2021 | THE YEAR OF SURRENDER – Finding Truth | ENTRY 6

There Are Many Voices – Many Truths.

Each cosmology has an end that reflects the culture that originated it.

The Hindus offer service and selflessness until finally ascending out of carnal chaos.

People of Abrahamic religions are a particular group, who believe they were divinely given specific lands and privileges, and will ultimately be the chosen ones of an everlasting empire that can defeat all other empires.

Traditional African religions and some shamans seek a return to family either on the ancestral plane or back on Earth, later to emerge with the Universal Consciousness, whatever He or She is called in the culture, in heavenly places.

Yes, we all want eternally what we are taught culturally to desire.

Life teaches you that the butterfly is no more dead after leaving the cocoon than the cocoon is useful. Life also teaches you that whatever you believe is what becomes your reality — if in life, why not in death.

Belief [on Earth] is Needed for Conformity.

How is it that one person’s spiritual experience becomes an entire empire’s faith?

It all depends on who that person is — if they are a ruler, king or emperor, then the law of the land can change overnight making their perceived experience, everyone else’s.

I would emplore you to completely understand your current cultural construct and look within, without, below and up to determine your core beliefs.

God is a Great Magician.

The invisible, powerful All that makes up the subconscious nature of the Universe is what is used in magickal workings. This Stuff is alive, conscious, slippery, tricky and helpful. If you have had the time and training to know how to work it, it will work for you. In Biblical texts, God was willing to take on the greatest magicians of the land to prove His ability to use this Stuff. He is Ancient, well-trained, understands Stuff’s mechanics and worked it well through Moses and Elijah. Worship is like going through a middle man and that may not be so bad if He knows what He is doing and you do not…..yet.

The Stuff is Truth and it is the Original Substance that appears to be useless without a user. Some truths you’ve heard about Its Nature are not true at all, and it is best NOT used if you don’t know what you are doing.

How will you go about creating truth to exist by?

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Renee Tarot

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