Kindle Vella Series Excerpt: Krakenta’s Chaos Spell

Following is an excerpt to be released on December 19th on Amazon Kindle Vella Series Sagittarius Sun: Rejected Mate Shifter Series by Renee Tarot. Read and follow the series and share the link!

Krakenta pulled a thick woolen shawl closely around herself as protection from the cold winds blowing through trees in the forest. She carried a bag of tools and supplies over her left shoulder while her familiar and friend, Eyeball the Komodo dragon, rode atop her right.

“It is as cold as the belly of Hades out here tonight, but silent, as we need it to be,” Krakenta whispered to Eyeball as she, finally satisfied with a quiet opening at the base of a hill, placed her bag on the cold earthen floor.

Eyeball jumped to the ground with a thud, seemingly in agreement with the spot, while Krakenta worked quickly to secure it in a circle of sea salt she poured from a corked glass bottle. Round and round she walked chanting quietly while working, until she was content with the thickness of the circle.

“Oh great winds, encircle this salt, shroud my work, tis Drakus’ fault,” She exclaimed over and over until the wind heard her and, with neutrality, obeyed, surrounding her to cover her work from the eyes of prying magickal creatures, specifically those working for government officials in Bruton and Lagerhaven.
Krakenta reached once more into her burlap bag of tricks to pull out several small logs, which she placed in the middle of the circle and lit with a long wooden match. She removed an iron crate, which was cut in half, and when turned upside down over the fire, withstood it and became a stand to hold a cauldron, which she placed atop it.

Inside the cauldron, Krakenta poured water; salt; verbane; dragon’s blood; hound shit, which she’d found on the side of the road, and other spices, which cannot be named. The wind continued to encircle her and became gray as the pot boiled into a putrid incense, which rose and spread across the sky. With the awful smell, Krakenta also rose to her feet and, despite the icy cold, shed her clothes til naked, spreading her skinny clawed fingers above her head to the waxing super moon.

“Under this moon great wars arise
as I, Krakenta, become Lord of Flies.
Lager and Brut stench
one the other cannot stand
for with this putrid odor and wave of my hand,
I call forth Dark Brothers and Blood with this smoke
to cause one toward the other to kill and to choke
til just a few do remain in the land
and it is time to feed Darkness all over again!”

Chanting ferociously Krakenta released Earth’s, Winds’, Water’s, Fire’s and her own powers while the fire raged and almost consumed the cauldron until its contents were dry.

Spent, she fell to the ground exhausted and swore with the little strength she had left.

“I must contact my cousin Aethra to help me prevent the demon Drakus from continuing to feed upon me.” And with that, she passed out.



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