Letter to the Prophet Who is Born Today

To A Very Special Baby Who Is Born Today, February 22, 2021

Dear Child,

I pray that someday you will read this message and that you will understand its meaning.

Near noon today, you were born under the master number 11 with numerological indications of clear channeling ability during the time of prophets, the first 16 degrees of the Sun in Pisces. You have a very heavy task and a lot of Work to do, while under the public eye.

You are likely a gifted singer and that may be how you will present to the world, though your true Work is much richer.

Your heart is with the people, and though your mommy may have had some trouble conceiving or carrying you, we are so glad you made it here!

You may be somewhat trigger happy in your youth, however you will learn to control your mind and thoughts for the greater good of the people and for yourself. If you read this while still a minor, I promise you that your childhood is no indication of who you will become.

Your money will come from many anonymous sources so never burn bridges and be accessible. I expect that you may find yourself in the military in your youth, perhaps in special services due to your keen foreknowledge and insight, as well as your general aptitude. Despite this profession, keep your hands as clean as you can — always do what is righteous.

Your love for good traditions will sustain you and give you wisdom beyond your years. Allow good mentors into your life [there will be a few] so that you can hear different points of view than your own and so that they can convince you to get the rest you need.

Though you are special and needed in this world, Rome was not built in a day and there will be others who will come during your lifetime and after to assist with the Work.

You are a Dreamer, literally and will hear songs and instructions while on the dream landscape. Guard your eye gates, ear gates and other senses from false or negative voices that can encroach upon the true Dreamer’s campus. Don’t eat everything that the world puts on your plate.

You will be given a platform to teach many others, however you must remain humble and tuned in to truth.

All of the Most High’s blessings upon you as you walk on this earthly plane to carry out your assignment.


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Renee Tarot

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