, no polar opposites, no whitewater rafting, no hang gliding, no sexy beach bodies, no t-bones, not even an angry lion…nada…are not satisfying.

So where did the Catholic church come up with such notions? Was it because they wanted to hide Asherah or to downplay Yahweh’s sexual nature even when the entire Christian faith is built on a woman getting pregnant by a spirit?

Can a human be holy? Hell no, let’s stop playing games and get some satisfaction.

Be Honest With Yourself About What Satisfies You in 2022!

Do you have a sister you want to ditch? Would you like your daughter to go live with her dad, or anybody else besides you for that matter? Does your boyfriend have awful body odor, that you are done with? It’s time for you to be honest with yourself and tell it like it is! On Mother’s Day 2022 let momma know why you are not buying her a damn thing this year.

Be bold, be brave, but do not say 2022 is going to be great, because then you might jinx yourself. Just let her ride through in complete silence because every other year you shouted in ended up sucking.

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