The Human History Movie

Human history is disjointed, complicated and convoluted. Each society has its own story, and pure truth is difficult to achieve, making what is accepted as truth, silly in light of #DC Comics and Marvel’s renditions of the same. Thanos makes God look really bad because they have too many similarities.

Whatever You Believe to be is Your Truth.

The human mind works as a placebo affect. All is energy, therefore what goes into our ear, eye and other perceptive gates [what we accept as truth] becomes our energy manifesting itself into a super slow field known as mass, carnality, the physical, etc. This slower moving energy system becomes our personal realities.

What you accept as a foundational truth can drastically affect your reality. For this reason, we must get as close to perfect realism as possible or everything we manifest becomes like the leaning tower of Pisa.

The Story of Human History

Spirit Science Channel on YouTube produces awesome animations that teach various concepts from a New Age point of view. The writers try to be as informed as possible, which makes the following movie a great reality bender and foundation for your future manifestations. Put on some headphones, activate your discernment and enjoy.

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