Can You Live Forever? Yes. The Only Reason You Don’t Is They Told You Not To.

Who Told You Not to Remain Physically Youthful?

It’s all over the news, in commercials, on magazines and featured in movies. You were told you must age negatively even though your entire biological structure was not meant to. You have altered your normal chemical makeup and regenerative abilities to accomodate what others have told you.

Why did they tell you to get old? They were afraid Earth would overpopulate. They truly believed they needed to do something about this and that She, Maya, Earth needed their help.

“We’ve got to control third world births!” They cried.

Nobody told them to, they just told themselves.

“Nobody can live forever!” They preached and created myths and scriptures to get into your heads.

Pharmaceutical industries bank on your being sick and on death.

However, you can live well forever.

Another Voice Must Speak in These Times So That You Can Live.

Some people will manifest whatever illness you tell them to.

Those who don’t want you to flourish cause you to manifest disease by telling you about illness, showing you pictures and feeding your mind with doubt about your self-curative abilities. They trivialize anyone who tells you differently.

All is energy and much of what you believe about anything was told to you.

Do your research and choose what you will believe.

Published by

Renee Tarot

Chief news curator and Editor.

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